Crazy Stupid Ishq 12th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Crazy Stupid Ishq 12th August 2013 Written Episode, Crazy Stupid Ishq 12th August 2013 Written Update

At Shanaaya’s house:

Anu is watching TV, shanaaya comes and ask that this isn’t your house so stop pretending that and give me the rent, Anu gives her the rent and Shanaaya is shocked to know that she has that much money but leaves from there after receiving the money.

At Karaoke Bar:

Ishaan’s boss comes and gives money to Ishaan for not saying their names to the police but Ishaan tells them that I don’t need your money anymore and quits to work with them, since he cannot lie to Anu anymore. He wants to prove Anu that he can also become a nice guy.

At Shanayaa’s house:

Anu is dreaming while watching tv and she sees that – Ayaan is singing the song with his guitar and she comes and sits with him while listening to him. She wakes up realizing that she has slept all night on the couch while the tv was on and a mini quarrel goes between Anu and Shanaaya.

At Ayaan’s office:

Anu and Ayaan discuss about when they’re gonna start recording and they make plans for it, but he is little disappointed that yet the song didn’t seem finish and that once if he found out who wrote that he would really go up and ask her. Anu coughs so Ayaan asks what happened, have you written that song? Anu coughs again and says that no not at all I can’t even write. And Ayaan makes fun that yea If you could write that you would have passed college by now. Anu sends the rest of the lyrics to Ayaan via email. Both reply back to each other in form of poetry.

Shanayaa and Ayaan have started practicing for their song in the middle Shanaaya leaves because she is not getting it right but somehow Ayaan makes it to her to get her to sing once more.

At Karaoke Bar:

Ayaan had promised to take Shanaaya out for dinner date. While there, Shanaaya sings a song and later Ayaan and Shanaaya dances. Pampi comes and sees this and doesn’t feel comfortable seeing them together.

PRECAP: Some goons are hitting Ishaan and Pampi shouts so someone could come for help.

Update Credit to: SapnoKiRani

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