Maharana Pratap 15th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Maharana Pratap 15th August 2013 Written Episode, Maharana Pratap 15th August 2013 Written Update

The students at the gurukul are given the task of putting harness on the horse and riding it. Raghavendra as usual makes the task difficult for Pratap by giving him a different kind of harness to use for the horse that he is supposed to ride.. Pratap asks for help but is sternly told by his guru to learn it by trial and error…

Raghavendra cautions his students to not go past the red flag which has been put as the point of return for them.

Pratap is the only want left in the gurukul struggling to put the harness on the horse as rest of the students have been successful in doing it and had moved ahead with their horses.Basheer khan who has been staying in the gurukul in disguise uses the opportunity to lend a helping hand to Pratap by showing him the proper way of tying

the harness on the horse.. The man cleverly manages to put in leeches so that the Pratap’s horse ride can be in jeopardy…

In the palace…

Jayvanta bai is informed by the royal physician about the presence of poison in the glass that was meant for Pratap to drink from… Jayvanta is shattered to come face to face with the truth that her son would have been killed and she would have been the agent of his death since she was the one who handed it over to him…

The queen recovers herself from the state of shock and decides to confront Queen Bhatiyani with her finding…

The news of Jayvanta meeting with the royal physician sets alarm bells for her… But the smart and scheming favourite wife of Udai si not some one who can be so easily defeated..

Pratap catches up with the his fellow students… but his relief at it is momentary.. The leeches have started to trouble Pratap’s horse and he becomes uncontrollable. The horse runs away with Pratap in tow who is unable to control his horse… The students soon loose sight of him and are unable to find him despite their best efforts..

The news is conveyed to Raghavendra who wants to go in search of Pratap.. Basheer offers to accompany him.

In the place Bhatiyani cleverly denies her involvement in trying to poison Pratap…She brings forth a strong argument of how she always marks glasses with a special symbol so that it is easier for kids to spot.. Thereby shifting the needle of suspicion from her since anyoe who knew this fact could utilize it for their gain…

Jayavanta is not fooled as she continues her line of questioning by asking Bhatiyani to mention what she desires…

Udai breaks the conversation in anger asking Jayvanta to stop casting aspersions on Bhatiyani…He doesnot believe in Jayavanta’s accusations..

Raghavendra and Basheer reach the spot where Pratap went missing. Raghavendra is worried on the fact that if Pratap and his horse have gone past the red flag they might be in deep trouble. The reason being a deep treacherous ditch lay ahead ..Basheer offers to look for Pratap on that end requesting Raghavendra to search around the area where Pratap has gone missing.

As Jayvanta tells her side of the story.. A teary eyed Bhatiyaani makes an emotional speech of her love for Pratap which exceeds beyond the one she has for her unborn child.. She pleads for punishment if she has committed a crime to being singled out as a person capable of killing Pratap..

Basheer spots Pratap struggling with his horse and aims his knife at the neck of Pratap.. The blow is fatal and Pratap falls to the ground.

The gleam of victory in Basheer’s eyes sparkles as does a smile on his lips… He has managed to slain the scion of the kingdom of Chittor( Basheer you are counting your chickens to early;) )

Precap: A shocked Jayvanta slowly makes her way out of Bhatiyani’s chambers as the accusations of Udai of she being the perpetrator who has been causing unpleasantness in the inner chambers of the place rings out loud.As does her husband’s words that he will never see her face again… The news of a missing Pratap reaches the ears of Jayvanta bai, Udai and Bhatiyani.

Update Credit to: sunshine99

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