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Veera 10th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ranvi coming home and asking Ratan about Veera. She says she went to meet her friend. He sees new fridge and asks when did they buy it. Ratan says just now. He asks about old fridge. Gunjan says she sold it on Quikr. Ranvi says she is spoiling Gunjan. Ratan says don’t stop her. Ranvi asks Gunjan where is she going. Gunjan says not I, we are going for dinner. He asks did you ask Biji. She says I asked her and asks him to get ready soon. He says lets have food at home, we had party yesterday. She says she wants to spend time with him alone. He says we can do it at home too and get romantic. She smiles and asks him to get ready. He says its been many expenses, we don’t have things less, but manage. Money does not come back after spending.

She says yes, I know, that’s why asking you to not leave singing career. She says she will talk to manager and get city concerts and he can even go abroad for one week. Ranvi says don’t fly high, as if you fall, you will be much hurt. She says I won’t fall, as I trust your talent. She says lets go Mumbai. Ranvi says don’t start again, I m taking work being here, this house needs us now. Gunjan gets upset. He says lets go for dinner, I will get ready. Veera comes home upset and Ratan sees her. Veera asks where is Ranvi. Ratan says he took Gunjan out, where did you go that you got upset and hiding it by fake happiness. Veera hugs her and cries.

Ratan pacifies her. She makes her have food and asks her to face all problems and be strong. Veera tries calling Baldev and can’t connect. Its morning, Gunjan gives water and praises the new fridge. She says she can get frozen food too. Ranvi sees Veera upset. Ranvi asks Veera what gift she wants. Veera asks the same and asks him to give what she wants. Ranvi looks on. Bansuri is cleaning the house as her friend is coming. Veera comes and Bansuri falls. Veera says she came to meet Baldev, as she is trying to talk to him, but he is not taking her call. Bansuri says he is not at home.

Bansuri says he does not want to meet you, go from here. Veera says once I talk to him, all misunderstanding will go. Bansuri says Ranvi slapped him, left him I jail, what will you do now. Veera apologizes on Ranvi’s behalf. She asks Veera to be away from Baldev’s life, she can bear anything but can’t see him upset. Veera cries. Baldev sees Veera leaving and asks Bansuri. Bansuri says yes she came. He says why did you not call me. Bansuri says she is his mum, Veera is not suitable for him.Baldev says I love her, even dad knows she is good girl, why do you interfere. Bansuri says see yourself how you aare talking, all because of Veera. He says stop blaming her for everything.

He says if you tell anything to her, then… Bansuri stops him and says why can’t I say, I can’t see you like this, forget her, Ranvi has chosen a guy for him. Baldev is shocked. Bansuri argues. She says Ranvi will choose that inspector for Veera, not you. Baldev gets angry and says if Veera loves me, I m lucky, this is the truth, nothing else. Bansuri says Veera and her family did so much and you re favoring them. Baldev says the truth won’t change that I love her. He leaves.

He sees his friends coming. Jaggi shows the new jeep his dad gifted and says he came to give them a trial. Baldev takes his phone and says he broke his phone. He calls Veera and she sees unknown number. Baldev says she won’t take unknown number call. Jaggi says we will find her, come sit. Rajveer sees them driving rashlessly and goes after them. Billa says inspector is coming after us. Jaggi says I think he is giving horn to us. Baldev says don’t stop, rise the speed, keep driving. Rajveer stops them and Baldev argues with him in threatening language. Rajveer explains the rules and says he is here to stop any accident, so he is warning them.

Jaggi says its not wise to talk to us pointing finger. Rajveer says you will know it soon. He talks to Baldev about Veera. He says think where to take her and where to make her wait, its not good to make a girl wait in night’s darkness. He leaves. Baldev gets angry.

Baldev and Veera meet. They argue with love and find an idea. They come home with garlands and everyone is shocked.

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