Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 12th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 12th August 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 12th August 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Sudhir coming to Bhanu and says he wants to talk something with him. Sudhir says Natasha is his daughter in law, and now he believes she is her daughter. He asks Bhanu to take care of his daughter, and says his son Karthik did cheat her. He says he was always tensed about her future but you came in her life and is about to take care of her. He hopes that he will never hurt her. He gifts him a watch and says he wants him to wear as he is his would be son in law. Bhanu thanks him, Sudhir blesses him. Natasha asks about Priya, Maa says she might in engage in some work. Sudhir comes and gets emotional seeing her dressed up like a bride. Natasha says she is getting married but doesn’t mean that….., Sudhir says he knows and that’s why he came to give her something. He says whatever we had we gave it to Priya and Ayesha, but we got tensed when you was left alone. he gives her a necklace and a set of bangles. He says this is for you, for my third daughter. Sudhir shows vikram and says I told you naa, he is a amazing man. Ram says I knew how much he loves choti. Vikram says I was just worried about choti. Natasha tells maa that she will wear the jewels given by Papa. Sudhir blesses her, she nods happily.

Ram asks Maa about Priya. Maa says that she said she will come in an hour. Ram thinks Priya shall come by this time, where is she? Natasha is sitting in her room, Priya comes, Natasha asks where were you as everybody is waiting for her. Priya says sorry and says she needs to talk to her. Natasha says she can’t marry without her, she is feeling nervous and strange. Priya says may be your heart wants to tell you something and you shall listen to your heart. She says she wants to talk something important. Priya asks Roshini to come inside and introduces roshini to Natasha. Roshini says she is Bhanu’s ex girl friend and they were together some years ago. Roshini says she came here with Priya insistence, as she needs to know the truth.

Dadi talks with Khush. Ram asks about Natasha, Soumya says Priya came and Natasha is with her. Ram says he will go and check her. Panditji asks her to bring the bride.
Ram asks what is going on. Roshini says your sister in law asked me to come here. Roshini says Bhanu was her boyfriend, but he left her when she didn’t had any money left. Ram says he will talk with Bhanu. Vikram gets angry. Priya says what is the problem if we speak with Bhanu regarding her. Bhanu comes inside and sees them with Roshini. He gets shocked and says they loved each other a lot but he left her for money. She says Bhanu used to do this with every girl. He says he left her because she started doing illegal work in her company. He tried to stop her from doing such activities. Natasha says she knows why Priya did to her because she had promised her to be with her parents. Sudhir asks why you did this. Priya says she just wants to know about Bhanu, she feels something suspicious about him. Vikram says it is wrong and asks Priya, didn’t she had faith on them. Neha says I told you he is good. Priya says she feels Bhanu is not the right guy for Natasha. Bhanu gets angry but somehow control her anger and says I am done now. Natasha tells Ram that you can’t control your wife and she do what she wants to and you can’t stop her.

Priya says she will talk to Natasha. Ram gets upset and says no need. Priya says I know you are upset but whatever I am doing is for her happiness. Bhanu is not the right guy for her. She says she loves Natasha like him. Ram says I know that but whatever happened today was not good. Vikram consoles Bhanu and says we will talk to Natasha. Neha too says that she is angry right now. Natasha comes to Vikram house and says we will elope and get marry tonight. Bhanu gets surprised. Bhanu says good idea and goes to change his sherwani. Ram calls Natasha but her phone is switch off.

Bhanu parks his car midway and says he is searching for something. Natasha asks what? He says your smile and says we will look for our future. He says we will start a new business with your money. Natasha says she will not take money from bhai. Bhanu says we need money to settle down. Bhanu says I shall something as I am settling down with you. Natasha says “compensation”. Are you serious.

Priya gets labour pains, Neha tries to call Ram but nobody picks the call.


Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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