Veera 15th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Veera 15th August 2013 Written Episode, Veera 15th August 2013 Written Update

The episode started with Veera and Ranvi coming down the stairs and spotting spectacles on the table. Veera identifies them as Naana ji’s. Ranvi goes and starts taking out the glasses from the frame while Veera looks on confused. He explains her when’s he’s done that this would drive Naana ji crazy. Chaiji overhears them and looks angrily at them. Before she could say anything, Nana ji comes down. Chaiji tells Ranvi to go wherever he was going, approving Ranveera’s plan. Ranvi goes and hides behind a pillar. She too goes and hides behind another pillar. Veera asks Nana ji to read her something from the newspaper and then Nanaji realises his glasses are missing. He starts to scold her but she runs away . Chaiji prays that Ranveera are not seperated from each other.

Nana ji goes and shoes

the glasses to Naani ji and they talk about how Veera’s naughtiness reminds them Amrita’s childhood. They say Veera’s naughtiness would lighten up their house.

Ranvi goes to his friends and tells them that soon enough Naana ji would declare officially that he doesn’t want to take Veera along. His friend comes with some party things and they all sit and start preparing for Veera’s birthday. Baldev and Balwant reach there. Baldev sees his father busy talking to someone so he goes to Ranvi and his friends and mocks them saying Veera deserves the best farewell and its good that they are preparing for it, infact he would pay for her bus fare. Balwant hears this and scolds Baldev. Ranvi tells Balwant that no matter that his panchayat has decided to send Veera away, he will not let that happen. Balwant prays that Veera stays in the village too and that Ranveera stay together.

Veera is sitting in her room, on her bed with her money pot and is hoping that she has collected Rs. 1,000. Nihaal who is passing by her bedroom overhears her talking to herself that she needs to buy her Veerji a gift since she has made the rakhi herself for him. Nihaal looks on sadly. Veera sees Nihaal and asks him to come inside. Nihaal gets emotional and asks her if she would miss him when she goes away, and would she write to him? Veera assures him she is going nowhere since her Veerji has said so. She tells him to open his money pot without breaking it as her Veerji has made it for her. Nihaal manages to open it without breaking it. On counting the money, he finds out that its not a full Rs. 1,000. While Veera prays, he secretly adds money and tells her she has done it. Veera does her happy dance. Ratan comes in and hears her telling Nihaal that now she can buy her Veerji the best gift. She asks her to go and take a bath, Veera goes.

Nihaal asks Ratan if theres anyway they could stop the kids hearts and trust from breaking? Ratan has no answer.

Veera goes for a bath but she meets Naani ji on the way who tells her she would give her a bath today. She looks upset but Ranvi coms and whispers a plan in her ear, making her happy again. She goes and brings the plan into action and making excuses makes Naani ji bring her water again and again, sometime by dropping washing powder in the pail, or sometimes knocking down the water, and if not these, then by saying that the water is too cold. As Naani brings the water again and again, she drops water all over the floor in the process. Ratan comes to the area, and slips due to the spily water. Naani ji, Veera, Ranvi, Nihaal run for her aid. Ratan hurts her arm and sprains her foot. They make her stand up and sit on the bench at the side. Nihaal asks Ranvi to get water for her and in hurry, he breaks the water pot in the kitchen and knocks down some glasses.

Ratan is taken into the room and Nihaal asks her to move her limbs to find out if she has fractures anything. They find out nothing has been broken. Naana ji asks how it happened and Naani ji explains making Naana ji angry. He scolds Veera for her childish-ness and she agrees it was her plan. When Nana ji scolds her some more, Ranvi comes forwards and tells them she has done nothing wrong but infact it was he who had always fed her with the plans. Everyone looks on.

Precap: Ranvi cries as he hands Naani ji a book and telling them he has written everything necessary about Veera in the book and that when they take her to the village, they should take care of her as written in the book so she feels her Veer ji is taking care of her. Everyone looks on sadly.


Update Credit to: ElmoFuj

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