Veera 12th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Veera 12th April 2013 Written Episode, Veera 12th April 2013 Written Update

Race has begun! Nihal is struggling to handle ranvi. The strAp gets cut so ranvi is on edge falling but nihal saves him. Heer the horse slows down. Everyone shouts at heer to run faster and come back to no 1 position. It comes to no 2 while no 1 is baktawar. Everyone shouts at heer to run more faster

Heer is making usual horse noise “neigh”. Veera is shouting shabash and tells them to run more

Race is still on. Balwant shouts and supports nihal. Bakrawar is thinking to win.

Nihal is on edge winning and they win!

Baltawar is unhappy he didnt come to no 1 position. Everyone is dancing. Ratan is over the moon takes veera and runs to them along with balwant. Veera says balle balle while ranvi hugs ratan.

In pind, kartar shouts at chaiji and gurpreet is crying. Chaiji says that ratan isnt kartar wife and he has no right on her and her kids life so stop thinking about her. Kartar shouts saying her loves her and her comes a slap to him by chaiji (shabash
Kartar says nothing going to change. Sampooran isnt coming back.
Chaiji yells saying come back to reality . He has a wife while ratan is only and only sampoorans wife and two kids mother, she can never think of him

Ratan only thinks about her kids but mot kartar

Gurpreet says not to let ratan know or else she will go mad.

Nihal on the other hand gets the tropy. Baltawar is annoyed. Nihal looks at ratan. Gets the tropy and again looks at ratan.

At village – all four arrive, noone is arround and is empty. They shocked. Ranvi asks nihal if they know about them winning & he nods

Someone throwing flowers on them, everyone comes singing!

Kids starts to dance. Bansuri looks at nihal ratan and smirks

Everyone says nihal singh zindabad
Chaiji happy to see them

Precap: everyone talking to sampoorans photo
Veera says nihal is just like him
Ratan says an shouts nihal isnt like sampooran and will never be

Update Credit to: -JungleeBilli-

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