Veera 17th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Veera 17th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Balwant asking Bansuri not to create any rift in between Baldev and Veera, else he will never forgive her. They see Baldev and Veera coming home happily. Baldev says sorry Papa ji, you all might be worried, my phone was off. Balwant asks why did he not come back at night. Baldev looks at Veera, and says it was raining, so we stayed at a friend’s house. Balwant laughs and hugs him happily. He says he wanted to see him happy and blesses him. He says if they wish to go somewhere at night, then leave a message to him at night. Veera gets shy and leaves.

Manjeet and Bansuri see the dupatta stone on Baldev’s neck and asks him did he forgive Veera. He asks for what. Manjeet reminds what she added in milk. He says it was love, I m happy that my wife takes good care of me, she added medicines to make me fine, I m happy that you told me, else I would have not know my wife loves me so much. He goes to his room.

Gunjan cries in her room. Chai ji comes to her and sees her sitting in messed room. She asks whats all this. She says you are all wet, what happened, why are you crying. Gunjan cries and says Ranvi does not love me, how can I live without his love. Chai ji says its not true, he loves you more than his life. Gunjan says no, I can’t bear this now. Chai ji hugs her and asks her if she wants things to be like before, she has to work hard, Ranvi loves her a lot, his love is not coming infront of her at this time, she has to bring out, she has to make such situation that Ranvi comes to her and says he loves you a lot.

She asks Gunjan to have strength and not cry. She asks him to hold his hand if she is feeling the love is going far. Gunjan nods and hugs Chai ji. Veera gets ready and smiles seeing Baldev. She asks did he make tea for her. He says yes. Manjeet and Bansuri look on. He says I did not want you to get tired, I want you to be energetic, have storm in heart. She says fine, but why, will you make me break stones. Baldev says no, some other imp work. She asks what. He asks shall I say. She says yes. He says 1 min, and goes to close the door. Manjeet and Bansuri stand out.

Baldev smiles and Veera asks whats going on in his mind. He says nothing, and runs saying no. He chases her and they fall on the bed. Manjeet and Bansuri are irked. Baldev and Veera have an eyelock. Mahiya…………plays……………… They smile seeing each other. He gets closer.

Gunjan sits thinking. Ranvi comes and says your medicines are changing from today, take this new medicine. She says we have just medicine relation right, you just come to give medicine daily, nothing else. He says tell me if you need anything, I wil get it. She says just things are not needed and asks will he take her to doctor. He says fine, tell me when to go. He leaves. She says if she gets his togetherness by these excuses, then let it be, she will not stop loving him, and not stop expecting love from him.

Baldev brings tea for Veera and she likes it. He looks at her while she reads the newspaper. He rests in her lap and she asks what is he doing. He says you read paper and have tea. She smiles seeing the Goa trip ad. He asks what did she like and she hides. They have a pillow fight for the paper. He hugs her and smiles, saying let the paper go to hell. They kiss. Bansuri calls Veera and Veera says she is coming.

She pushes him and goes. He asks her to come soon and sees the newspaper ad. He smiles seeing Goa ad. He says so she wants to go on honeymoon, and that too Goa….

Ranvi brings Gunjan to the hospital. He sees a girl crying, and asks what happened to her. She says my doll is lost and he pacifies her. Gunjan smiles. The lady comes and thanks him for managing the girl. He says no, she is a nice girl. She compliments Gunjan that her husband will become a good father. Baldev talks to his friend about work. He sees Veera in kitchen and hugs her. She shouts. Bansuri asks what happened. Veera says nothing, its cockroach. Bansuri says then beat it. Baldev says he has come to complete his work.

Manjeet and Bansuri see them and get irked. Veera says anyone will come. Baldev says no one will come. Bansuri says my son is fully gone. Manjeet asks her to listen to her. Gunjan asks doctor when can they think of baby. The doctor says after few months, I can say after test reports, I don’t think there will be any problem, come next week. Gunjan thanks her and tells Ranvi she felt glad that she can conceive baby soon in few months and they can take baby ahead. She hugs him and says she wants his support, so she got him here to hear from doctor. He says you go out, I will get car. She thanks him for coming along. He says you are my responsibility. He leaves.

Bansuri says she is very tensed. Manjeet asks her to breathe deep. Bansuri says I lost my son because of you. Manjeet asks her not to be afraid, and asks her to sit peacefully. Bansuri asks shall I let them be together. Manjeet says they came closer now, we can lose game if we do anything now, we have to think well. I m in more hurry to kick out Veera. Bansuri asks what does she mean. Manjeet says I don’t have strength to bear her more, I can’t see you like this, we have to wait for right time. Bansuri asks her to kick out Veera soon.

Baldev brings Veera and she asks where did he get her. He asks does she trust him. She says more than myself. He asks does he love him. She says yes. He gives her a surprise.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    After long enjoyed watching veera

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  14. Thanx amena…
    It was nt dupatta stone on baldev’s neck. It was veera’s bindi…

  15. our old baldev is coming back slowly.But i want the charming & funny boy 😀

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