Veera 10th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Veera 10th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Megha introducing Ranvi to her choreographer Meena. He says he does not know dance. Meena says she will teach him dance and start with simple steps. Gunjan smiles. Chaiji talks to Ratan about Baldev being a good guy and helpful too. Veera comes there. Baldev brings Nihaal and Chaiji asks what happened. Baldev says he is not well. He says he had something at Dhaba and he got unwell. He did not tell anyone, he got vomiting in morning, so I came to know, I got him here. Ratan says but Pind’s doctor is out for two days and asks Veera to call a doctor from city. Veera calls the doctor and asks can he come. She tells everyone that doctor is busy, he can’t come. Ratan says she will make Kada for him.

Meena teaches dance to Ranvi. He asks him to hold her. Gunjan is irked. Ranvi looks at Gunjan. Meena says you are not able to do any step, it will take years to teach you. She says Ranvi it will be hard to clear this round, you will lose. Ranvi says I can’t dance. Baldev brings a doctor and the man says you can;’t bring me like this. Baldev says you have to see a patient, else you know I will make you have a pind tour for one week, don’t tell anyone I kidnapped you and got you here. He says open my hands. Baldev opens his hands and they go in.

Ranvi tells Gunjan that he can’t do this. Meena says why did you waste my time, why did you take part. Megha says yes, I chose a wrong man, I will call Dev and asks him to disqualify him. Ranvi thinks about Ratan and Veera’s words. He says stop, he will do anything to win. He can dance too. Meena and Megha smile. Megha says what will you do if difficulties come. He says he is ready to fight, he came here with everyone’s dream. Megha says that’s the spirit. Megha says lets make the dance look good with lifts. Meena plays the song.

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Nihaal thanks the doctor. He gives the prescription. Ratan thanks him for coming. Baldev says yes, he is a great guy, I just said someone is ill and he cried and came here. He says lets go, its good I had jeep, else he would have come running. The doctor gets a call and tells that Baldev got him by force here. Everyone is shocked. He runs. Ratan says Baldev…. You kidnapped him from home and got him here, how can you do this. Baldev says no, I just threatened him. Ratan scolds him. Baldev says sorry, Nihaal was unwell so I got him here.

Ratan says Veera do you want to marry such man, who kidnaps people. He says I told you this difference. Nihaal defends Baldev and says see why he did this, his mentality is different from Veera, he did this to cure me, he got a doctor for me, seeing Veera worried. He says his way was wrong, but their destination was same, to get doctor and help me. He says if he can do this for me, think what can he do for Veera, he can even die. Baldev says he did a mistake, Ratan is right, I will leave and think again how to win her heart. He gets sad and leaves. Veera cries. Ratan stops Baldev and says you and Veera don’t need to run away now, you can meet and talk, I don’t have any objection. Everyone smile being glad.

Baldev says really? Ratan says yes. She says but Ranvi will have to decide about you, as he is her first and unique mother. Baldev says got it and laughs. Ratan asks what happened to you. Baldev says if I did not talk to Veera for more days, I would have got unwell. Ratan laughs. Veera thanks her. Ranvi learns the dance steps. Veera talks to Gunjan and encourages him to dance well. He says no one can stop me from going in next round. Dev greets Megha and tells the reporter that she is his old friend. He asks about Ranvi. She says she is helping Ranvi, and he should not be biased being the host. Dev says right, I treat everyone equally. He says I want the right talent to win. He takes her to talk.

Baldev and Veera have a talk at the polyhouse office. He asks why are you upset, now everything is fine, as everyone agreed. Are you worried for Ranvi? He says he will convince Ranvi. She says its not about convincing anyone, I don’t know everyone to know about us now, its so soon. Ratan tells Nihaal that its right time now and we should tell Ranvi now, else he will feel bad. Nihaal says don’t you think we are hurrying, whats their age. Baldev says so much time passed and you are still adamant.

She says you said you will wait till I m ready. He says yes, but everyone knows about us now, so we can’t hide it now. He says I don’t want my family to know from others and they get hurt. She says yes, but please we won’t tell Ranvi now, he is nervous already, we can’t give him tension. She leaves.Dev talks to Megha and acts sweet. He says stop acting. He says war started between us, no rules, I will ensure that Rishabh fails Ranvi. They challenge each other. Ranvi dances and Megha asks him to be tension fre and dance with ease. Anmol comes and asks Ranvi to practice more.

Bansuri tells Gunjan that everyone here is praising Ranvi, you come back, I need to talk about Baldev’s marriage. Gunjan thinks did Biji doubt on Veera.

Ranvi and Rishabh have a fight. Rishabh insults Ranvi and says you see what I do with you.

Update Credit to: Amena

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