Tum Saath Ho Jab 10th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Tum Saath Ho Jab 10th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Altaf is looking for peeler. He finally finds it in a carton but the other stuff in it falls down. A couple showpiece falls from it and lands on the floor. Imran gets angry as he hears the music. Altaf picks it up saying maybe the packers added it in their bags by mistake. Imran recalls that this was his first anniversary’s gift from his wife. Altaf tries to take it but Imran smashes it on floor. He goes to refill his glass while Altaf picks the separated couple’s pieces. My relation with this girl was because of you. This boy is my Imran who is my sister’s son. I have raised him. He had more life in him a few years ago. Don’t kill that Imran because of this girl. Please let him leave. Imran goes to sit in another corner and drinks more alcohol.

Najma is all quiet. Mariam tries to make her talk. Don’t take Bade Abbu’s words to your heart. People say wrong things when angry. He is our own after all. He gets angry on Fiza and Saba too. Stop crying and thinking, you should sleep. Najma cannot help but recall her Bade Abbu’s harsh words. She misses her Abbu. If he was alive today then we wouldn’t have to be raised by Bade Abbu. I wont play badminton now. I will never ask money from you.

Jamaal talks about mosquitoes. His mother compares them to her husband. The MIL-DIL tease and taunt each other. Jamaal too plays fun part. he stands there helplessly as both the ladies start fighting for no reason.

Mariam caresses her daughter’s head while she sleeps. She recalls Najma’s words and feels bad. What if your Abbu is not here, your Ammi is here. You will definitely play.

Saba is on call with her friend Deepti. Their friends are going out for a movie. Saba tells her to lie to her Ammi about combined studies. Her friend denies. Saba notices her Ammi and Saba plays her cards. Deepti too pleads her for combined studies. Younis comes there and Nasima agrees to tell her later. Younis is worried about the order. Abbajaan has ruined everything. She too knows that he only worries for Mariam and Najma. He doesn’t realise how hard you work to run this home. Saba offers to give him a head massage. He finally smiles a little.

Mariam comes to storeroom.

Fiza is glad that she got full marks. Bhaijaan has never got so many marks. Waqar puts it on his badminton practise. Younis is feeling better after the head massage. He calls her his perfect daughter. People give her example to others that we have raised her very well. He talks about some other girl who has joined dancing classes to become an actor eventually. He is disappointed with a girl choosing such a profession.

Mariam takes out a hammer and some stuff.

Saba signals her Ammi who talks about the combined study classes. Waqar remarks that even Appi doesn’t get good marks. Plus Abbu always says that the women of our house don’t go to anyone’s just for no reason. Younis agrees with him. bring your friends here. I will even switch on the AC. Saba makes a sad face. Nasima tells her that Abbu is saying this for her benefit only. She gets almonds for everyone. Fiza wants to give some to Najma too but Nasima warns her to stay here only. Younis tells her to go. Nasima says Najma would have slept by now. Younis shakes his head at her excuse.

Mariam is trying to mend the broken racket. She uses hammer to straighten it. Younis and his family hear the noise and gets curious. They think that some neighbour is doing something. Nasima wonders if this voice is coming from Mariam’s room and calls out for her. Mariam switches off the light immediately. Nasima tells the kids to sleep as they act lazy in the morning. Once she is gone Waqar asks Saba if she really wants to do combined studies or see some movie. Saba playfully hits him for which Nasima tells her to be careful. The kids go from there.

Mariam continues to straighten the rod in dark and hurts her thumb. Title track plays. She is hurt but continues with her attempts. She finally fixes it. Insha Allah, My Najma will definitely take part in badminton championship. She comes back to her room and looks at her daughter. She kisses her forehead. She hears some noise and notices Imran sitting in his room from her window. He continues drinking as he listens to old sad songs.

Altaf switches off the recorder. He tries to lighten the atmosphere by calling himself a romantic. Life is good. Imran is sure there might be a jannat as this life is no less than hell. What we call life is actually a punishment where we die every second. You know, why? It is because everything that I like is taken away by that Allah. Altaf tells him to forget the past. You shouldn’t look back at the thing which only hurts you. Look at your future. The sun will rise again. there will a new morning. You are joining a new school tomorrow. give yourself a new start. He asks him to have food but Imran promises to eat in a while. Mariam covers the windows with curtains.

Precap: Younis tells Imran to leave Najma’s hand. How dare you, how can you touch the kid of our house? Imran is angry as Najma had come to his house. Younis can smell the alcohol and tells him to stand at a distance. The people who have gathered around talk badly about Imran as he is an alcoholic. They want him to be thrown out of Shameem’s house.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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