Veera 14th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Veera 14th April 2014 Written Episode, Veera 14th April 2014 Written Update

Baldev dances on band music. veera says, lets come with me, i have some urgent work. Baldev says, i will go anywhere with you if you will bring me. Baldev says, band wale is here, barati is also here, why dont we call the pandit for marriage. now i know everything about your heart. Veera says, are you mad? what is in you so that i will marry you. Baldev says, have you seen my body. Veera says, girls doesnt like all this. veera put three stipulation in front of baldev. First stipulation, always make girl happy. baldev says, now i will always make you happy.
Gunjan packs bag then ranveer says, if you dont want to come with me then you can stay there. Gunjan says, if i want to stay here then i will not pack my bag. Ranveer and gunjan takes permission from biji and chaiji. Veera says, i will drop gunjan bhabi and veerji at bus stop. ranveer says to veera, take care of yourself. Veera says, i am hoping that this tour will bring happiness in your life. Veera prays to God. Somebody is putting his head on gunjan’s shoulder in slumber then ranveer put hand on his head then gunjan stand up then ranveer says, why you stood up. gunjan says, i didnt like it.
Veera sees that biji is working.
Biji says, these lightings is not working properly, use new lightings. then veera says, you made this lightings thats why it is precious. Biji says, ok, buy some clothes for you. Veera says, i dont have idea about clothes so please buy clothes for me. Girls came to home and ask about jalsa. Chaiji says, veera, you have to participate in this jalsa. Gunjan put her head in ranveer’s shoulder. A women ask from ranveer, is this your wife? she is really love with you and happy with you. Close her mouth otherwise sand will go inside her mouth. baldev tortures his friend and find jokes himself and says, if you both of you will happy in this condition then veera will definitely gets happy. Baldev says, you are not happy properly. Baldev says, now listen another one. As baldev says jokes his friends also gets happy. Veera practising with pind peoples and veera’s leg gets sprained and baldev reaches there and again says jokes but nobody will laugh.
baldev says, i said whole joke, now you can laugh on it. Veera says, i knew that you are mad but now i am confirmed. go now otherwise i will kill you. Baldev says, if you will kill me then what will happen to you. I will not going anywhere. baldev correct the sprain and says, see i dont make you so much happy but i can correct your pain.

Precap:- baldev choose dresses for veera and fights with veera about chunni.

Update Credit to: tushar

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