Veera 12th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Veera 12th August 2013 Written Episode, Veera 12th August 2013 Written Update

The episode started with Ranvi telling Veera about how her grandparents want to take her with them. He newrly disclosed to Veera that she is not his real sister, but quickly covered up. Ranvi and Veera think about how to make Veera stay in the village with them. Ranvi comes up with a plan. He and Veera go to their freinds and discuss the plan with them. They all decide to convince Veera’s grandparents that the village is the best place to live.

Veera goes happilu to her grandparents according to the plan and hugs her grandmother and tells them she wants to take them on a tour of the village. Ranvi watches her lay out the plan. Ratan too watches how Veera is so excited, and after getting confused, anger sets in her.

Ranvi and Veera take Nana and Nani for a tour of the village. They show

them the fields, praising about the yearly yeild, Veera chanting how the village is the best place ever. The farmers get confused to see how Ranvi is so happily showing them the village.

Ratan on the other hand is angrily stuffing Veera’s clothes in a bag. Chaiji comes and the room and sees it and warns her that the bag would tear, she says so what, its not like Veera bought the bag from her home, she is giving it. The bag’s zip breaks. Chai ji asks her whats the problem, why she is so upset and angry. Ratan tells Chaiji how she saw Veera so happiy wanting to show the village off to her grandparents. She says she saw not a single ounce of hurt on pain on her face of leaving the village. Chaiji asks her if she’s sad that Veera’s is not feeling sad about leaving her? Ratan says she feels bad that she isn’t feeling sad about leaving Ranveer. Chaiji tells her how Veera all her life tried to be her daughter, but she never accepted her, she says maybe its because she is feels bad that Veera isn’t her daughter. Ratan says she feels sad that Veera is leaving, but she would never feel sad that Veera isn’t her own blood.

Ranveer and Veera continue being tour guides to the grandparents. One of their gang member comes and praises how his father has so much money that he bought him a new bike. Ranvi tells Veera’s grandparents how the village is so rich, while Veera chants the same mantra ‘our village is the best’. Next, they take them to the market and show them around where another gang member meets and greets the grandparents. Ranvi says this is how good upbringing the children here recieve. Ranvi also gives them a drink. Another friends meets them saying how good grades he got, while Ranvi tells them the village has the best school, best teachers ever.

Veera then insists her grandparents to stay in the village only, and not leave. Just then a rock lands near the grandparents, shocking them. Baldev is seen running behind a boy, throwing rocks at them. Ranvi and Veera get worried. Nanaji scolds Baldev but he misbehaves with them. Ranvi says this village would be a great place to live and that he personally would talk to Balwant Chachu. Nanji says the village is no doubt amazing, but the environment is bad and that Veera wouldn’t be raised properly here. Both Ranveer and Veera are upset at hearing this. Episode ends.

Precap: Ranveer and Veera are thinking of a new plan in their room. Ranveer says her plan is good too be he has a better plan. He gets off the bed and tells Veera that her grandparent’s don’t like naughty and ill-mannered children so thats exactly what they would give them.


Update Credit to: Elmofuj

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