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Veera 11th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bansuri and Balwant shocked seeing Nihaal. Baldev says it’s a long story and he will tell it later. He leaves. Bansuri smiles and thinks Nihaal is still hot, he is evergreen just like me. Balwant asks Nihaal to come and have a talk. Bansuri goes to bring food. Ratan asks Chaiji why did she not tell her. Chaiji apologizes and says I thought Veera will agree to me. I just wanted you and Ranvi not to get hurt. Ratan says Veera has brought him back in this Pind, in our life. Chaiji says I don’t know she did right or wrong. Ratan says she did not do wrong, this had to happen some day, Ranvi’s bitterness has to come one day, he can come out of this pain when he forgives Nihaal.

Ratan defends Veera and says she did not know about Nihaal before going Poland, I know her very well she can’t see Ranvi living with hatred, and she will clear the misunderstanding between them, I don’t think she did wrong. Gunjan comes and asks how can she say this, what Veera did, was it right, she has cheated Ranvi. Ratan says Veera can’t cheat Ranvi. She says she is trying to make a broken relation unite, she is trying to unite Ranvi and Nihaal. She is not giving him pain, but trying to end our pain forever. Ranvi should understand this.

Baldev comes back to Veera and finds her crying. He tries to make her smile. She rests her head on his shoulder and cries. He consoles her and asks her to be strong. She says I don’t think Ranvi will forgive Nihaal, for the mistake he did not do, it was an accident for which Nihaal Chachi punished himself for years. I don’t think things will be fine, if Nihaal goes back like this, he will curse himself more, we have to do this for Nihaal and Ranvi.

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Baldev says I m with you, we will do everything fine. Ranvi is annoyed now but it will be fine on some days, don’t cry now. She gives her a rose and says he brought it but forgot to give her. Yaara ve…………….plays……………….She thanks him and smiles. They hold each other and look perfect together. He says everything will be fine, Ranvi will agree and hug Nihaal. Gunjan talks to Ranvi and says your anger is justified. He says he forgot Veera’s birthday and Rakhi day and he has scolded Veera a lot.

Gunjan says love, scolding, anger is normal in brother sister relation. He says I did not wish to hurt her, but today I have hurt her. He says he is not just a brother, but her unique mum too, he has given pain to her today. He asks her to leave him alone for some time. Gunjan leaves. Gu njan goes in Veera’sr room and does some decorations. She takes Ranvi’s phone and messages Veera. Veera tells Baldev that Ranvi is calling to talk to her in her room. She says she is afraid. Baldev says don’t be afraid.

Veera comes to her room and sees the decorations. Ranvi comes to her. She holds her ears and says sorry, I did not know this. Ranvi asks her not to apologize, and he says sorry as he has hurt her on her birthday. Veera hugs him. Ranvi thanks Gunjan. He says Gunjan did this decorations. Gunjan says Ranvi has lit the candles, when I have sent him to hide here, he did this. Veera thanks them smiling.

Ranvi asks her the rakhi gift. Veera asks him to forgive Nihaal, but Ranvi refuses, saying he can give his life but can’t forgive Nihaal. She asks Veera not to take Nihaal’s name in this house again. Ranvi and Gunjan leave. Verea thinks she will erase bitterness from his heart, for his and Nihaal’s happiness, and this will be the rakhi gift for him from her side. She shuts the door and sits. Baldev comes there and she asks why did he ask for food.

He says he had it, but he wants treat for her birthday. She tells him what Ranvi told her about Nihaal. She says she said yes to him. She says what to do that Ranvi forgives her, Nihaal is very good and we should do something that Ranvi can see his goodness again. Baldev burps. She says chee. He says what chee, its way to say thanks. She asks him to leave and his leg gets hurt. She cares for him. He holds her and she falls on him. They have an eyelock and romantic moment. Happy shappy wala love…………plays……………

Ranvi scolds Ratan for taking help from Nihaal and taunts Nihaal, while Veera looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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