Code Red 16th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Code Red 16th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

A guy (Rohit Shanbagh) is getting ready when his wife (Swati) suggests him to wear brown suit instead of black (he always prefers black). She sweetly tells him to listen to her sometimes. He too likes the combination so agrees.

Rohit is on his way to office. My real family is like the family shown in ads. Super job, super kid, super wife and a super life but then a message came which changed everything!

Rohit receives a message on his phone which says, Hi, interested? Rohit checks the photo of the girl and replies asking about her. She simply asks him to call her if he is interested.

Sakshi (host) says social networking is another name for laying a trap for your acquaintances in this world full of strangers. There was a time when there used to be cross connections on landline phones by mistake. But nowadays that’s done intentionally on social networking sites. At times we all get message from unknown persons. Rohit Shanbag too got one. But he fell for those messages and got stuck badly.

Theme – Blackmail

Rohit calls on that number. It is a call girl named Tina. She tells him her prices by hours time. He asks her about the procedure of her deals. She replies that there is a hotel Gold Spark at Andheri Pulla. I will book a room for which obviously you will have to pay. She promises to make it memorable for him for life.

Rohit reaches the hotel and waits in the lobby nervously. Tina calls him. Come to room number 203 directly without knocking on the door. he was hesitant for a while but then heads towards the lift. Tina opens the door even before he knocks on it. He is smitten by her beauty. She boldly holds his hand and takes him inside. He has got the room for 5 hours. Someone knocks on the door just when they are about to kiss. She shouts from inside that they don’t want any room service. A guy yells at her from outside asking her to open the door. She realises that it is her husband Vikrant’s voice. Rohit is shocked. Tina hides in the bathroom while Vikrant bangs at the door. Rohit tries to keep Vikrant out but in vain. I know my wife is inside. Rohit threatens to call security but Vikrant reminds him that it was a girl’s voice that stated that you don’t want room service. Tine drops something and Vikrant realises that she is hiding inside. He asks her to come out as she has no way to escape now. Tina opens the door in the end. He holds her by her hairs and starts slapping her. rohit requests her to stop but Vikrant knows what was happening inside. Tina lies that this man (Rohit) had called me for an interview. Vikrant is in no mood to fall in her trap. Who gives interviews in such revealing clothes and in hotel rooms? Rohit calls her a liar. They both continue to plead innocence. Vikrant knows that they both are lying to hide one truth – s*x. That was what was happening inside. Rohit denies. Nothing happened yet. Vikrant is happy that he came here on time or things would have gotten out of hand. Vikrant starts to manhandle Tina again. Rohit makes a quiet escape from the room and hotel finally.

Sanjiv (a colleague) calls Rohit as their boss is asking for presentation. Rohit lies that he has come to doc for check up. Please handle the presentation. Sanjiv agrees.

Rohit stops his car at a side. I had gone mad. What was I doing? I would have got caught! why is self control so tough?

Swati is surprised to see him home early. she goes to bring tea for him while his son asks for his help in homework. Rohit is still shaken as he recalls his meeting with Tina in the hotel.

Sakshi (host) says Rohit got saved from drowning in the river of shame. His perfect ad film was about to be embarrassed. He was feeling that he got saved somehow but was it really the shore? Or was someone already keeping its eyes on him, waiting to pounce on him?

Rohit is watching news but is completely blank. Door bell rings. Swati opens the door. it is Vikrant. Rohit asks him what he wants. Vikrant asks for his wife. Should I tell her what you have done with my wife? Rohit shushes him. wait downstairs in the parking. Vikrant warns him not to be late or he can change his mind anytime.

Rohit asks Vikrant how much money he wants. Rohit insists that nothing happened between him and Tina. Vikrant insists but Rohit explains that Tina only asked him to call her. She is a call girl. she charges an hour for 20k. We made a deal for 5 hours in 40k. I am ready to give you 50k to end this matter here only. Vikrant refuses to talk to him as he is a disgusting man. I am going to police and then to your wife. Vikrant finally relents but asks for 1 lakh right away. Rohit pays him money.

Swati asks him about the money. He lies that it was for some office work. His son reminds him about his homework.

Next day, Sanjiv tells Rohit that he couldn’t give a great presentation to boss as it was not his project. I explained what all I could understand. Boss was asking about you. I said that you are ill. Rohit asks him if boss was upset. Sanjiv nods but adds that people fall ill. What had happened to you? Rohit says it was general fever. I am much better now. He heads to his cabin. He gets a call from Vikrant who asks for more money. I will meet Swati bhabhi if I don’t get money. He even talks about a video. If I upload it on internet then no one from your entire family will be able to take it. he asks for 30k more. Rohit looks at his family pic.

