Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 17th March 2015 Written Episode Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 17th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rashmi thinking how to know about Sapna. Ahilya asks Shontu to prepare for party. She tells Indrajeet that they will give the party to show they are not affected if Niranjan got the tender, we should not show we are sad, tell everyone about the party. He says yes, I will invite all the big businessman, make arrangements for the party. Rashmi hears this and says what happened to her, party after losing. Sojal tells Anjali that she spoke to pandit and arranged for the puja. Anjali asks her to make Prasad. Niranjan comes and asks whats happening.

Anjali says they are preparing for Devi maa puja like every year, she has been doing this tradition since years, she will go to temple and do puja every day, you come with me on last day. He says sure. She says I wish we get out home back till Ram Navami. He says this will happen. Astha takes some pics from Indrajeet’s laptop. She calls Varad and says she has mailed the pics of Indrajeet’s institute schemes, and asks him to check. He says he will check it and asks her to take care. Indrajeet comes to her and she gets tensed.

She starts leaving and he holds her hand to stop her. She gets angry and frees her hand. She asks what is he doing, she does not like this, so she requests him to be in his limits. He says Sapna, I know why you are angry since 2 days, I did not have memory of that Holi day, Poornima told me that I said I.. I m sorry, I was not in my senses. She says exactly, but I was in my senses, this job is not more than my self esteem, if you do this mistake again, I will be helpless to leave this job, I hope I made myself very clear. He says trust me Sapna, I did not know life will bring me to this turning point, like Barkha used to talk to me with right, I have seen you talking like her, the way you talk to kids and take care of them, I feel Barkha came in my life.

He says when my hand got fractured, you took care of me, I get angry when anyone touches Barkha’s things, but that day, when you wore Barkha’s saree, I did not say anything, I have seen Barkha in you and I went ahead and hugged you, I m living like dead without Barkha, just work and made my children away, since you came in my life, my kids are coming close to me, I feel my pain less when you are close, I feel everything will be fine, you came as a ray of hope. She says I don’t want to know what you feel, keep it to yourself, I m your PA, how can you say this to me, when you were hurt, what I did was by humanity.

She says if he gets this meaning, then I m sorry, I feel sad for you, when you touch me and talk like this, I don’t feel good, I would have gone if this job was not my helplessness, but this job is not more than my self respect. He says I promise I will never say my feelings to you and I will not force you to feel what I m feeling, but you can’t deny the truth, I have a request, don’t stop me from loving you. She leaves.

Poornima thinks and Rashmi comes to talk to her seeing her much angry and using it. She asks is she not getting ready for party. Poornima says I don’t care about party, I m concerned about Indrajeet, he is changing because of Sapna, he said her I love you on holi. Rashmi is shocked and says Indrajeet always scolded you for Sapna, now she will become your Bhabhi, don’t know what will she teach him then, he is innocent. She says you always scold Sapna, when she becomes your Bhabhi, she will take revenge, we can’t do anything, as Ahilya brought her in this house. Poornima says she will teach Sapna a lesson, she knows what to do, I will make her ashamed that she will not come out of her room and not meet her own eyes. Rashmi thinks Sapna is gone now, no one can save Sapna now.

Indrajeet is upset thinking of Sapna’s words. Ahilya comes asking did he check the evening party list. She asks is he fine. He says yes, what to check, you made it, it will be fine. She asks why is he sad. He says Shontu made me have bhang in holi, and I told Sapna that I love her. She smiles and says maybe Poornima was saying me this, this is good thing, I m glad you confessed your love. Shlok walks there.

Indrajeet says I love her and don’t want her to get hurt. Ahilya asks what is he saying, girls get tensed by this, I m sure you can’t trouble anyone. She says I also like Sapna, the day she came here, she took good care of you and kids, I will talk to Sapna. Shlok comes inside and looks on. Ahilya says if you both unite, then it will be very good thing. Shlok thinks what are they saying, who two to unite? Shlok gives him coffee and leaves.

Sojal asks Anjali to call Astha, if they come for puja, it will be fine. Anjali says I forgot, even if they don’t come, we should say about puja at home. She calls Astha and asks her welfare. She asks can Shlok and she come home for sometime, she has kept Satyanrayana katha at home. Astha says I wish, but we have much work, we can’t home, its party here and we are busy. Anjali says I will pray that we get our home back. Astha thinks she is bearing all this for her family. Anjali asks why did she get quiet. Astha ends the call. Anjali tells Sojal that they can’t come. Sojal says its fine, they are with us and everything will be fine. Rashmi comes to Astha and asks which dress is she wearing in party. Astha says I did not think. Rashmi asks her to take any saree. Astha says no need of help, you already helped me by giving that saree, please go, I want to be alone. Shlok looks on and thinks what happened to Astha, her mood stays bad these days. Rashmi says I came to help, and leaves.

Poornima tells sorry to Indrajeet and says she got a dress for herself Sapna for the party. Indrajeet hugs her. Ahilya asks her to calm her anger, she will get married and go, and even she got old, Indrajeet should also get a nice girl. Poornima says she realized Indrajeet is very imp for her, so she came to say sorry. Ahilya says great, its big thing to accept mistake and praises her. They smile. Poornima thinks she is smart, she will make Sapna fall infront of Indrajeet that he does not take her name then. She asks Ahilya to show both the dresses to Sapna, its almost same, the size which fits her, she can wear it, I will wear the other. Ahilya says fine.

Shlok comes to Astha and locks the door. She asks what is he doing. He asks why is she worried, she is reacting over these days, whats the matter. She hugs him and thinks she wants to tell him, she is scared that they can fail in their aim if she tells him.

Shlok dances with Poornima. Indrajeet gets angry and goes to slap him. Shlok holds his hand and both the men angrily stare each other.

Update Credit to: Amena

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