Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 10th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 10th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Aashi says vishesh we have to do something soon. we don’t have time. papa has already sent people there to destruct the house. Aashi says all I know is that you will stop them. vishesh says we can get the stay order. Moahn buildes are with ashish. Aashi says there must be something that can find us a way. He says if a judge gives us stay order. Aashi says my dada’s pal’s son is a judge. Vishesh says if he gives us stay order we might stop them.

Prabha says I wanna meet tukur. I miss him a lot. when will I meet them later. I wanna see my house one last time. 40 years is a large span. I wanna see it alive for one last time.

Scene 2
next morning, ashish is shifting his stuff. Gupta comes there. He says is everything going well? Ashis says we are ready tp go to new house. unless we get the keys we will live in mansi’s house. he says yeah you will get it soon. gupta says everytime aashi euined my plan but today no one can stop me. Aashi stops at Vishnu’s house. she says vishesh to and take the order I have to go to Vishnu’s house. The neighbors are taunting at ashish and mansi.

Vishnhu are prabha reah the house. tukur goes and hugs them. Gupta says where they come from? I hope they don’t create another issue. Gupta says I know they can’t do anything. Hope aashi doesn’t come here. Vishesh reaches the judge’s house while aashi runs to mamta navaas.

Prabah is crying. Tukur says aashi I miss you a lot. Please come and complain about my classmates in school. promise me you won’t ever leave me. Prabha hugs him. Vishnu says we will keep coming to you. he says I don’t like mummy papa. Prabha says we will come to see you. He says I will stay with you. Mansi says tukur lets go from her. Ashish says do whatever you want with this house Mr. Gupta. Crane is coming to destroy the house. AAshi stands in fornt of it. she says I told you I won’t let you destroy mamta navas. Gupta says we have paid them for this house. We are doing this as your dad says. aashi says my dad is wrong. ashish says I sold them my house. You don’t interfere. Aashi says you don’t even care about your parents. He says leave. aashi says this isn ;’t your house now so you better leave. Vishnu says leave them aashi. Ashish shoves aashi. SAhil holds her. They all come and stand in front of the house. They hold each others hands and make a human chain. Ashish says do something gupta ji. Aashi says you can leave if you want. Jhabro says you think we can leave you? SAhil says we are doing the right thing. we won’t leave you alone. Cops come there to arrest ashi and others. They are getting them in the jeep forcefully. Vishesh says stop it. he says I have the stay order for this house. until court doesn’t provide next order mamta navas won’t destruct. Guota calls sunil and says aashi came once again. She has got the stay order. sunil is shocked. Mansi says to ashish what it means? This property is yours how can they stop you. Cops leave and they all cheer up and hug each other.

Precap-sunil says to aashi you have underestimated me. I will make aashi tower here. Aashi says you don’t know me either.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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