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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Parmeet coming in compound and seeing Ishita. He is glad seeing her. She asks him about Sanjana. He says she is asking as if he would tell her. She asks him not to do anything with Sanjana, else she will tell Simmi. He says let Simmi be in her dream world, fine I will tell you her truth that….. but now fun is starting, how to tell you now. He laughs. She says you are pathetic. He says her role will be big one in your life, you will come to me to take my help to solve her riddle and I will ask you one thing, to say politely please. He smiles and leaves. She says what Sanjana has to do with my life, what is Parmeet hiding this time.

Raman comes home and sees Ishita at the dining table worried and thinking. She says no one is at home. He says fine, I will freshen up, keep food ready. She gets Ramachandran home and asks him to come home and take the moulds. She says Palak paneer, lets see, will Raman like it or I will get taunts again. He sees it and likes it a lot. He asks her to learn from his mum, and praises the dish. Ruhi comes and he asks did she has Palak paneer, tell Ishi Maa to make like this, else she will lose the challenge. Ruhi says but Papa…… She signs her. Ruhi laughs. Raman says learn now, she is laughing on you.

Ruhi says you promised her to make such palak paneer, then you will give what she asks for. He asys yes, the day she makes like this, she will get what she wants, she can’t make it. Mrs. Bhalla and Mr. Bhalla come home. They say Ishita made the palak paneer. Raman is shocked. Ishita smiles and looks at him. He says you made it. She asks more? Ruhi laughs. Mr. Bhalla asks did you praise your wife or not. He says I was saying her its rubber paneer, my teeth are breaking. Ruhi says you should speak less and laughs. Mr. Bhalla says he lost the bet. Raman excuses and leaves.

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Ishita smiles. Ruhi says Papa thought Dadi made it and asked Ishita to learn it. Ruhi says Ishita that Papa will give what you want. Raman says I m gone today, how did she make so good. Before she comes, I will sleep. Ishita comes and says today he is sleeping so early, its my fear, I will not let him sleep. She comes to him and says cockroach. He gets up and asks where is it. She says in your mind. He says are you mind, I would have got heart attack. She says you were not sleeping, its payback time for palak paneer. He says its not payback, but revenge, tell me what you want, and leave me.

She says she will take the promise when the time comes, and not waste this chance. He says fine, take what you want. He says he will touch her feet, not go and sleep. He says she learnt to make palak paneer and goes to rest. She rests too. He says oh hello, by the way, palak paneer was good. She gets up being excited. He says good night and sleeps. She smiles. He again sees her moving the blanket down. They smile. Yeh hai mohabbatein………………plays…………………

Its morning, Raman gets ready for office. The maid says someone came to meet Ishita, Ramachandra, he came to take some items. He meets him and says Ishita is busy, she will come. He says it was urgent, she said to tale it. He says sit, and asks the maid to give him tea. He knocks the bathroom door and says Ramachandra came. She says yes, I will take time, check the almirah and give him the items from right drawer. He gets confused and gets the bra. He gets shy and keeps it back. She asks did he get it. He says are you mad, is this work remaining in my life, will I give this to him. I can’t give him. She says why are you shouting, take the bag and give him. He says why are you giving it to a man. She says fitting problem, just give him, why argument.

He says fine, do exhibition of your things, I will give. He says I knew she is mad, but so mad, total mad. She comes out and asks why did he not give. He says are you mad, will I give this. She says whats strange, even I made for Pammi’s husband, he got well, you make it for you too, its so good and relieves. He says oh oh, are you mad. She says just go and give. He says no, I won’t. She says I can’t go out like this in bathrobe. He shows her the bras and asks will I give this, mad Madrasan. She says no, not this, and shows the moulds. He looks on. She says I was saying even Pammi’s husbands use this, tooth caps, which you don’t use. He says what will I know what Pammi’s husband uses, did I see his jaw. She asks the maid to give it to the man.

He says bring a carpenter and lock the cupboard, else I can get fooled again. She says no, my husband is not a fool. Yeh hai mohabbatein………….plays…………… Their heads bang. Ruhi comes and laughs asking them to do again, else they will get horns. Raman taunts her. They strike heads lightly and says its over. Ruhi says its parents meeting and either one has to come. Ishita says Papa will come. He leaves. She smiles.

Raman sits reading paper. Mrs. Bhalla asks Simmi to go with Mrs. Bhalla. She says fine and leves. Mrs. Bhalla sends the maid to clean Ruhi’s room and gives tea to Raman. She tells him about Ishita going to cooking classes. He says do you this tension that she makes food better than you. She says see yourself. She shows Poornima’s pic and Raman is stunned. She says first we have hidden about Mihir’s sister, now this, I think we should tell Ishita.

He says no, not now, you also go in this classes and manage there. She says fine. Mrs. Bhalla serves food to Ishita. She says you made palak paneer fine and asks about her classes. Ishita says very good and praises Poornima. She says she is so famous and has no attitude. She has many assistants but gives personal attention to all and I m her fav student, she asks about Ruhi. She asks how does she know Ruhi. Ishita says I took Ruhi on her book launch. She came here too, she is successful as she takes care of her student. Mrs. Bhalla thinks to see Poornima.

Mrs. Bhalla comes in the cooking class and is stopped at the door. She says Ishita is my bahu, I have to talk to her. Poornima gives tips to Ishita and likes the dish. She tastes Sanjana’s dish. Sanjana sees Mrs. Bhalla and is shocked. She says what is she doing here. Ishita sees Mrs.Bhalla. Sanjana excuses and leaves. Ishita says what happened to her, she reacted like this seeing Raman and now mum, does she know them. Mrs. Bhalla talks to Ishita and Ishita takes her to meet her cooking teacher. Mrs. Bhalla smiles seeing Poornima while Poornima gets shocked.

Sanjana cries and shows Ishita the same childhood pic and makes her understand that she is Mihir’s sister. Ishita is shocked. Ishita asks is your brother’s name Mihir. Sanjana says yes, how do you know.

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  1. Ekta wht happen to ur mind nowadays u showing ishra coulpes romance this is the track we wants let it be continue on everyday it will excellent scene for this show once again i ll congrats u for this show.

  2. luv d ishra scene.aftr watchng ishra scene i am extrmly hapy.luv u ishra.

  3. Okay…soooooo does that mean shagun is not mihir’s MIA sister…wow that was a bummer…

  4. Mch better thn previous week gud gng yhm nce epi

  5. we cannot get tired of watching karan & divyanka together. they r easily the best pair in the whole world. there is so much magic happening when these 2 r together. Wish the makers treat us with the scenes between ishra like that of yesterday and today everyday. wish some top director like karan johar or aditya chopra come up with a beautiful and heart touching love story for karan & divyanka. good going ishra. raman’s one liners r easily the best of all time. the person who is penning these should be rewarded and awarded.

  6. Shagun is elder sister while Sanjna is younger sister.

  7. ShaguN is elder sis I think n sanjana is younger sis of Mihir

  8. how do u know it ajinkya

  9. Hai purva this is ritu.u may watch yesterday episode thatmihir is telling abt his childhood in that he showing a picture that is my elder sis is always fighting for my show and i was not clearly known that weather he says that elder or younger but he says that my sis.

  10. no he kept on saying didi so it has to be elder sis only

  11. yesterday episode is soooooooooooo nice.

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