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Veera 12th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ranvi preparing for his act. He bumps into Rishabh who shows his costly perfume bottle. Ranvi is asked to be ready as his performance is next. Someone comes to him and breaks the perfume bottle on the ground. Dev calls upon Ranvi. Ranvi removes his slipper and walks on the glass. He gets hurt and bleeds. He removes the glass pieces of his feet. Dev asks the men to send Ranvi fast. Gunjan says I will get him. Megha says no, he will come. The man sees Ranvi’s feet bleeding. Ranvi says he is fine and coming. He thinks someone is doing this to fail him, but he will not lose, he will get more high. Meena waits for Ranvi on the stage. Ranvi comes with his feet bleeding. Gunjan sees his feet and says what happened to his feet. The guard stops her asking her to sit.

Ranvi signs he is fine and asks her to sit. Megha thinks how did Ranvi get hurt before performance, someone did this. Rabba ve………….plays…………….Ranvi sings the song and plays guitar. He dances with Meena. He sings phoolon jaise hai tu…………………pehla nasha pehla khumar……………….He imagines Gunjan with him and her pics are shown. Everyone clap for Ranvi. Ranvi makes a vote appeal. Megha and Gunjan smile. Dev asks him to take his seat. Dev says see you soon, this is it for tonight. Veera asks Ratan why did he call her. Ratan asks what did he think about marriage.

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Baldev says he loves Veera a lot and when Ranvi says yes, he will marry her. Ratan says fine, Ranvi will say yes, what about your Biji, will she agree, we all know she has dreams of your marriage. Veera says why so hurrying up, this is not the right time. She says she is not ready for marriage. Ratan says what do you mean. Veera says she loves Baldev a lot, but she don’t want to marry now and give herself some time. Ratan says don’t forget you live in Pind, don’t forget what happened last time. She says Veera, try to understand, people will gossip a lot. Veera says only my family matters to me, I don’t care about them.

Baldev says he does not want to force Veera, he wants her to marry him happily, he will wait for her, he won’t go anywhere, he will answer all questions and stand as wall to protect her, he promises her that he will save their respect. They smile. Gunjan says Ranvi is my fav contestant as he did a good job even being hurt. Dev and Rishabh smile. Megha says good performance, but you should have told the audience about this feet wound. Ranvi says he wants to win by talent. He says he knows to become support for loved ones in pain, not to take support by pain. She asks how did you get hurt. He says some glass pieces were lying on the ground.

The reporters praise Ranvi and says he did not take support for vote appeal, he is a true hero. Megha says you can’t bring ethics in this, capture their attention, you are very charming, use that, impress the female viewers, and show them you are single. Gunjan hears them. She says don’t tell the media that you are married. Ranvi tells Megha that he wants to win on talent, not on lie. Rishabh says see what your wife is saying to media and you are saying this here. Rishabh says media will come now, give them wrong statements as Gunjan has asked for votes for you. Gunjan signs no. The media comes and asks him what gives him strength. Ranvi looks at Gunjan and smiles.

He says my wife Gunjan, she is my strength, she is not here but still with me, and also Megha who is supporting me. He asks are you married, your female fans’ heart will be broken. Rishabh says she is his wife, meet her, she said her fav contestant is her husband, its natural. Gunjan says Ranvi’s first love is singing and then me, but I m not his wife. Ranvi is shocked. Dev and Rishabh look at each other. Gunjan says I m her to be wife, he is not married.

Ranvi says I can’t believe Gunjan that you said you are not my wife. She says this matters to me, but its not easy. I m hurt seeing you dance with some other girl, but I can see your dreams getting fulfilled and good future, if I lied, whats wrong, our love and relation won’t be lie, I m still your wife. Ranvi says I m shocked that you are changing, I don’t want my dreams if my wife is changing. He says you are my shadow, I can’t let my shadow get lost, you are my breath, if you do this, what will I do. They cry. He wipes her tears and says I don’t want to hurt her, but you did very wrong today. Rabba ve……………plays……….. Ranvi is asked to come for next round briefing.

Baldev asks Veera to come with him, but she is looking upset. She says she is feeling tensed and worried for Ranvi. She feels something is wrong.

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