Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mrs. Bhalla seeing the news. She comes to know about baby swapping at some hospital. She thinks about Romi and Pammi saying did she change baby swapping, as Romi is very fair and looks different. Mrs. Bhalla gets worried and says its same hospital, where Romi was born, same year and month, did my Romi get changed, no, this can’t happen, Romi is my son. She cries and says I should go to hospital, Mr. bhalla is not at hospital, now what should I do. Raman checks file and tells Romi that’s its right figures, and he should send Subbu now.

Romi asks Raman how did he make up to Ishita. Raman smiles and was showing him video, but stops. He asks Romi to work and he leaves. Raman sees the video and says I told you one Punjabi is equal to 100 Madrasans, now it will be fun. Amma is on the way and talks to Vandu on phone. Sbhe says I collected everything, of puja. She sees Mrs. Bhalla and says they will share auto. Mrs. Bhalla comes to Chaddha hospital. Amma says why did she go here, is everything fine.

The parents scold doctors for baby swapping and asks for reports. The doctor says its nothing like that, its false news. Mrs. Bhalla thinks how to find out about Romi, if anyone hears, it will be a problem. She asks a doctor and asks about Romi. Amma comes and hears her. Mrs. Bhalla says about Romi’s brith and baby swapping. Amma is shocked. Mrs. Bhalla says I m worried, find it out and tell me. Amma says is Romi not her son, yes he looks different, he is fair and good height, she is so much pain, so sad, I will talk to Ishita and ask her to support Mrs. Bhalla.

Amma leaves. The doctor says its false rumors to defame us. Mrs. Bhalla hugs her and praises her. Mrs. Bhalla says its good, my son is mine and thanks Lord. Ishita waits to meet Suraj. She is asked to go and meet him. Ishita looks at him. She says she has to talk to him, and he starts shouting on her. She says lets work it out mutually. He asks her to get lost. She asks him to be in his limits. She asks why did he lie. He says I did not lie. She says its wrong complaint, you know I did good treatment and proper prescription. He scolds her.

He says how can you make your husband your assistant, you are a careless doctor. She says I came to sort this matter politely. He says he will ruin her career. He says before I insult you more, go home and work on kitchen. People look on. He leaves. Ishita gets upset. Raman comes home and asks Mrs. Bhalla about Ishita. She says she did not come yet. He says why will she come, she got my credit card, she will end all limit and come. Raman sees the card she forgot at home and says let her come, it will be fun.

Ishita comes home being depressed. She wipes her tears and goes inside. Raman pulls her leg and scolds her for being so careless, and making innocent face. He says she forgot shopping bag, where is his card. She says I did not shop, I will give card. He says give. She says it was there, and looks for the purse. He says he is getting messages from bank that lakhs are swiped. He says careless, are you really a doctor, as doctors are not careless. She cries and says I m not careless.

He says I was joking, card is here, no loss. You forgot at home. She says I m not careless and runs to the room. His parents tell him about Ishita’s tension, that her dentist’s license is cancelled, Suraj Kumar complaint against her. Raman says you should have told me before, I made her cry. He brings water for her and says I m sorry. He says I will delete your weak point, see. He says stop crying, and why are you crying like girls, I m sorry, you are girl, but not that crying types. She says I m very sorry, I saw that notice and I did not know when I left the card, I could not do shopping.

He says I m sorry that I joked without knowing everything, whats the license story. She tells him everything how she worked hard to get dentist’s degree, she wanted gold medal and failed. He says you are Munnabhai doctor type. She says Appa doubted and sent paper for revaluation, and my paper was exchanged and I got 98.5%. She says my career is very important, I have worked hard, I took oath and became a doctor. She tells about Suraj’s wrong complaint and her license revoked. He says it happened because of me, and I will get it back for you. He jokes and she smiles. Yeh hai mohabbatein…………….plays…………….She leaves. Raman says Suraj Kumar, who is he and why is he after Ishita’s career. Its time for him to sink now.

Ishita makes food. Romi comes and likes all the dishes. He says great, Madrasi touch with Punjabi tadka. He eats it and looks at Ishita. He says I m done. He asks the maid to pack tiffin. Romi gets up. Ishita asks who is it. Raman comes and eats the food. He says I forgot I have to go for meeting. Romi laughs and says yes meeting. Raman asks the maid to pack his tiffin. Ishita asks him to have it. He says no I can’t miss it, so I will have in office. Raman and Romi talk outside the house and think to have something else, as they got saved from Ishita’s handmade food.

Simmi sits to have food and eats one spoon like Romi and Raman. She shouts and holds her jaw. She asks is this Chana or stone, who made it. Ishita says I made. Mrs. Bhalla asks her to stop it. Simmi asks her to tell the truth and leaves. Ishita tastes the food and says chee, its tasting so bad, everyone went hungry because of me. She shows the recipe book and says she followed this. Mrs. Bhalla laughs and cuts a paper. Ishita sits down and says where is my focus, I did not cook following the book, I m really careless, Suraj is right, I should not get the license back.

Ashok and Suraj have a talk. Suraj says he has insulted Ishita well, but Raman should have been there. Ashok says I have old scores to settle with Raman, but its fun to trarget weak point, Ishita will be in pain and Raman will be hurt. Ashok says he has trapped Raman’s wife and sister in law.

Raman asks Pathak to find everything about Suraj Kumar, and he will make him apologize to Ishita, else his name is not Raman Kumar Bhalla.

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  1. Awesome! But suraj n ashok is very bad..

  2. the scenes between raman and ishita r getting more lighter. afraid that this will become a normal telly serial as others. remember – chintu, chinky aur ek badi si love story type story. Ishita is getting up, preparing breakfast, then lunch and then going to clinic and spending some time for a few minutes with her hubby and the day ends. the spark that we want to see between raman and ishita, doesn’t look like the makers will succeed in show casing that prfectly. the feel is missing and the makers shld be aware that this is a love story. the chemistry is getting lost slowly.

  3. I agree with you imtiaz.

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