Diya Aur Baati Hum 12th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 12th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya asking to dig the soil again. They start digging again. They open the coffin and bring Gomes out. Sandhya opens the coffin slab and they see RK. Everyone is shocked. RK opens his eyes and looks at Sandhya. They aim guns at him and arrest him.RK smiles. Sandhya removes his oxygen mask and brings him out. RK raises his arms and surrenders. Zakir says bring him out of the grave and handcuff him again. They arrest RK. Sandhya tells Zakir that RK is not alone in this plan, someone is helping them. Zakir says she is right. She says RK’s people will be around here and looking for us to leave and then they would have freed him. He says you are right. RK appears cool even now. Zakir says I think there is someone behind the bushes. RK looks on being in the jeep. They go to see there and takes their guns out. Zakir aims his gun.

They see come villagers with Sooraj and Disha. They are shocked. Disha says you both here. Sandhya asks Sooraj what is he doing here. Sooraj says he came to take aloe vera. He says you. RK talks to Sooraj and asks him to give some energy sweets to Sandhya as she got tired finding him. Sooraj us shocked seeing him. RK smiles. Disha says it means he was trying to run. RK says Sooraj told me a person should keep trying, my try will never end. Disha smiles. He says like no one can stop from eclipse coming on sun, no one can stop RK and out him in bars.

Sandhya says Sooraj that she has to leave now and asks him and Disha to go home and not tells this to anyone. Sooraj drops the aloe vera and leaves. Sandhya tells RK that she will not let him run. Zakir says Sandhya, come with me. Zakir says I will find the man who made this coffin, we have to find out who is helping him, you take him to jail. Pushpa comes home and sees Chavi making the cake. The maid says she said she does not have any reason. Pushpa asks her to go and clean the hall. She leaves. Chavi says don’t fire her, else work will come in our heads, its tough to get a maid. Pushpa says you are right, and asks why is she making a cake. She says she got Rasmalai from market. Chavi says sorry.

Pushpa says its fine, you are bahu of this house, make what you want. Chavi says I had to ask you as its your house, you told me this. Pushpa says don’t tell this to me always, this is your house too. Chavi thinks very soon there will be my home. Sandhya brings back RK to the jail and increases the security. RK says even if you increase the security, every lock has a key and everyone has a weakness. She signs on the form and says she knows how to control him. She leaves. RK smiles.

Sandhya and Zakir have a talk. Zakir says it’s a girl who called Gomes family to take the body. She says girl? We are facing terrorists, and got sweets to Gomes and RK has many contacts and their network is very strong. Zakir says we have to think ahead of him, what to do to fool them. Sandhya shows a pen and says something like this which his helpers have not thought in their dreams. Zakir is puzzled. She shows the pen removing the refill. He says hmm…. Chavi bakes the cake. The door bell rings. A man comes and says Dilip talked about the flat, so I came. He says he is from bank, as we give loans. Chavi says fine, Dilip works in a bank, so we will take loan from there. He says he will give loan at lowest interest. She says fine, give me your card. He leaves.

Pushpa comes and asks who came. Chavi says no one, salesman. She says my cake would have burnt and runs. Bhabho cooks and talks to Meenakshi. Meenakshi feeds Pari and Misri. Bhabho gives the sheera to Babasa to taste. He likes it and his finger gets stuck. Sooraj comes home while they have a talk. He is upset and Bhabho asks him to check the sweets. He thinks about RK’s words. Bhabho asks what happened. Sooraj leaves. Sandhya comes home. Bhabho asks her to talk to Sooraj as he looks upset. She asks them to come as they have to give bhog to temple. Sandhya goes to the room. Bhabho asks Meenakshi amd Emily to get ready to go to temple. Meenakshi thinks she can’t go as she has to kick out Prema and send her with her husband. She thinks to do something.

Sandhya comes in her room and sees Sooraj talking to someone on phone. Chotu comes and calls Sooraj. He says yes, coming and leaves. Sandhya looks on worried.

Prema asks her husband to leave her. Meenakshi turns as Prema asks her to call Vikram and stop her. Vikram comes there and stops them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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