Maharana Pratap 14th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 14th April 2014 Written Episode, Maharana Pratap 14th April 2014 Written Update

Pratap and his friend taking lunch but as pratap tries to take morsel then chakrapani came and done acting, he fells down. Pratap and his friend gets tensed then chakrapani wakes up and laugh on them. Chakrapani says, only you can make fun with me?
Here gohar and surtan singh correct its cart and they see that both ranis goes somewhere. Gohar reaches there where pratap and his friends taking lunch. Pratap takes first morsel. Friend ask to pratap, how it is taste like? Pratap says, i am feeling dizziness. Friends gets tensed and says, tell us fastly, is everything alright? Pratap says, i am feeling that this food is made by my mata. Chakrapani and his friends gives compliment to phool’s food. Phool and ajab sees everything. Phool says, have you seen this. How pratap and his friend ate lunch. Phool says, this is all happens because of you. Phool hugs ajab and says, you are only best friend of mine. Gohar says, is this everything happens due to these girls. now i will kill pratap myself. Surtan singh tries to stop gohar then gohar beats surtan singh. Pratap and his friend make fun of chakrapani. Pratap make silent to everyone and moves towards trees but nobody was there. Surtan singh says, thanks to me, today i saved you. gohar says, why are you saving me. Surtan singh says, if i will not save you then pratap will also kill me. Jalal says, give more weapons and money mahmood shah. Maha manga says, please listen me. Jalal says, i listened you thats why i sent gohar jaan but she didnt kill pratap.
Bahram khan says, do you really like that mahmood shah is doing same as we saying to him. Jalal says, no but i know how we will put shah on track. Phool says, we have to reach fastly at fort before pratap. Phool throws gohar’s made food. Pratap reaches at fort and hansa mosi gives compliment to pratap. Pratap and his friends also gives compliment to phool for her food. As Hansa mosi says that food is not made by phool, ajab stops her then hansa changes the conversation. Chakrapani says, i also want to tell you good news. chakrapani feels shy and moves away. Ajab says, purohit ji accept chakrapani’s relation. Pratap ask from ajab, how do you know that chakrapani is telling same news to you. Ajab says, i can see everything on his face. gohar and surtan singh reaches at fort and see spoiled food. gohar says, now i know that it is all happens due to these girls. Surtan singh see pratap and gets frightened.

Precap:- Gohar says, if rat ate this food then it will killed and everybody will see me as doubtedly

Update Credit to: tushar

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