Rohit pays the said amount to Vikrant. I wont pay any more money now. Vikrant makes it clear to him that he alone cannot decide it. I will ask and you will have to give. Tina too will take some in between. You remember Tina right? He shows the video to Rohit.

Vikrant continues to blackmail ROhit for more and more money every day. Rohit returns home. Swati tells him that Vikrant had come. He left a parcel for you. Rohit finds an envelope from Hotel Gold Spark inside. Swati brings tea and snacks for him. She asks him if everything is well as he is not looking fine since last many days.

Boss asks ROhit his reason of missing 3 meetings in last month. Sanjiv tries to speak on his behalf but boss shushes him. he turns to Rohit again. I cannot take it even from my best employee.

Sanjiv asks Rohit what the real problem is. Boss has spoken to me frankly. When you missed your second meeting he asked me directly if I can handle your responsibilities. I said not but I wont be able to say it next time.

Sakshi (host) says one message had pushed Rohit away from everyone. At home, he was getting away from Swati and his son Raju while in office, his job was in risk. He could not share it with anyone that he has fallen in the trap of blackmailing but it had crossed all the limits now. Rohit told his secret to his friend and colleague in the end.

Rohit tells Sanjiv that he has paid 2.75 lakhs to Vikrant by now. It was their planning. There were hidden cameras in the room. The video has been edited in such a way that it looks like some cheap mms. Sanjiv tells him to make police complaint but Rohit says they will in turn put rape charge against me. Sanjiv explains that Swati and Raju will have to bear it. you are becoming idiot again if you think that the guy will ever leave you. call police station right away. Vikrant calls Rohit. He refuses to pay any more money to Vikrant now. I am going to register a police complaint against you. Vikrant takes some Sister Gloria’s name. She is the principal of your son’s school. I will show the video to her and tell her that one of her students’ father has done it. Vikrant asks for 75k more. Rohit takes time to think. Sanjiv asks him if he will take personal loan from office to pay to blackmailer. Rohit replies that police wont worry about my reputation as the whole world will find out. Sanjiv suggests him a way out – Aslam Bhai. No one can recover like him in the entire Mumbai. He will make Vikrant quiet. He will work for me. Rohit thinks and then agrees.

Swati tries to make Rohit shares his worries but he keeps quiet. He again gets Vikrant’s call who calls him downstairs. Vikrant holds ROhit by his throat. You have contract to Aslam Bhai to kill me?

Flashback: Aslam Bhai comes to Vikrant’s house. Stop threatening or troubling Rohit Shanbagh. I wont spare you if you are seen near him now.

Present: You tried to rape my wife first and then you tried to murder me. You think you will buy police? A lady from NGO stays in my area. She will bring out your true face in front of everyone on tv. Rohit makes him understand that he dint send anyone. my friend told me that this Aslam Bhai will sit and get a final settlement with you. I dint know he was a contract killer. I don’t have any more money. I am a normal salaried man. I am still paying the EMI of this car. Please be lenient. Vikrant asks for 5 lakhs as final settlement in two days. Internet is in every phone and my phone has everything stored inside it.

Sakshi points out that Rohit tried to take out a thorn with another thorn. He had to pay a very big amount for it now. What was his last option that could bring him back to the right path?

Rohit calls Sanjiv. Sanjiv apologizes on Aslam Bhai’s behalf. Trust me he will handle Vikrant. Rohit denies. I will handle it myself or the amount will only increase. I am completely trapped in it now. Its all over. Sanjiv tries to say something but Rohit ends the call. Why did I get that message! Why did I reply? I shouldn’t have done that!

Vikrant shows the mms to Swati and Raju. Swati and Raju commit suicide after watching it. Rohit wakes up with a start in the middle of his sleep. He hugs Swati. She yet again tries to make him talk. I know something very serious has happened that you are hiding from me. please share it with me.

Sanjiv calls Rohit. He is sitting with Aslam Bhai in Noor cafe. We have found a solution. Rohit doesn’t want to involve him as it might amount to some criminal case. Sanjiv tells him to come asap. Rohit stops his car at a side when he spots Tina boarding an auto. This girl is the root cause of my ruin. Stop her. he begins to follow the auto. He decides to get even with Tina and Vikrant now.

Tina comes to Hotel Gold Spark again. Rohit waits in the lobby. The first page of my destruction was written here only. Maybe the last page was going to be written here only. Maybe someone else is the target today but the butcher is same.

A guy enters the hotel and sits down beside Rohit. He gets a call from someone and agrees to reach hotel number 203. Rohit gets a call from Sanjiv. I am not coming to Noor Cafe. Sanjiv insists that the solution involves no knives or anything. Aslam Bhai will make you talk face to face with Vikrant. Everything will be sorted easily. Rohit declines to come at this very moment. Sanjiv tells the same to Aslam Bhai who remarks that it isn’t easy to get out from where Rohit is stuck.

