Veera 21st August 2013 Written Episode Update

Veera 21st August 2013 Written Episode, Veera 21st August 2013 Written Update

The episode started with Ravi taking Veera somewhere, and its dark everywhere. Veera asks why urs dark but Ranvi asks her to close her eyes. When they reach the spot, Veera opens her eyes to see down from the balcony, something written on the floor with fairy lights. ‘Happy Birthday Veera’, in Hindi. Veera is really happy seeing that. Then they go downstairs and stand by the fairylights when the lights turn on and Nihaal comes in with his drum and the whole village follows. Everyone is dancing and is celeberating. Chai ji tells Veera her dress is beautiful and looks on at Ratan sadly.

Ranvi takes Veera to Sampooran’s picture and asks him to take care of Veera always. Chai ji and Ratan look on sadly. After that, he tells Veera he has another surprise for her. She follows him and they walk through a confetti balloon popping trail. The cake is then shown and Veera looks at it confusingly and asks Ranvi about it who explains she has to cut it as people do in cities. Veera says city people are weird to be cutting something so beautiful. Veera then cuts the came and feeds Ranvi, Ratan and goes to Chaiji who refuses and Veera eats her part. She then feeds Nihaal, who smudges a little on her nose. She goes to Nana Naani and stops but on Ranvi’s nod, reluctantly feeds them. She offers it to Bansuri who refuses, and then Baldev who doesn’t open his mouth. She smudges the cake all over his face. Everyone laughs, while Bansuri and Baldev get furious. Ranvi wipes it off his face and asks him not to be angry on her birthday.

Ranvi then takes her for yet another surprsie. Its a skit prepared by Ranvi and Veera’s friends. One of his friends become the baby maker and one the messenger of God. Its shown how women ask for babies and the baby maker makes a baby out of mud and hands it to the mother (played by Gunjan and other girls). Then comes a request by Ranveer. A special request for a sister. In short, sugar, spice and everything nice. And then the curtain is removed and Veera comes out of it. He tells God’s messenger to pass on a message to God to never seperate them. Veera wishes for the same.

Ratan gets emotional and runs into her room and stands in front of Sampooran’s picture and cries. She accuses him of leaving Veera with Ranvi and making him responsible of her. She accuses him of leaving the village and not having the courage to live. She cries thinking about Veera and Ranvi’s seperation.

At night time, in their bedroom, Ranvi presents Veera with gifts. Veera opens one to find an alarm clock. Ranvi explains to her how it works and tells her this would help to wake her up. Veera is confused and asks him why would she need that if she has him? Ranvi tells her he can’t wake her up forever.

Precap: Ranvi telling Veera she has to go with Naana and Naani. He tells her that he cant do anything about it but promises to bring her back when he becomes a grown up. Veera looks on sadly, shockedd and confused.

Update Credit to: ElmoFuj

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