Saraswatichandra 12th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 12th April 2013 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 12th April 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Saras saying Kumud did not think in her dream that her father will not be happy with her. Why did I come in your life? I have hurted everyone. Ghuman comes there and asks him to do packing as they are leaving for Dubai today itself as they don’t have any reason to stay here. Lets go else Kumud and everyone will be more hurt.

Badimaa asks Kumud’s mother. She says if she had said the truth, today this would not been the situation.
Badimaa says to doubt on someone is her job as she have undergone the same thing earlier.
Badimaa says Saras has the qualities of his mother Saraswati. He just respects Ghuman. He cannot be wrong. Badimaa speaks in favour of Saras. Just then Kumari comes there. She says Ghuman and Saras are packing up.

Kumud’s mother gets hurt and she says this is not their Saras. He has come from a house which formed after ruining Saraswati’s house. Badimaa says before he goes, she has to see about Saras.

Scene shifts to Kumud’s room:
Kumari also informs Kumud that Saras is leaving. Kusum reacts to it.
She says he is doing right. Kumari asks her to talk to Saras. Kumud says he is not her jija ji. When there is no relation then why to stop them. She says she will explain Vidyachatur.

Badimaa comes to Saras. Ghuman says they were talking and she would have taken permission before entering the room. Badimaa shows her hand. Saras asks what is the matter.
She says she expected a lot from Saras and if he can fulfill her expectations only then he can call her Maai.

The decision of you not marrying Kumud was yours. This she could not tell to her father. She is bearing the punishment of your mistake and you are running while hiding. You are not the Saras which I knew. If you want to go, you can go. Saras tries to speak. Badimaa says go, go. I will leave you till the door.
She will not let Kumud get hurt for a selfish man. Badimaa says he is not Saraswati’s son, she says Go Chandra. Saras stops. Everyone gathers there to see whats happening.

Saras tells not to separate him from his mother. Badimaa says he has already got separated from her. Just adding her name with you is not enough, you have to be good enough. She says now he does not has the values of Saraswati. Whatever he did with Kumud, she says she can surely say that Saraswati’s sould would also break the relation with him. Saras gets shocked to hear this much from Badimaa.

Ghuman stands there shocked. Chandrika, Gyaan and all others just listen. Saras falls to her feet and apologises. He asks her to never say that his mother has broke her relation with him. Ghuman stares at him in shock.

Badimaa explains Saras that he could not listen such thing for a second, then how will Kumud bear Vidyachatur’s anger whole life. Will he let Kumud go through it? Saras is silent.
Ghuman says Badimaa to stop it. Badimaa shouts at her. Badimaa starts speaking against Ghuman as she taunts her repeatedly. Ghuman says she has done the upbringing of Saras. Badimaa says she has the right, trust and hope in Saras. Ghuman stares at Badimaa. Saras listens to them arguing. Badimaa leaves.

Scene shifts to Vidyachatur’s room:
Saras comes to Vidyachatur. He says his mistake is to be forgiven and he knows he has lost his trust. He came to take his permission. Can he stay for some days in the village. He want to fulfill his mother’s dream. He will stay in anyone’s home for few days. Vidyachatur says the relation works on two wheels. Sarasss, Kumud and his wife has broken one wheel but he will not let the other wheel break.
He asks Saras to stay in his home.

Vidyachatur tells Saras to think anything, as its his love or command. Saras tells as you say Kaka and leaves.
Ghuman and Didi are waiting for Saras with the luggage ready. Saras comes there and tells Ghuman to leave. He will come after starting the work. She says whatever happened, after that how can I leave you here alone. He says Please Mom, I need some time to come. Ghuman says ok you do your work and we will leave together.

Saras then sees Kumud doing some work and goes to talk to her. Ghuman leaves for her room.
Saras stops Kumud and tells her he will solve the problem which he has created. She asks him to leave and the problem is not because of him. He says he understands what she is going through. He will help her in getting forgiveness from Vidyachatur. She says its your wish to stay. She asks him to maintain distance from her.

Ghuman is angry on Badimaa as she has taunted Ghuman infront of Saras.
Badimaa comes to Kumud. She asks whether she also feels that she has cheated her. Badimaa says No.
Badimaa understands Kumud very well. She says if she has said her earlier, she would have helped her in solving it.

Kumud’s mother tells Badimaa why she stopped Saras. She says he has to rectify his mistake. Kumud’s mother says the village people will understand that the relation has broken off.
Kumud’s mother says how will Kumud adjust in presence of Saras. Badimaa says did you not see Saras. HE has more burden than us. She asks to trust Saras as he hill help in curing Kumud’s wounds. Kumud comes there and says she knows how to talk to Vidyachatur.

Saras thinks his one lie has hurted many people. Kumud says she is worried as her parents are not talking to each other. Kumari tells Saras that Vidyachatur and Kumud will not talk to him. Kusum asks Kumud how she will do it. Kumari suggests a solution to Saras. Vidyachatur’s marriage anniversay. Kumud, Sarad, Kumari and Kusum make a plan.

Vidyachatur tells Chandrika to send his tea to his room. His wife listens this and gets hurt.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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