Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 10th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 10th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
aashi and sahil are shocked to see vishesh coming in house and jhabru talking against her, aashi ask sahil to do something, sahil says seeing vishesh my thinking capability gest lost, aashi gets some idea and silently goes from there, she switches off the main switch, sahil says this is problem here, aashi stops vishesh from entering house, jhabru aunty says I will on the switch but sahil stops her, aashi silently takes vishesh inside, vishesh ask what happened, aashi and vishesh falls on ground together because of darkness, vishesh says I was thinking that I am with you and nothing happened to me? how come?aashi ask vishesh to not come out of room and don’t make noise, vishesh says this is why I wasn’t coming here, I am telling you that let me leave, aashi says please understand, if jhabru aunty sees you here then she will make it a big problem and then I have to make my parents understand and I don’t want to waste time in that when they are here for me, vishesh says but this is not right, aashi says yes this is not right way but better than living on street, see darkness of might or see light stars, its all upto you.
prabha says to Vishnu that its not eay to find light in darkness, how will we fight the case alone, Vishnu says we don’t need money and gun but we need passion to fight, I will fight and will not give my property to anyone, he says but ashish.. he was telling me problems, he was making me afraid, when he used to run cycle in childhood, we did not used to say that you will fall, you will get injured, we used to be afraid but we used to stand with him, prabha is in thoughts, Vishnu ask what happened? prabha says I am thinking about aashi, she fought with all for her friend, think for once that in place of ashish, if aashi was our daughter then we would have good life. vihnu says her parents must be very lucky to have daughter like her.
aashi makes her father eat the cake, her father throws it away and says he doesn’t like it, aashi gets sad and says sorry, she tries to talk to her mother but she is busy on her phone and doesn’t listen to her, sahil sees all this, aashi gives cake to sahil, eh says I don’t need it, he says why are you not reacting? see your parents, they have come here after much time but they are not even looking at you, aashi says salman khan hasn’t launch you but still you are trying, I don’t want to jump big, I feel happiness in small things, shall says you are great, aashi mother(roopa) comes to ashi and gives her gift, aashi opens it and it is clutch, she says its branded, aashi is sad to see it but doesn’t show it, mother ask do you like it, she says yes but sahil notices that she is sad.

Scene 3
aashi talks to herself in night recording video9vidoe dairy), she say mummy paap has finally come together, I am happy and I have locked vishesh in room, I gave him food there only, he must be bored, she shows clutch in video and says this is branded and very expansive, she says mother doesn’t know about my likes and I also don’t know about them, papa doesn like cake but I gave him, I wish I could know them closely and they could know my tastes, my likes also.
Vishnu is gardening and finds tomatoes in stem, he shows to prabha and says I planted this 1 month ago and now tomatoes are grown, prabha says you remember aashi said that she likes baby tomatoes and she will take it when they grows, it has grown for because of her, Vishnu says then we should give them to her, prabha says how? we said no to her for room, how will we face her? Vishnu says don’t know where she would have accommodated her friend.
aashi comes to vishesh’s room, he is wearing inner only, she says sorry, I should have knocked, vishesh wears his shirt, aashi says please remain in room for today only, then I will give party to you and will introduce to everyone, vishesh says can I get newspaper? aashi says I have comic books, video games, I know you are bored, I will bring them, vishesh says I need paper to find job as you said to look at light of stars in darkness, she say ok I will bring it, I am going out with my parents, bye.

Scene 3
aashi and sahil are going with aashi’s parents, sahil says should I drive but sunil says I don’t trust anyone, aashi says to roopa that they will go to boat riding, roopa says good idea, sunil gets call and says ok, he says to aashi that me and your mother have to go to important meeting so you go with sahil for lunch, roopa says to sunil that I told you to not fix meeting in afternoon, sunil says I fixed in evening, roopa says I cant come, I am on diet and I cant skip my lunch, sunil says ok, come with me, just sign the papers and go, ashi gets sad, sunil says we will go for movie in night, aashi says promise, he says yes, he aashi and sahil to go out from car, aashi is getting out of car but sunil drives the car, aashi is about to fall on ground and is abou to get seriously injured but Vishnu comes and saves her in meantime, aashi is shocked to see cold behavior of their parents, prabha comes and ask concernedly are you fine, she says yes, they makes aashi stand.
bantu is learning English, kannu come to him and ask him to come with her and meet vishesh as they couldn’t meet him earlier, jhabru aunty comes and ask where is aashi? they say she has gone with her parents, jhabru aunty ask them to go inside and she sits to watch tv, vishesh comes there and thinks that aashi told me to not come out of room but she said she is going out with her parents so I should go out for job, he leaves from house, jhabru listens the sound of gate opening and ask who is there, she thinks is there any ghost in tv.

Scene 4
aashi, sahil, Vishnu and prabha comes to restaurant, aashi says I am fine, sahil says your father is so careless, he was on phone and didn’t see you, aashi says no, it wasn’t his fault, actually I am stupid, they always insist to be careful but I am careless, I didn’t get out properly, if they had seen me falling, there blood pressure would have shooten up, Vishnu says those who have such a nice daughter must be worried for her, aashi shows them picture of her parents with her, she says they are world’s best parents, I have a hapy family, sahil is fuming with aashi’s lies, aashi says we should do lunch here, aashi says parents had some work so they went but if I stay hungry then they will feel bad, my problem is that if don’t eat with someone, I don’t get taste of food, ashi talks with them, sahil thinks aashi till when you will hide.

PRECAP- ashish says to prabha and Vishnu that he is going out with his family, sahil says to aashi that your parents doesn’t care about you, so lets go for movie, aashi says no, wait for them, they will come. prabha says to Vishnu says that ashish could have offered us too, we would not go with him but just for parents sake, when we are with aashi, we are happy.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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