Doli Armaanon Ki 10th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Doli Armaanon Ki 10th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Sushma’s residence
Avni confronts yash, asking what he hasd to do, that she would become his problem. He asks why was she eavesdropping on him, and if she is spying on him. She accepts that she is, and asks why is he here. he maintains his stance of joining a son with his parents and that she should help him. urmi asks what made him think that she would be a problem. He says that she is doubting him at every step, while glating about their son’s noble intentions behind his parents and helping them out, from their miserable condition. He asks for her support amd trust so that everyone can benefit. He moves ahead, sling evilly, that he befooled her, while she stands tensed and confused, shaken from her conviction.

Inside, yash tries to convince the couple, of ravi’s noble intentions to take care of them. They ask him to take this lecture somewhere else, and recount what troubles and torments he put them through. Yash says that he doesnt want it to repeat, and hence wants to just give 15lakhs in Fd for them for 3 years and they can break it whenever they want in between. As urmi comes, she stops him, asking what papers he wants them to sign. yash asks her to stay out of it, as itys between their son and them. She agrees with him, and demands to see the papers once. yash says that ravi sent these papers and asks if she is doubting him. urmi says that its good to learn before signing, and can see the papers if they dont want to. He tauns her and then gives the papers. she starts going through them, while he watches her tensedly. Sushma and her husband wait for her reaction. She gives it back to him saying that the papers are completely fine, and they can sign if they want to. He starts taunting her if she thought that he was engaging them in fraud. Her husband tells about urmi’snoble intentions, and yash says that he knows and understands. urmi leaves to go get shaurya, while yash stands tensed. Sushma asks him to take the papers and leave. yash asks her to take time, but he is determined that till they dont sign, he wont go anywhere. He leaves, while they are tensed.

Later, in the night, urmi gets saroj’s call, and shaurya gets tensed. She asks about urmi’s health and she says that she is all fine and that she gets tired looking for a job. Saroj asks her to buckle up, and show to the doctor instead. urmi agrees. saroj asks about shaurya, if he is there, and when urmi asks why is she talking like this. Saroj tells about seeing samrat to the movie theatre in the morning, where kid pictures are shown. shaurya pretends to be immersed in the studies, and wards off her doubts. Urmi says that shaurya would be in school at that time, and asks her not to worry, and that she and her son are both fine. SAaroj asks her to take care of her and her son and show herself to the doctor tomorrow. After she cancels the call, urmi again looks at shaurya, and comes to him. He gets tensed. She asks him if samrat came to meet him. shaurya remmbers their promise and secret with samrat, and lies plainfaced that he went to school. urmi happily believes. as shaurya gets busy, urmi has a dizzy spell.

Scene 2:
Location: Outside the movie theatre
As samrat and shaurya come out of the theatre, shaurya finds saroj walking on the road. samrat gets tensed. Samrat hides him, and asks him not to call her, as if she gets to know about him, she would tell urmi and then urmi shall scold him. Saroj sees samarat and then curtly glancing at him, she sits in the auto and leaves. Samrat again reminds him to keep this completely a secret. He advises shaurya to lie so that they get a convenient escape, and after intial hesitation, shaurya agrees to samrat’s wishes.

Scene 3:
Location: Samrat’s residence
As kanchan talks tensedly to someone, aditi asks whats the matter. kanchan laments and says that her distant relative’s daughter grew up only with her father and just some time back, the father died too. Shashi is indifferent. Aditi however is apalled as to how she would live alone, poor and young. Kanchan hopes that she could do something. Samrat comes in asking her not to see dreams of getting her here, just because her husband’s salary got doubled. kanchan asks him to think before he speaks, as she didnt have any intentions. He says that she was making grounds for it. shashi asks her to call, surprising samrat, emotional and pleading for help. samrat asks her to shut up. shashi says that she has given much thought, and that she would serve as a good alternative for Jhumki, the servant, who hasnt come back from the village. Samrat commends her. kanchan says that she maybe poort but not a servant. samrat says that only poor people are servants. shashi asks kanchan not to think like that as they too do the work, but arehnt serrvants. She says that the girl would be safe and sound here. kanchan starts thinking, while samrat asks her to take the offer, while he callously mentions that she might just end up in a brothel. Kanchan reprimands him for his dirty thinking. Shashi says that its the bare truth. Samrat asks kanchan to think, adding that mukti should be relieved as urmi would join in soon as a servant too. Kanchan tells him that he is engulfed by urmi’s thoughts. Samrat defiantly talks that he does. He leaves, while shashi is tensed.

Scene 4:
Location: At the clinic
The next morning, the doctor finishes with urmi’s checkup and asks her to sit down. The doctor asks urmi if her husband didnt come. urmi asks if its anything disconcerting. the doctor says that its a matter of happiness, as a husband should be here by the wife’s side to listen to this. urmi is baffled. the doctor happily tells and congratulates her that she is pregnant, and urmi is shell shocked. the doctor asks why is she shopcked, as she is two months pregnant. Urmi remembers her night of passion with samrat. the doctor says that she must have noticed that she missed her monthly cycle. She also says that her recent nauseatic spells, dizzyness and fatigue are due to this only. The screen freezes on her shocked face.

Precap: Yash tries to convince sushma’s husband that this is the right thing to do, and that ravi is extremely apologetic about his behaviour and that they should sign the paper, to let their son help him and take care of them. Meanwhile, Granny tells saroj to shut up, as she thinks that she only cares for urmi, whereas the truth is that she is most concerned for shaurya as he rightfully belongs to samrat’s house and family.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Dhanna Sarjoo

    I so hate this dam show now!!!!!!!!

  2. This show should be off air. Doesn’t make sense anymore. What kind of stupid culture is this.

  3. As if life wsn’t bad enough,nw she is pregant.stupid writers,give the girl a break please.

  4. Wtf just wen I thought urmi will meet sum one new she’s pregnant am dun wit this stupid show didn’t want to, I kept reading hoping good times will roll for urmi but am dun now screw this

  5. So now the writers going to lead urmi right back into the arms of a abusive and selfish husband…c’mon writers what is this?

  6. plz chang d script n dnt play with d child’s heart

  7. Why does the writers hate Urmi so much? Now her son is lying to her? Not to mention she is pregnant with another child for Samrat. Why is Samrat always winning, will Urmi ever find the peace and happiness she deserves?Unrealistic story…show is going downhill.

  8. nice serial u all stupid donot know to comment

  9. Really nice must congrats the writter and actors

  10. Urmi pregnant?! Good lord!!

  11. This is not a cindarella story, life is not a fairy tale. I think some people should get real and get d message of this serial. Life is not only about love, so many women go thru this urmi’s story everyday. Face reality, life doesn’t always give u what u demand. The fact that you Av not seen or heard doesn’t mean it’s not real or doesn’t happen. I av seen a pregnant divorced woman. Some people should get real.

  12. Everyone is entitled to their opinions be it right or wrong. No one should take any remarks personally. If everyone agreed on everything in life then it would be boring and non challenging.

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