The Buddy Project 22nd November 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 22nd November 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 22nd November 2013 Written Update

The episode begins with where it left off yesterday. Rukmini comes at Ranveer’s house and he is shocked seeing her. Rukmini comes inside and says that she came because she doesn’t like when they fight. Ranveer says he doesn’t like it either but Rukmini always fights with him for very small reasons.He asks her if her packing is done. She says yes and asks whether he has done it yet. Ranveer says no and add that he is struggling to that since quite long. Rukmini is headed towards his room but Ranveer stops her and asks where she is going. she replies that she is going to his room to see how far he has finished packing. However, Ranveer immediately says that his room is in a mess and hence they should sit in the living room itself and Rukmini agrees.

Scene changes to Piddi’s house where his mom is packing all kinds of stuff ranging from pillows to food and a mosquito net in a huge trunk for the camp while Piddi tries to stop her.Just then KD comes there looking worried. Piddi’s mom welcomes him and goes off to bring more stuff for packing.Piddi is complaining about his mom packing too much stuff but he notices that KD is lost in his thoughts and looking worried. He asks him if anything is wrong.

Panchi is packing away Ranveer’s clothes. She opens the drawer of his cupboard which contains all friendship cards and gifts given by Panchi to him. She gets surprised and picks up a friendship band . She gets FB of the day when she gave the band to him. He denies to wear it but she forcefully makes him wear it. She smiles after remembering this and STTC that Ranveer has kept all the gifts she gave him properly with him. That’s so sweet of him.She keeps back the cards and band and resumes packing. However , she slips and falls with a little shout. Ranveer and Rukmini who are sitting downstairs hear it and Rukmini asks him who else is in the house. Ranveer hesitates and replies that it’s Panchi. Panchi comes down just then and Rukmini gets shocked and upset seeing her.

She asks Ranveer if thats why he wasn’t letting her come in the room, it was because Panchi was there.Ranveer says to her that it not because of that , he didn’t tell her because she knows that Panchi keeps coming to his house often. Rukmini leaves from there angrily. Panchi comes down and asks Ranveer if she messed it up again. Ranveer denies it and says that its Rukmini who is at fault as she always fights with him over small reasons. He has tried to talk to her but she always misunderstand him and Panchi. He didn’t let her in his room because it was a mess and he isn’t comfortable with her as he is with Panchi but she still misunderstands him.Panchi tells him to give her some time to understand him however Ranveer replies that she isn’t even trying to understand him. He goes off behind her.

Scene shifts to Piddi and KD. Piddi is laughing to how often Kiya dn KD fight. He says that after seeing Kisha he feels himself lucky to have no girlfriend.KD agrees and says that its useless to have girlfriend. Piddi replies that where there are so many losses , there are many profits as well. He asks KD if he can let go Kiya . KD says that he can’t but she has no right to control his life . Piddi says that Kiya must be feeling the same. He adds that KD shouldn’t try to control her as he doesn’t want to get controlled . KD silently agrees to this.
(Ye banda bahut tou bahot smart nikla! :O Piddi you rock man! Cool KD, kuch seekho isse. :P)

Ranveer goes behind Rukmini and stops her and shouts at her asking why she is behaving like that. Rukmini says that why doesn’t Ranveer agree that there’s something more than friendship between him and Panchi? Ranveer retorts saying that there is nothing like that. Him and Panchi as best friends since childhood and she knows every little habit of him. He tells her to understand that he is comfortable with Panchi and that he hasn’t got that comfort level with Rukmini yet. However Rukmini tells him to be with Panchi if he is more comfortable with him rather than his girlfriend. Ranveer shouts at her and says that she should try to understand him. Rukmini tells him not to say anything to her right now and think with a cool mind about what she said. She leaves angrily from there and Ranveer is left frustrated.

Everyone is ready to leave for the camp. Kiya, Panchi, Ranveer and Piddi get seated in the Jeep. However Rukmini and KD are still standing near it .Piddi gets down and tells them to go and sit in Jeep. After a little hesitation KD goes and sits near Kiya who immediately gets up and sits beside Panchi. Rukmini goes and sits in the front beside Ranveer who is driving. Piddi asks her what she is doing here to which she replies that she wants to sit in the front. However, Piddi tells her that he must sit in the front so that he can guide Ranveer and she reluctantly goes and sits beside KD.Panchi asks Rukmini how she is to which she sarcastically replies that she is fine and tells Panchi to mind her own business. Ermm Piddi STTC that the camp hasn’t even started yet and there so many problems already. KD and Kiya aren’t even ready to talk and Rukmini isn’t leaving Ranveer alone for even a moment. He hopes that the purpose for which he is taking them to the camp gets fulfilled.

The buddies arrive at the camp and begin to put up the tents. Ranveer and Panchi are having fun together putting up the tent while Rukmini sees them and gets jealous.Kiya is trying to get her bag to the tents while KD taunts her saying to Piddi that if girls want to carry that heavy a luggage they should bring a coolie with them. Piddi adds that girls’ bags contain 99.99 % make up stuff. Kiya stops and calls them losers. KD offers Kiya to take her bag who denies. However he is persistent and they both fight over it while pulling the bag . Kiya irritatedly tells him to leave the bag or else she’ll go back home. KD leaves it immediately and Kiya falls down. He goes to help her up but she angrily tells him not to touch her.

Panchi is putting up the tent when Ranveer comes there and teases her by wrapping the tent cloth around her. She chases him all around the camp and Piddi notices them. Ranveer picks her up and puts and her down near the tent and tells her to continue. She resumes putting it up again. Ranveer also resumes his work and they accidentally collide and fall down on each other. Piddi is still looking at them with dreamy eyes while they continue bickering. Piddi STTC that they look so sweet when they are together. “Ek diya tou dusra baati, ek khaana tou dusra baraati.” He adds that if they get together they can win the oscar award for best couple.

Ranveer and Panchi are still bickering and teasing each other, Rukmini sees them and gets jealous. She goes to Piddi and tell him to help them put up the tent or else it’ll be night before their tent is up. RV and Panchi hear this while Rukmini leaves from there angrily.Piddi STTC that “Kabab boneless hi acha lagta hain, kabab main se haddi ko nikalna padega.” He adds that he will have to make Ranveer realize that there should be Panchi in his life, not Rukmini.He decides to begin ‘Target Rukku Baby’ . Piddi gets thoughtful while Panchi resumes her work looking upset. Piddi gets an idea and smiles knowingly.
(Piddi! I LOVE YOU! You go dude! We are with you in this :’) )

Precap: Piddi tells Rukmini and Kiya to handle the responsibility of kitchen and tells them to get water firstly and they leave. Piddi tells KD to go in the forest and get wood for burning. He says to Panchi that there’s a problem and asks Panchi to help him. He tells her to see in the shops nearby the forest to get cooking oil. Panchi says ok and begins to leave . Ranveer says that he will go with her and they both leave in the Jeep. Piddi gets happy and STTC that Ranveer and Panchi are all together and KD and Kiya are almost together and hence something is bound to happen.

Update Credit to: Crazy_Life

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