What do you think about Nihaal’s re-entry in Veera?

Nihaal Singh, in the Star Plus’ show Veer Ki Ardaas Veera, was a famous character, who stayed in the show for a long time, but had to leave the Pind, when the show was going for a much needed leap and Nihaal was being hated by Ranvi. Ratan, Sampooran’s wife depended on Nihaal, as he entered their lives for helping them, as he was living in a guilt of being responsible for Sampooran’s death, as he came across his car, when Nihaal was saving a small child and moved towards the other end hitting Sampooran. It was an accident, but Nihaal always blamed himself. He won everyone’s hearts in the Pind by his goodness and never say no for help attitude.

Soon Chaiji thought to get Ratan marry Nihaal, as she came to know about Nihaal having love feelings for Ratan, and also seeing Ratan get her smile back on her face because of Nihaal. Before Chaiji could make them unite, the truth about Sampooran’s death came out. But Nihaal told everything to Chaiji before itself and she understood that there was no one’s mistake in the accident, and Nihaal can’t be blamed for Sampooran’s death. Chaiji had forgiven him and spoke to Ratan about it. Even Ratan had forgiven Nihaal seeing how he has saved Veera and Ranvi and protected them always being a fatherly figure. Ranvi was very small that time, and he could not understand the complexities. He was mistaken and asked Nihaal to leave the Pind, thereby ending the role for some time.

After the leap, a long time passed and then the Poland track came in the show, which revived Nihaal’s character, as Veera meets him when he gets into Neel’s image. She comes to know he is her Nihaal Chachu and he asks her not to tell Ranvi that she met him. Veera stays in touch with him, and one day she finds out from Chaiji what happened because of Nihaal, how their lives turned upside. She started hating him, but then Chaiji cleared the whole matter and that Nihaal was innocent. Veera decides to bring Nihaal back to Pind to return his happiness, as he has not moved on in life, still living in his guilt. She asks Nihaal to come as she wants him here in her birthday as her gift. Nihaal agrees. Its Raksha Bandhan day and Veera asks Ranvi to forgive Nihaal and patch up. Ranvi was shocked knowing Veera called Nihaal here, without asking him, and has forgiven him even knowing about Nihaal being behind their dad’s death. What do you all think about Nihaal Singh back in the show? Give your opinion.

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  1. Love this show especial veera and baldev <3

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  3. thank god nihal came cant stand that veeba ranjan shit romance daily

  4. Bharathi M kumar

    Great to see kapil nirmal back in Veera ..Nihal ..the most adorable character ever seen in resent time..:)

  5. Great news ! I missed him n now he is back ! Wow !

  6. I’m so happy he’s back, now ratan and nihal can continue there love. I remember what the fortune teller told her, that ranvi will have another sister at that time she was falling for nihal lol cant wait

  7. Its really nice 2 c Nihal bck n veera……he’s one of d most adorable character in d show…so itz definitely a pleasure 2 c him bck!!!!

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