Veera 16th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Veera 16th April 2013 Written Episode, Veera 16th April 2013 Written Update

Back at Preetampura, the kids are discussing the horse race win while doing seva. They praise Ranvi for assisting Nihal. Baldev is jealous while Ranvi is narating the whole incident. Ranvi imitates Sampooran by pulling the mustache act and Baldev intervenes saying that he doesn’t have any mustache so he can stop pretending. He says one guy, Goldy that he’ll never let him play in his team. Veera who’s sitting on a distance gets irritated and says so what if her Veerji doesn’t have a mustache, he still won two prizes – Bhagat Singh one and the kite flying competition. She asks what did he won. Baldev is angry and says everyone in her family, her father, her mother and her brother won prizes what has she won. He laughs at her and Veera gets upset.

Ranvi cheers her up and says one day she’ll also win. Angry, Baldev is about to blurt out the truth of Veera not being his sister but Ranvi glares at him and he stops in time.

Bansuri congratulates Nihal. But Nihal gives the credit of his win to Ratan. Bansuri says him that he’s too kind and says its her fault that she always underestimated him. Nihal gets a little conscious and leaves to look for kids.

Kids are dancing in Baisakhi celebration and Balwant comes and announces that the celebration is in honour of Ratan and Nihal. He thanks Nihal for making them proud. He thanks Bakhtawar too and praises Nihal for bringing their honour back in Sher-e-Punajb competition.

Nihal thanks everyone for all the love and respect they have bestowed on him. He praises Sampooran. Kartar leaves from there and everyone starts celebrating. Veera is on a swing and Ranvi is pushing it from back. Ratan wants to ride on a swing too and Chaiji understands it and coax her to ride one. Gunjan asks Baldev that she wants to ride a swing too but he pushes her to ground. Chaiji makes Gurpreet ride a swing too and asks Kartar to help her while she helps Ratan. Ratan doesn’t realize when Chaiji excuses herself and Kartar goes to push Ratan’s swing but Nihal stops her and pushes the swing himself. Ratan is enjoying it not realizing its Nihal who’s helping her and she keeps calling out for Chaiji. Veera notices it and asks why is she calling to Chaiji when its Nihal. She suggest they go and tell her but Ranvi denies. Kartar finally draws her attention by calling out to Nihal. Ratan realizes her folly and runs away. Chaiji gets upset

Kartar tells Chaiji that he wants to support Sampooran’s wife after him. Chaiji warns him and says if he doesn’t mend his ways she’ll tell Ratan about his doings too. Kartar spots Ratan standing behind Chaiji.

Update Credit to: euphoric

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