Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 14th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 14th April 2014 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 14th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Rubel telling Pankhudi that Adi has taken 50 crores from company account. Pankhudi is shocked. Rubel says maybe Adi is giving the money to Nani, maybe she blackmailed him. Pankhudi calls Adi and asks him where is he. Adi says he is going to Vikram’s house. She says but its still time for the party. Adi says I m going to meet Kaira. He ends the call. Pankhudi thinks why is he going so soon. Adi comes to meet Vikram. He asks what can I do for you. Vikram says sit down. Vikram says he is impressed that Adi chose Nani and asks him to see the party arrangements. He says is my cheque ready. Adi says yes and signs it. He gives him the cheque. Vikram says your timing is good, well done. He leaves.

Amrita sees Adi doing the arrangements. She asks why are you doing this. Adi says its like my house. She says you are our guest. Vikram says no, don’t make him apart from our family by calling him a guest. He asks Amrita to make Kaira ready on time as its her first party. Amrita leaves. Vikram asks Adi to serve drinks to the guests and work as a waiter. Adi is shocked but agrees. The guests start coming. Adi serves drinks to the guests. Vikram smiles. Pankhudi sees Adi and is shocked. Adi is shocked too seeing her. Pankhudi tells Vikram everyone are coming. Vikram says I m happy you are here, I asked Adi to organize the party and see what is he doing. Pankhudi asks Adi whats all this.

Adi asks her to find out if she thinks he is hiding anything. She says I will serve the guests. Bau ji asks Sharma not to fear of any people and don’t bear anything for the sake of the daughter. Adi tells Pankhudi that Kaira is coming. Kaira asks Adi why is he attending guests, she asks him to act as a guest. Vikram says Adi did not listen to me. Adi says stop Pankhudi. Kaira says fine, do what you want. Sheela, Rubel and Payal come in the party. Sheela hugs Kaira. Anuj calls Vikram and tells him he won’t come in the party.. Vikram tells Avantika he did not expect her in the party.

Vikram tells her that Adi is supervising the party. She says I m happy, he is a good brother, I hope you can become that too. Vikram says my foot. Harish comes to Vikram and taunts him. Vikram taunts Harish and says enjoy the party. Kaira and Varun talk to Nani. Nani says you are Varun’s wife for me now. Kaira says one day will come, when you accept me as Diwaan’s daughter. Nani asks where is Vikram. Preeti comes with Sameer. Vikram talks to Preeti. Vikram says he will see him in office. Sameer says I feel sad for you, watch yourself, Avantika and Adi are enough for you. Vikram shows them Adi and Pankhudi who are serving in the party. He says I have taken recommendation letter from Avantika, you guys should be scared.

Preeti says Adi and Pankhudi are doing this because of Vikram. Sheela praises Pankhudi and taunts Payal. Varun tells Amrita if Vikram knows I tried to tell the truth to Nani, then he will hurt you. Amrita asks him to tell everything to Kaira. Avantika tells Adi that Pankhudi will help you. Adi says she is getting upset as I m hiding the truth from her. Vikram tells everyone that he wants to introduce someone….. Avantika. Everyone clap for her. Vikram tells everyone that he wants Avantika to give him the letter by her hands now. Vikram tells Avantika that he is having fun. Avantika gives the letter to him. He thanks her and taunts her. Everyone clap.

Rajeev Khandelwal as Samrat claps and enters the party. Everyone look at him. He says congrats Vikram. Vikram says may I know you. Pankhudi says he is Samrat, my guest. Vikram says feel like home, the great detective right.


Samrat tells Pankhudi that Vikram is blackmailing Adi and Avantika. Pankhudi is shocked.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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