Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th April 2013 Written Episode, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th April 2013 Written Update
Naitik and Akshi stop at some place, with the men hiding behind dry grass. Naitik gets Varsha’s call.. akshi picks it up and asks akshi to come early. Akshi tells naitik to go early. Naitik says he won’t go until he talks to her.. she tries to take the keys but they fall somewhere! Akshi says she will go by taxi. She goes and tabhi the men come. Naitik stands protectively infront of akshi. The men mistake him for some goon who has abducted akshi they catch hold of him and plan to take him to the police station. Thats when akshi finally clears the misunderstanding and they apologize. After they go, she tells naitik that they need to return fast! She says good those men were nice what wud have happened had they been goons! Naitik apologizes and then tries to talk again but akshi wants to return.

Akshi goes towards the car. Naitik says that you wanna go, go! Everything is important except me! Akshi keeps walking and Naitik keeps talking! He tells her whatever is there in his mind. He says he is sorry for this for that.. he says he won’t trouble her after this. Akshi stops. She remembers how he had tried talking to her everytime. She turns and searches for naitik but he isn’t there!

Varsha tries calling naitik but he isn’t picking up the phone. The M’s call for akshi but she isn’t there. Varsha says she went.. with naitik! Kaki says even you can come with Shaurya if you want!

Akshi searches for naitik in some mahal :s Naitik is walking there and hears akshi calling him.. naitik searches her too.. they shout and are trying to find each other! they roam all around but can’t find each other! they see each other but are separated by a glass.. they finally meet! Naitik spreads his hands *srk style* and akshi hugs him. The gangaur song starts!

M’s and S’ come to the temple.. they meet but can’t find naksh still.. haha! Rj says that they left chupke se.. she also didn’t know! Finally g3 cud reach Naitik via phone. G3 asks is everything fine? Naitik says akshi is with him. They will return in some time. G3 says ok.. you guys do the pooja well and return home together as a couple!

Rj asks about naksh.. g3 says that they went to the other ghat! She handles the situation well.
Naitik says sorry to akshi. He apologizes for the “slap”. Akshi says she knows that he can never slap her. She says she will never think that he could do such a thing! They both clear their misunderstandings.. they remember their vows and how they violated them. They say sorry for their mistakes! Both of them.. naitik says we will fulfil our vows. Pakka. Naitik says promise me you will never leave me! Even if we fight like anything, argue etc you wont\’t leave me- never.. like.. Akshi asks like whom? Naitik stares at her.. akshi asks her what? She asks why is he so scared? Why is he talking about separation. Naitik tells how ajay and jyoti are getting divorced. He tells her everything. How their fights are culminating into divorce. He says he got scared.. he says that whatever he said seemed like it wasn’t their issue but like theirs! He says that that is why he came.. he says he loves her.. a lot! Akshi says she loves him too! Akshi says that promise, she wud never leave him.

G3 bm and the M’s do the pooja..

Akshi says 7 years passed by naitik! They try to understand how they reached here? Akshi says that our relationship saw so many ups and downs how did this happen? They try to understand how did all this happen! Akshi says this means somewhere or the other the mistake is ours only!

PRECAP: Naksh see posts and they decide to renew their vows.

Update Credit to: Stutz

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