Uttaran 15th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Uttaran 15th August 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 15th August 2013 Written Update


The epi begins with Rathore making symbols and she starts guessing the name from the letters and ends up saying V for Vishnu. Both are surprised. She looks away quickly. He repeats the V for Vishnu understanding the situation as she stands quietly. He makes her sit beside him on bed. Very bad (with a slight pat on her face) I had asked you to tell me (I love the dad / husband / protector / fighter in him ). So the reason behind you being sad is Vishnu? I asked you so many times today I came to know it right? So that special smile came and disappeared because of that Vishnu! She nods her head otherwise.

Surabhi ties Rakhi on Akash’s hand. I don’t have anything to give you this time sister but your gift will be due on me. She is sad thinking about his

situation. You are here working as a servant! He says think that your brother is doing penitence of the sins he has committed. If I can win their hearts than what’s wrong in this? No issue. Her eyes are brimmed with tears. But please tell me what has happened? Say something. Meethi interrupts I will tell you bhabhi. Akash signals her not to say anything but Meethi spills it out looking straight in his eyes. I am marrying Vishnu. Surabhi is shocked and the chant plays on. Akash closes his eyes hurt.

Mukku says they are about to get married as per their own wish. They both are happy. I mistook it actually…the e-mail that Vishnu sent to me….V <3 M….meaning Vishnu loves Meethi. M for Meethi not Mukta. I thought it was for Mukta. I was stupid. He tells her not to say like this and unfolds the paper he had kept in his pocket which says M _< ). I haven’t come here to talk about him. It is affecting my daughter’s life. She stands clueless. Is Mukta not happy with Meethi’s wedding? You want to say that? He shouts back asking her to look at Mukta with the same motherly love like she does on Meehti. She calls her silly. He asks her to look at Mukta if she is sad or not, lost or not. She doesn’t understand why she would be all quiet and lost. He tells her as the wedding is happening with Vishnu. She begins to say something but the realization dawns on her (finally the tube light lights phew!). You decided that you will get Meethi married. You are uplifting her life. Time will tell if you are actually doing that or not. But in all this you dint see what is happening to your own daughter. You have a heart of a mother then open it for her as well. Tappu is all worried now. If that was the case then my daughter would have talked to me once. She is intelligent I know. He says how she will say it. Can she not see how her mother is OBSESSED (very right word) in doing this wedding? Did she have a chance? How will she say? Mukta from behind says no papa. Ma is doing right. She takes his hand in hers. He is all calm / given up now as she nods at him. Tappu says why did you not say if that was the case. Mukta sadly says there was no point talking as I was never a part of Vishnu’s life. My happiness doesn’t matter when they both are happy with each other. Rathore is not liking it. I thought if Meethi is happy then I should forget my happiness. He turns her around. Listen, get this straight. No need to sacrifice anything for anyone. You are my little princess you tell me what you want. All you have to do is tell me. She tells him to calm down. This isn’t a sacrifice but one sided love. I was never in his life. It was always about Meethi…Meethi and Vishnu. I wasn’t there papa. And its good as Meethi has got happiness back in her life after so many days. We all should be happy right? Tappu smiles for her sake. Rathore is proud of his daughter. My small princess has grown up. Tappu hugs her happily but Rathore and he share a distant look. Phone rings in Aatishgarh Haveli. Maiyya picks it up. There is no response. The line gets cut as she blabbers uselessly. Kajri is standing a little far and she hears it. Maiyya heads back inside confused (I am damn sure she sensed something). The phone rings again. Kajri picks up this time carefully after looking around. Surabhi speaks hearing her voice. Did Maiyya pick the call just now? She is about to answer when Maiyya snatched the receiver from her putting her hand on Kajri’s mouth (see I told ya). She shoots poor Kajri a very mean look and scares her a little more. Surabhi thanks her (thinking it to be Kajri) for her help. I am back to my in-laws place safely. Maiyya holds Kajri’s hand tightly. Ammo Nani has accepted me. You don’t worry about me. Kanha is angry right now but I am sure he would understand that it was neither my mistake nor Akash bhaiya’s. We were misled by Maiyya. Assure dad for sure about me being safe here. He must not worry about me. Why are you not saying anything? Maiyya hmms in response. Surabhi disconnects the call. If someone hears me talking then they might mistake it that I am again sharing info with Maiyya. Take care of yourself! Maiyya turns with her ice cold looks to Kajri who is standing still shocked not looking at her. Precap: Tappu and Mukta get some wedding card samples for Meethi and Vishnu. You can tell the one which you like. Vishnu is shocked and notices Mukta’s face while looking at the cards. Rathore stands by the door listening.


Update Credit to: pooja

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