Maharana Pratap 21st August 2013 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 21st August 2013 Written Episode, Maharana Pratap 21st August 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with maharani jaivantabai welcoming her brother Man singh. Man singh asks his sister(jaivantabai) that why she is leaving mewad suddenly. Jaivantabai says that by living in mewad , she does not want to ignore and insukt the decision of rana udai singh. She also says that by living in mewad, she does not want to put pratap’s life in danger.She then tells man singh that Pratap will be coming with her and she will tell Pratap to return in a few days back for his gurukul. Then she tells man singh that before going away, she will meet Ranaji and will ask for forgiveness for any mistake if she has done. On the other hand, som and Pratap are finding for any proof for pratap’s accident. While finding, Pratap finds a leech(blood sucking insect). He tells som about it that he had found some leeches on his horse which made Pratap fall in the valley. Then he tells som that they will not tell anyone about this that someone is trying to kill Pratap. He also says that they have to find for the person who is trying to kill Pratap and also the one who tames such insects(leeches).

At night , back in the palace, Pratap gets to know that his mama , man singh has come and he goes to his Ranima to tell this news. He then sees all the things packed in boxes and he asks about them to his mother. His mother says that they are going to leave mewad next morning and even Pratap will accompany them to man singh’s palace. OIn listening to this Pratap gets sad and he asks ranim,a that what is the reason for their departure from mewad because his gurukul and all his friends are here and he does not want to miss his teaching classes. On this maharani says that they are leaving mewad only for Pratap’s safety and nothing else. On the other hand Rani dheerbai is happy that jaivantabia is leaving mewad. She then goes at the place where the sinhasana is kept. There she sits on that royal chair and celebrates her joy of being the maharani in some days and also says to kokaiya that her son will soon be decided as the successor of the mewad throne. She then tells kokaiya that she will soon own everything of mewad after jaivantabai goes away with her brother.

While this conversation is going on, Maharani jaivantabai listens everything and gets scared for mewad and its people. She then decides to not to leave mewad and she tells this to Pratap that they are not leaving mewad. Pratap gets happy on listening to tjis and he thanks his mother for that. Next day in the morning, when Pratap is going to the gurukul, som comes running and tells Pratap that one of his relative told him that the insects that were stuck on Pratap’s horse’s body are not from mewad and they are from north India. He also tells Pratap that they are especially found in north India when there is a lot of rain there. Pratap gets shocked to listen to this and he goes to his gurukul and then goes at his horse. Then he asks his horse to tell him that who had put such insects on him. From behind basar khan (Ibrahim khan) is coming to kill Pratap with his dagger when Pratap sees him and basar hides his knife(dagger). Then Pratap goes to Ibrahim khan and tells him that he found the reason why his horse was panicking the other day when that accident happened. He tells him that the insects were put bu someone on the horse’s back and on listening basar khan gets shocked. Till then guru raghvendra comes ther and tells Pratap to go to his friends and start his kushti studies. Then after Pratap goes, Basar khan is also leaving when guruji spots basar’s knife and he asks why he has the knife with him. Basar replies that for self safety he keeps the knife with him.Then back at the gurukul, all he students are doing kushti abhyas . Soon guruji stops them and tells them to go and pick up their swords for talvar baji. Back in the jungle, chief chundavat is finding for any traces left behind after the accident. He tells his soldiers to find anything that they get. Suddenly a soldier gets the arrow that Ibrahim khan had fired on Pratap. Chundavat sees the arrow and sees that it has poison on its ends and he thinks if Pratap is fine or no.

Precap: In the gurukul , Chief chundavat goes and asks to Pratap that why didn’t he tall them that someone is trying to kill him. Then guruji tells Pratap to tell everything to chundavat whatever he knows. Then Pratap tells chundavat that his horse had leeches insects which caused the accident. He also tells him that such insects are found only in north india and are found during the rains only. Then guruji’s one student tells them that the only person who has come from north india is Ibrahim khan and everyone looks at him.

Update Credit to: Vishwal

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