Saraswatichandra 16th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 16th April 2013 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 16th April 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kumud and Vidyachatur. Kumud comes to him to take him along with her as her mother is waiting for him in the puja. Vidyachatur does not seem to be interested as he is angry. Kumud asks him to keep his anger upto herself, not on her mother. He says not to hurt her mother anymore. He pleads him to come with him in the puja as many guests are also present. She thinks he is coming along with her, but he shuts the door and Kumud stands outside thinking what to do next.

Saras comes there and says he will bring Vidyachatur along with him. He says Kumud that he is not doing this for her but for his Kaka and Kaki.
Ghuman is ready to take fun of the situation. She is expecting a lots of entertainment in the house. Yash’s mother asks her what is happening. Ghuman tells her to go out and see with her eyes what’s happening.

Scene shifts to hall:

Everyone are waiting for the puja to get started. Women gossip that something is wrong in the house looking at the family’s expressions. Guests gossip a lot and blame Vidyachatur for inviting them and not attending them. Kumud comes there alone. Ghuman and everyone look at her. Badimaa asks her what happened. She nods no. Kumud’s mother says he will not come as I said. Badimaa says he would have come and I will go to bring him. Kumud’s mother say no, dont go, else he will say anything to you.
Saras enters the scene as Kumud sees him coming towards her.

All the guests start leaving the house. Just in time, Vidyachatur enters and welcomes the guests. Kumud, Kusum, Badimaa and all are happy to see him. Her mother is relieved. Vidyachatur tells the guests that he was late because he was getting ready as a new groom. She apologises to the guests and then goes to do the puja. He acts very normal infront of the guests. Ghuman, Didi and Yash’s mother feel jealous to see everyone happy as Ghuman’s plan has failed. read full updates daily with pics only at Vidyachatur fills his wife maang. She becomes happy. Kumud looks at Saras giving a thanking smile. Albela Sajan Aayo re…. song plays in the background. Saras smiles seeing Vidyachatur and his wife.

Everyone dance in joy. Saras sees kumud and vice versa. O piya re.. plays.. Kumud feels shy to dance.
Saras goes to Ghuman and thanks her as she has invited many guests and because of this Vidyachatur came in the puja. He says he came only for the guests, but he has celebrated his anniversary and the credit goes to Ghuman. Saras thanks her.

Yash’s mother comes there and taunts Ghuman and leaves. Ghuman is angry as Saras has spoiled her plan.
Kusum and Kumari thanks Saras as he has made a happy ending to Vidyachatur’s anger. Kumud comes there. Kumari says that she might have come to thank Saras. Kumud tells Kumari that Badimaa is calling her. Kusum and Kumari both leave. Kumud is thinking of how to say thankyou to Saras and she starts arranging the net.

Kumud thanks Saras for his help as he brought Vidyachatur in the puja. She asks what he said to her father.
Saras thinks how: He went to Vidyachatur and tells him that the guesta are waiting for him and constantly asking about him and they have no answer. They will make some sense and talk. He says that his wife has always gave him happiness and he is angry on her because she has hurted him by hiding the fact about Saras. Saras tells what sacrifices she had done for him in so many years passed.

Saras tells that she is waiting for Vidyachatur with hope. Her respect is at risk and he should come and fill her maang and save her respect. Saras gives the Sindoor to Vidyachatur.

Kumud asks him how he convinced Vidyachatur. Saras is busy helping her and staring her through the net.
A sweet music plays… Saras tells her that Vidyahatur will forgive her and he will make this sure before going. She tells him that she knows how to convince her father and he should not come in between.
Kumud leaves.
Saras thinks I will help you whether you wish or not.

Scene shifts to Vidyachatur’s room:
The room is well decorated. Kusum and Kumari leave Vidyachatur and his wife in the room by wishing them happy marriage anniversary. Vidyachatur is happy to see. His wife asks for forgiveness. She says his face is showing that he has forgiven him. He too apologises. She says she has no complaints as he had the full right to get angry on her. Vidyachatur says he is incomplete without each other. She says they are incomplete without their daughters also. They forgot their pain and did the decorations for them. He asks her what should I do. She calls Kumud. She asks to forgive Kumud.

Vidyachatur tells Kumud that her relation with Saras was his biggest dream and it shattered. He says he understands that you have to bear it. But you were quiet to save me from pain and thats why I am angry on you as I love you a lot. You were my trust. Kumud says I will do anything to bring back your trust in me.
He says you didn’t trust me thats why you have hidden the truth. Kumud apologises and asks for forgiveness. Vidyachatur forgives her.

Kumud’s foot is hurt. Saras sees but Kumud does not let him say anything…

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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