Suvreen Guggal 22nd November 2013 Written Episode Update

Suvreen Guggal 22nd November 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 22nd November 2013 Written Update

The show starts with Rohan chatting on his phone. Pritty comes and asks him what he is doing. Rohan shows him how to share pictures on WeChat. Pritty says woow.. it’s easy and quick to share pictures there. Rohan says yes. She asks who did send it? He says it was Trisha. Pritty gets sad. And then she goes.

In the next scene everyone is stainding in the iris. Suvreen asks her Puppa you had a surprise na? He says yes , you found an internship in PARIS! Everyone gets happy and claps and hugs Suvreen. Suvi asks how she got internship. Mumma says we did talk to Yuvi too.. Don’t leave your dream for us. And then Yuvraj says you have to go there. He comes near to her he says that he will look at Mumma and Puppa. You have to go for us. And then Rehan says that she really has to go and make her dream come true. He says just go! You spent your time here for us. It’s now your chance. Don’t miss it. Yuvraj says saw it?? Now RC sir told it too. Suvreen smiles. Suvreen says I m not feeling confused since you told me that you would be with me ALWAYS!. Yuvraj says so you are going?? Suvreen says yes. And then they hug. everyone claps. Yuvraj asks where is Maddy? Suvreen says I don’t know. And suddenly Suvreen’s phone rings. It’s a massage from Samar/Maddy/PP.. It writes: Goodgirl. I’m going. (They show us 30 mins how Samar packs his bag and goes.) I have planned your internship. And what your Puppa will say that he did send everything. But I did it. You puppa still doesn’t know how to use Computer. Goodgirl, actually my work was finished here. You know na I don’t stay at 1 place a lot of times, but I stayed here a lot of days. I will miss you! Take care. Bye!! Suvreen is shocked, sad and is almost crying. She says that Maddy left. Everyone gets sad.

In the next scene. The Iris phone rings but Pritty doesn’t take it. Rohan comes and asks why are you not taking up the phone? Pritty says my mood is not good. Rohan says are you ok? Pritty says nothing is ok. RC called her and said that he got work and he doesn’t know when he will be back. Nobody is here anymore. Yuvraj left, Maddy left and Suvreen left. Now what is our identity? Vikram and Geeti come. Geeti says I completely agree. I don’t know what we all are doing here. Rohan says Iris is our. Pritty says we should be happy for Suvreen. Geeti says we should do a party for Suvreen. Everybody agrees.

In the next scene. Pritty puts a box on the table. Pritty says wooww.. I’m loving your jeans. New clothes new style.. 😀 and then Vikram and Rohan come. They say they won’t leave Iris. Pritty says but without Suvreen nothing will be the same. Geeti says is the gift for Suvreen ready? Vikram says yes mam.! 😀 They say that it was Yuvraj’s idea. And then Yuvraj comes. Vikram says I really don’t get how Suvreen win. He tells them how suvreen accepted to the college. How Yuvraj helped her. Vikram says you guys are the same yaar. Geeti asks who did propose first?? He recalls the first kiss. And then Suvreen comes. They shout SURPRISE!! Yuvraj gifts Suvreen a guitar. They cut the cake and eat.
After break. They sit , Rohan gets up and says poem about YuvReen and Suvreen. He says:

Na Bajhpan ki dosti,
Na college ki yari.
Ek saal ki internship,
Jo thi Iris mein hamari.
Haar aur jeet ke,
Mehne badalte,
na hoti aap,
toh hum kaise se milte.
Safal ho aap,
yehi hai humari mannat,
Suvreen guggal,
Aapka doorsa naam hai,

Everyone starts clapping. And then Geeti gets up she too says poem.

And then Yuvraj 😀 DD

Himmat toh (dunno the word what she said)
Hoti hai same.
Par that is not just the meaning of your name.
(again didn’t get it..)
Toh wo dost the jo hamesha saath the
(dunno.. :/)
Main toh depression karne jayete khi dive
Par sirf teri wajese,
Aaj hum alive.
But happy hoga end.
Cause Suvreen Guggal you are the bestest friend!

And then Yuvraj gets up and says:

Hai best friend.
Se girlfriend
Tune badaldiye mere life ka har (didn’t get the word)
Tere bina hot nahin hai hot
Aur cold nahin hai cold.
Jo who guggli hai
Jisne mujhe kiya (dunno.. what)
Ab poem likhna mujhe nahin aata
Romance bhi mera thora (dunno)
Tu mere liye kiya hai
Yeh aise kal understand
Tu hai mera painthouse
Kyun ki suvreen guggal,
I really really love you!

Everyone starts clapping and shouting woohhoo.. Yuvraj holds Suvreen hand while saying I love you. And then everyone gets up and goes. They leave YuvReen alone. Suvreen says. Tell me the truth, you agreed for Paris coz Mumma , Puppa agreed right? He says 4 years is too long. I can’t imagine how to live without you. I’ll call you. Maybe I’ll come. And then they say I’ll miss you. They hug! 😀

4 Years Later! In Katghodam. Puppa talks to a man and says after 4 years my daughter come from Paris. He wears sunglasses. They show Suvreen with open hairs. And then they show Yuvraj with black clothes. Then Mumma comes. Puppa says come lovely ji. She cuts a red cloth. They take pictures. Puppa and Mumma go in. YuvReen say congratz to each other. Yuvraj says do you want to be my life partner? Suvreen gets shocked and angry. She says that it’s not romantic. Yuvraj says that he can’t be more romantic than this. Suvreen says yes. Suvreen whispers something to Yuvraj. They look to the moon. They go out hand in hand.

The show ends with YuvReen showing kissing. But it’s dark.


Update Credit to: Naz_Yuvreen

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