Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 21st August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 21st August 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 21st August 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Bhoomi telling Lily fayi and Kishan that someone did published Avni’s photo in the magazine without her consent. Kishan asks Bhoomi to talk to Avni. Akshay comes to Avni’s room and says he was trying her phone number since long. Avni says why you came here and asks him to leave. Akshay says why you are in pain. Avni says my picture got published in the magazine. Akshay says he got those photo published and it didn’t look vulgar from any angle. Akshay says he wants to surprise her and thinks it will a good promotion for the play as well. He says he didn’t mean to hurt her. Bhoomi is shown coming from the opposite side. Akshay says he can’t hide his feelings towards her. He says that he wants to make his drama heroine into his real

life heroine. He says he wants to marry her and I loves you. While Avni is happy, Bhoomi comes and sees him. Bhoomi is shocked.

She asks Avni what is going on and asks Akshay, who are you. Akshay says we are good friends. Bhoomi says good friends don’t enter like this like a theif. She says don’t you know that Avni is in trouble. Akshay says he got those photos published in the magazine. Akshay says he will say sorry to all. Lily fayi comes there, Akshay hides himself. Lily fayi asks Avni to have food. Bhoomi didn’t tell her about Akshay and goes to bring spices for Avni. Lily fayi too goes with her. Akshay asks Avni to come on time for the drama. Avni says she is not allowed to go from home. Akshay says you have to come for play and me. Avni is in dilemma. Bhoomi comes and asks him to go now. Akshay says sorry again and hopes that Bhoomi will help them. Bhoomi tells Avni that this guy is oversmart and overconfident and asks her to think about her father. Kishan tells Mayank that it is not the solution to stop Avni from studying. Kishan says he will take her guarantee. Mayank says Avni didn’t think about family’s prestige. Kishan says people will forget this issue soon. Mayank says how can he forget being the father of Avni. Kishan says we can’t compromise on Avni’s future. Karsan also agrees with Kishan. Parul comes and says Avni realised her mistake and we have to give her another chance. Karsan says he knows how it feels when childrens do mistakes.

Karsan asks him to think before making any decision. Avni tells Bhoomi that she likes Akshay. Bhoomi says what does she meant by that? Bhoomi says Mayank phupha is tensed about the photo issue. Avni says that’s why she kept quiet but have to decide about her future. Lily fayi comes there and asks her to have food. Bhoomi says Avni is upset because of Mayank phuphuji’s decision. Bhoomi thinks whether to tell about Akshay to anyone. She thinks how to tell her family.

Someone comes from Gayatri’s motors and gives the documents and keys to Kishan. Kishan asks him to go and says the car must deliver at the mill. Ketki and Ramila looks on. Ketki tells Ramila that Kishan took the decision alone and bought the car. Ramila says Kishan has changed after becoming MD of the mill. She says Kishan is only Parul bhabhi’s son. Bhoomi tells Kishan that she needs to talk to him about Avni. Mayank tells Karsan that he will think about it. Kishan asks bhoomi what is wrong with Avni. Kishan says how that guy came to our house and Avni should think about it. He says he will speak with Avni and will be strict towards her now. Bhoomi says they have to do everything carefully.

Akshay calls Avni and says I love you. Avni says you left your mobile here. Akshay asks her to reply. Avni says what happened to you suddenly. Akshay asks her to speak up. Avni says she was happy before he came in her life but now everything seems to messed up. Akshay says he will make her happy. Avni asks him to understand and says she can’t come out of the house even for an hour. Akshay says he will wait for her tomorrow and says I know you will come for sure. It shows Bharti is sitting with him in his car. Akshay says your sister in law is trapped in my love now. He says after she comes out, there will be a drama which the Vaishnav’s family will not be able to forget. Bharti smirks. Bhoomi gets a message in the middle of night. She reads Avni’s message that she is leaving and will return before Raksha bandhan program.

Precap: Lily fayi tells Ansubaa and others that Avni and Bhoomi is not at home. everyone gets shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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