Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th April 2013 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th April 2013 Written Episode, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th April 2013 Written Update

Akshara dresses the bandage on duggu’s chin, duggu thanks her he asks whether he can play football akshara says no as it may hurt him. duggu leaves, RJ,Varsha brings clothes to akshara’s room both Akshara & Varsha will get together. Varsha talks about dressing style Akshara sad varsha notices akshara tells she needs shaurya’s charger she goes. Naitik looks at his phone & says akshara didn’t replied to messages neither called once. (Naitik couldn’t u call her)

Akahara arranging sarees Varsha notices akshi just then duggu screams akshara’s name they run downstairs. Akshara is shocked to see Naitik in M’s.. Duggu tells Akshara look Naitik surprised, Akshara frowns. Naitik tells he came nearby so he thought of visiting M’s. The boys & Ananya sit together in hall while ladies goes to make preparations. Akshara understands naitik came to talk to her but here it isn’t right place talk to.

Gy3 -Bm making preparation for Gangaur, Bm-gy3 praises akshara how she does things so well she is always exicited for these things.Gy3 tells there will be also celebration in SS too. Girja asks Gy3 do you know where is naitik? he is not in his room. gy3,Bm,Mj wonders where did he went this morning.Varsha tells Akshara to serve tea,Akshara serves tea looking lost,Varsha senses something wrong.

Dj chides Bm why did Akshi went to M’s when she knows its his tea time now? Bm tries to defend her by saying its gangaur. Dj says she could have stayed in SS & celebrated here just then the attendent comes Dj calms down. Gy3 tells bm she is feeling that Akshara is not here. Gy3 also infroms bm naitik went M’s to give duggu’s medicine bm chides what can’t she took medicine properly with her.

Gy3 tells no naitik is lying because akshara took medicine with her I’m sure now NaKsh arguements haven’t end yet between them. What is reason behind this they aren’t stopping it. Rashmi,Nandini & Yash arrives at SS bm& Gy3 happy to see them. Akshara walk/talky why naitik did came here to talk to me but why can’t you wait till evening? This isn’t right place to talk. Akshara enters her room Varsha again notices there is something wrong with Akshara.

Akshara Varsha get ready,Akshi is sad BG sad instrumental title track Naitik waiting for Akshara he looks on upstairs.Camera rotates between Akshara & Naitik sad face.Naitik asks about Akshara to Varsha she says Akshara is coming duggu asks naitik to play naitik denies. Akshara is shown coming downstairs Naitik remembers their Marriage when Akshara was coming down in bridal wear. shaurya says Akshi is looking beautiful today, Akshara asks about duggu naitik cuts in between he wants to talk to her.

Akshara says I know but this is not right place to talk as all are here. at SS yash is talking to duggu,duggu tells him naitik is also here. Rashmi says gy3 you were thinking naitik went somewhere else & he is M’s must have gone to meet Akshara. Gy3 says I forgot naitik told me he was going nearby in that direction Rashmi corrects it in M’s house direction. Rj tells Akshara to bring something,Akshara goes just then Naitik pulls her to corner..

Akshara keeps on pleading to leave naitik pulls her closer to himself just then RJ passes by & calls Akshara.they break up,Rj tells akshara the thing is somewhere else she is bringing it.She asks is everything fine? Naitik looked tensed & also he came early in the morning today.Akshara is all is okay! episode ends.

precap: Akshara circles around Naitik, she has tears in her eyes.

Update Credit to: -Rasmi24-

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