Rohit comes to second floor. Destiny made me meet Tina again in this city where 2 crore people live. This is a sign from above that I should do something. This girl is the cause of my destruction. He is about to knock when he remembers Vikrant. He continues to knock till she opens the door. He also switches on his camera. she refuses to recognize him. He focuses his phone at her face so he can record everything. He also warns the other guy who runs out as he doesn’t want to be involved in any scandal. Tina refuses to call Vikrant so he decides to call police. She stops him from doing so. He is not my husband. I don’t know who he is. He asks her if she knows who she is and points the camera at her. She confesses that she is a professional. Call me an escort or call girl. vikrant contacted me to bring you here. I messaged you and you replied. You know what all happened afterwards. Rohit deduces that everything was planned from the first day itself. But why me? How did he get my number? Tina too knows nothing else. He is sure Vikrant would know it and she too would surely know about his whereabouts.

In the car, Tina again tells Rohit that she was just acting. I got my per hour rate and extra 3k for slap. I don’t know anything else. Rohit only wants revenge and his money back now.

Tina brings Rohit to Vikrant’s house. Rohit tells him that the table has turned. Your wife cheated you. Tina tells Vikrant to speak the truth. I don’t want to get involved in any of this. Rohit is recording everything. We all are already trapped. This recording will save me but it will take you (Vikrant) to the police. Vikrant suggests him to forget everything. I promise I wont call you ever again. Rohit is not going to fall in his trap again. you have ruined my job, my family life, my mental peace since last 3 weeks. You have even extracted 2.75 lakhs from me. Tina is shocked. She supports Rohit now. I will say whatever and wherever you will ask me to now. Rohit tells Vikrant that he is trapped now. why me of all the people in this city? Vikrant rues that someone else takes the meat. He only gets the bone. Vikrant takes Aslam Bhai’s name.

One month ago:
Aslam Bhai and Vikrant decide on Tina to trap Rohit.

Present: Vikrant tells Rohit that they were lucky as he fell in their trap in the first attempt only. Aslam Bhai had told me that this 5 lakhs was the final amount. Rohit denies. The full and final has not happened yet. It will happen now. there is still some life left in this goat.

Rohit calls Sanjiv to his cabin. He slaps Sanjiv as soon as he steps inside. Why did you play this game with me? He slaps Sanjiv again. Sanjiv refuses. Are you drunk? Rohit says I was drunk when we were enjoying drinks after office. I had casually told you that I have interest in girls. You took such a big advantage of it. You are a very big mastermind.

Flashback: Rohit brings Vikrant and Tina to meet Aslam Bhai. He puts everything on recording. Aslam bhai tells them the entire game. Your friend Sanjiv was playing the cards.

One month ago:
Sanjiv gives contract to Aslam bhai for Rohit. He loves his wife, his family. He will give his everything to save it all. Love, marriage and fun, they all are 3 different things. Every man thinks about it every now and then. We just have to lay the trap.

Aslam bhai tells Rohit that Sanjiv got the biggest share out of it.

Present: Rohit makes it clear to Sanjiv that he will go to boss first and then to police. Hope you have no objections. Sanjiv apologizes. We both have made one mistake each, please forgive me. Rohit denies. there is a big difference between us. I made that mistake for the first time but I am sure I was not your first target. Sanjiv disagrees. Rohit asks for cash in forgiveness. Sanjiv has invested it in his village as he is making a house for his parents. He gets a slap again. you are making a house after looting my house? I want my entire money back in one day or dig a grave for yourself in that very same property as death will be better for you than jail. Your time starts now!

Rohit rings the bell and smiles after so many days. Swati is happy to see him thus. He confesses everything to her. Swati asks him what he would have done if it was not a trap. Would you go to meet that girl or different girls every other day? He tells her that he would have felt guilty in between his first meeting only. I would have wondered how to face you or how to tell you yet I would have told you everything. You had no idea about all this. I could have hidden it if I had wanted to yet I told you everything. She asks for some time to forget it. it will take some time to forgive you though.

Rohit is still waiting for Swati’s forgiveness. Maybe I will never get it completely even after getting it. the perfect family of ad films lasts for 30 seconds while the real family goes on for years. So, take your every step very carefully.

Life’s path is sometimes rough and sometimes slippery. At times, the pain is felt more by the one who is helping the fallen one; the one who forgives the mistakes feels more pain. But if the fallen gets up on his own and defeats the one who has pushed him down then that person is called a hero. Rohit too did something like that. He emerged out of the Chakravyuh as a winner. This teaches us to recognize the temptation and stay away from it.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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