Gustakh Dil 15th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Gustakh Dil 15th August 2013 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 15th August 2013 Written Update

The show starts with Lajjo mom bringing her outside to complete the pre-wedding ceremony. She asks Lajjo to keep on smiling. Teasing her they all complete the Haldoi ceremony. Lajjo’s bua is directing everyone to work quickly as lots of wrk are pending.
A neighbour tells Lajjo’s mom that bua should not take part in the wedding customs as it is ominous for Lajjo future. Lajjo mom says that Lajjo bua’s was waiting for her wedding.
The women begin to talk about Nikhil that he helped Rambachan with the RS 80,000. In thr meantime Nikhil arrives and they begin to ask him some few questions and lastly a woman among asks him if he does work he says no he only enjoys life. They begi to pull his leg by saying lots of stuffs as he’s the master grandchild he does not need to work.

Lajjo mom comes and saves him. Nikhil handles him the sarees sent by dadaji for her as gits and blessings.
Lajjomom says it was not needed and thanks him for the money. He says it is not needed.
Lajjo mom tells him to give the gifts to Lajjo himself she’ll surely be happy.
Nikhil goes to Lajjo room accompanied by Lakhi she runaway and Nikhil gives her the gits she takes it as dadaji blessings for her is in the form of the gift. She says thanks to Nikhil for the money he gave to Rambachan. Lajjo seizes the opportunity to give Nikhil back to 600 Rs she has given her when Rampyari did not give milk. He puts it in her hand and he says fine he’ll keep it. He tells her happy wedding before leaving.
Other ceremony of the wedding keeps on going once again leg pulling of Lajjo begin on behalf of neighbours and relatives. Lajjo mom invites everyone for dinner.

In the city: Sampat enters Rishi room who’s listening to the music he puts off the music which irks him. He taunted his father with lots of bitter words before leaving. gunjan tries to pacify both father and son but is unable. Sampat asks him until when will she keeps on trying to makes thing runs smoothly between them seems that she’s much elder that her age. Sampat tells Gunjan when is Rishi going to forgive him for divorcing their mom? They were kids at those time.
They both hug each other in tears.

In the village: while everyone is having dinner Lajjo slowly goes to see the to be groom photo and she seems liking him. She does not hear Rambachan who enters the room and sees her. She’ feels shy when Rambachan calls her and he tells her that he’s happy that he likes the groom. Rambachan adds finally he was able to gather whatever Lajjo in laws demanded in dowry.
Lajjo tells Rambachan that she wants to tell him something… Rambachan asks what and she tells him that there’s a tree in the village which she wants to bring to her in laws.Rambachan says it is impossible to do so because the tree is planted since 18 years and it will not grow if moved from it place. Lajjo hugs Rambachan and cries asking how will she get along in her in laws if she lives for 18 years with her parents in her house. They both cry. Lajjo mom arrives in the room and tells her to sleep as the marriage is for tomorrow and Rambachan also leaves. Lajjo mom also hugs and kisses her while she’s still crying quietly.

The next morning an another pre-wedding customs is going on and Lajjo mom is lits a lamp while some few girls bring her out in her pink saree. Her mom does some few customs and put her chunari (veil)on her. Well she’slooking nice.

Precap: The wedding seems to arrive and one of the baraati lifts the cloth with which they covered the motorcycle as he sees stains of mud on it he tells that it is a second hand motorcycle. They all go to check.

Update Credit to: ALUJNA21

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