Dil Dosti Dance 22nd November 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 22nd November 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 22nd November 2013 Written Update

Rey is walking thinking he is wrong.He comes to his friends who try telling lies that Visesh has no attitude and aggression and stuff. Rey thinks for friendship these guys are lying.Sharon goes to Swayam saying they must put more efforts on Dancing since they have rehearsed only once.Swayam says he wont dance she lied to his father and his dad now thinks she is going to be related to family soon as daugher-in-law. Sharon says your dad is very intelligent.Swayam replies with don’t force me.Sharon says I would have not done if you had not reacted to the dance and avoided the feelings.Swayam is about to reply back when Rishi says he wants to fulfill one wish and there will be a grand performance by Swayam and Sharon.Sharon asks Swayam not do anything as his father would get upset.Swaron walk to center when Swayam takes the mike and says its a moment of happiness and duet performance will not do justice and where they have a whole group here why not make everyone dance.Swayam asks for the music to be put up.Sharon seems upset with this.Chikni chameli plays and the whole group dances.The gang brings in Taani,Vishesh and Rishi to floor for dancing too.Sharon tries to be by Swayam’s side and Swayam moves away a bit while dancing.

Taani is in her room .Rey tries to come again by window when Swayam comes in giving the engagement dress to Taani.Taani asks him if he wants to say something when Swayam replies there is no use even if I want to tell what destiny wants to say is happening around.Rey thinks I must speak with Taani and this is the only last chance I have.Sharon just then comes in Taani’s room asking is she all set for tomorrow.Taani repies with yes.Rey stops by to here.Sharon tells her she is going to take a huge step tomorrow and is she ready for it.Taani replies saying I know and I’m sure of taking up this step.Sharon says I’m asking this because I saw you during dance how seeing Rey you were upset and you were noticing him.Taani tells yes cause i care for him.I can’t have the guilt of spoiling his life.Sharon asks you are concerned cause you want to move out of the guilt.Taani says I know what first love means.What I did was first love for me but for Rey I can never be it.his first love has always been dance.I can never take the place of first love ever.Being together was never written in our life.Sharon asks Taani is she happy with Vishesh when Taani replies she is very happy cause she is his first love.I feel very light with him.I can share anything without any hesitations of how he will judge me.Vishesh is my best friend.Rey and me where never friends.I feel bad that by making other person upset how can I begin my new life.

Rey moves away and calls Sharon.He asks Sharon to put her phone on speaker.Sharon turns the speaker on when Rey says Taani I just called to let you know that do not start your life with guilt.Your happiness is my happiness and I promise that I will be happy.You have my word.Taani and Sharon see here and there to find if Rey is seen.A new day and Taani is getting ready.the boys think its Taani’s engagement and we are not doing anything.Rey comes ain and says downstairs the traditions are about to start and we are here.We need to do full of entertainment and fun.Vicky says just now he was sad and now he says we will do fun.Rey goes to Swayam and Sharon asking did they do what he asked them to.Sharon says she is tensed and sure that Rey will kill Visesh.Swayam says he is aggressive but not impulsive.Sharon asks how does he trust so much when Swayam says love.Love changes everyone and Rey has changed too.Sharona sks about him and Swayam say yes before he did not have spine and now he has and does not believe others words easily.Rey comes to Vishesh rooms and closes the door.Visesh asks is he here to beat him when rey says how can he beat the one whome his love has her loves so much.Vishesh asks you love her so much when Rey replies lesser than you.You love Taani more than me without any expectation.I’ll tel you something which no one knows I took Taani for granted.Put infront of her lots of conditions and she agreed to it.Taani showed me the real meaning of love.Visesh asks you are allowing your love go so easily .Rey says Taani was my second love first one being dance and will always be.I’m very happy that Taani has got a man like you in her life.I’ll pray to god to keep you both together always.I did not beat you today but if you hurt Taani like I did none can save you from me.Vishesh says you are speaking like her dad.Rey says relationships change but are not broken.Rey wishes Vishesh all the best.Vishesh says I’ll keep my promise of keeping Taani happy always.

Rishi gets some call and he is tensed.Rey and Vishesh come out and Swayam hugs Rey.Sharon thinks what they must have spoken,she informs Vishesh to go to his room as engagement is about to begin.Rishi calls Swayam and informs him tat he has to go to Mumbai and asks Swayam to manage all works here.Swayam asks what happened when Rishi says his friends son is very critical and he wants to go there and be with him now.He asks Swayam to manage everything here and he will inform Taani.Rey akss what happened when Swayam says his dad has to go to Mumbai for some important work and asks Swayam to handle things here.Rey asks Swayam will he do one more favor for him of letting him manage Taani’s engagement function.He promises to not let them down.Rey and Swayam hug each other.Sharon says she is here too and all three hug again.

Taani walks in to hall dressed as bride.rey sees her and starts singing the song jogi Mahi.He brings Taani to sit on the stage.the gang dances on same song and they have fun.Rey gives Taani’s hand in Vishesh hand and later rings are exchanged.He brings Taani and Vishesh to the floor and dance and moves away from there crying.Sharon goes to Swayam and hugs him

Precap: Kriya’s dance.(Shakti’s MOVE Video snip)

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