Bani Ishq Da Kalma 14th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 14th April 2014 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 14th April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: In the jail
Parmeet asks her if this is her final descision. She complies and says that its is, as she doesnt have any other option. parmeet resignedly agrees, saying that he understands what circumstances forced her to take this step. he says that he completely respects her descision and this is too less a punishment. bani says that she never was a mean person but he made her so, by not loving her one instance, even though she considered him as her life, but he always thought of her as a bruden. she says that as maya, he fell in love with her. She says that for her, the truth of her is her biggest enemy, and asks if she was this bad, that he felt her death was better than her. He breaks down distraught, as she too walks away, unable to bear it any longer. Bani collapses against the wall. Finally, she leaves.

Scene 2:
Location: Soham’s residence
Many guests are gathered outside in soham’s courtyard, wondering why soham has called them. Sohama and rajji come out. Balbir comes saying that he is the reason why they have come. they are all tensed. He says that soham has called them for himself, ad he wants to penance his crimes, but before that, he wants to give the noble lady her right, who gave her life for right, and that woman is no other than rano. they are all shocked, while reyman is tensed, and simran and rajji look on surprisedly. Soham is overwhelmed. balbir continues saying that, rano was his first wife, and he had married her, but instead of being a husband, he became a greedy man, and left, forgetting that she was waiting for him, and had to go through various traumas, for him. Soham recounts all that rano had gone through. Balbir says that rano wasnt mad, but forgot her sanity. he says that her wait made her senile, and she breathed her last, and he couldnt do anything. he says that he is guilty of soham, and mostly rano’s, as she didnt give the respect of a wife, the love of her son and the love of her husband. He says that now he wants to announce in front of everyone that rano’s name is Rano balbir Singh Bhullar. Soham is happy, while reyman manages to suppress her anger. He tells that rano was his wife, and soham’s mother. They are all stunned. soham says that he wishes, to see and hear this, rano was alive, but wherever she is, she would be happy and may her soul rest in peace, as today he has accepted his mother as his wife, and today he forgives them in front of everyone, and accepts him as a father. Balbir and reyman are happy that their plan worked. Soham also announces that wrong cant be undone, but it can be rectified, and today he announces that they are going to create a Shelter for the homeless women, in rano’s remembrance, wherein the estranged wives, left by their husbands who are NRI’s shall be given shelter. He says that for the money required for this shall be provided by him, as he leasing the property in his name, for loan. The guests appreciate it and bless rano’s soul. balbir and reyman are frustrated that their plan didnt work.

Later, balbir is reprimanded by reyman, who finally gets frustrated. they are very disturbed with the fact that they wont get anything out of it. They are bickering amongst themselves, when balbir says that today he would tell soham that they are going back to the bhullar mansion and then the game shall rebegin. He has an evil smirk.

Scene 3:
Location: Parmeet’s residence
bani comes and lies down distraught, and the ladies are shocked when she says that she went to divorce parmeet, something that she has never heard or any of her village people ever have done. she recounts the dreams that she had for her marital life, but she says that life never goes according to them, but by its won bets, and that she never thought, that the hand which would hold her and get her inside, she would hand divorce papers in them. randip comes and starts reprimanding bani for this, and says that she may try to break off her relation, but he is blood related to parmeet, and he would get him out, right in front of his eyes. He leaves in a rage, while all the ladies are tensed.

Scene 4:
Location: Police Station
Randip comes to parmeet, and asks him not to sign the pares, spewing out vnom against bani. But parmeet asks him not to say this, as bani is doing right and he has terribly wronged bani. He asks reandip to let bani live life her own way, as she needs it. randip asks him not to get weakened. parmeet says that for the first time, he can feel truth in his heart as he is doing the right thing. parmeet says that they arent meant for each other, and he doesnt deserve bani. He says that randip has never stopped him from doing the wrong thing, and shouldnt stop him now from doing the right thing.

Scene 5:
Location: Parmeet’s residence
While the ladies are taking care of bani, randip comes in with the papers. Randip comes and tells bani that what she wanted finally happened, as she wanted to be free from parmeet’s relation, then she is free from today, as parmeet has finally signed the papers for divorce. bani is distraught while others are shocked. bani picks them up in shock and disbelief, while parmeet is devastated himself, as he lies on the bed, on the jail. She too signs the papers, completing the formalities.

Bani talks to the lawyers, who assures her that she would get a divorce within the next 15 days. As she eyes her wedding picture, and days continue to pass, as she keeps recounting everything in her marital life, waiting for her divorce to formalise. finally one day, gagan comes in with a package and hands it to bani, saying that the assistant to her lawyer came to give this, and that she finally got the divorce. bani is emotional. the screen freezes on her face, as a drop of tear falls on the papers.

Precap: Soham comes to rajji with a wedding card, having their names on it and asks her that he wants to marry her yet again, and if she is willing to go through with it, with him. She happily and shyly complies yes. She looks at soham, her eyes abrim with romance. Meanwhile, Bani says that when she cam in this house, she had the signs of marital life in her hands, and today, the relation that was tied by a loose thread, is broken too. the frame portrays the ironical situations in both the sisters’ life, wherein one is happily marrying, while the other is resignedly getting divorced..

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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