Uttaran 6th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Uttaran 6th September 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 6th September 2013 Written Update

Vishnu takes some vermilion in his fingers and moves his hand towards Meethi’s forehead. Luckily, he moves the veil up a little to do so and is stunned to see Meethi. His hands shake and the vermilion box falls out of his hand. Everyone is confused / taken aback to see this. He lowers the veil again not believing what he saw. He keeps looking towards Meethi with a stunned expression. Tappu, Jogi ask him what happened. meethi is crying. Jogi again asks him if all is well. Vishnu mumbles a reply in yes. Nani is also is shock. Vishnu gets up from his place. He excuses himself from there when everyone asks him what happened. nani thinks feels like this beggar is going to back out on the last minute. Ram hi rakhey hope he doesn’t say he loves Mukta. It is better to avoid this untoward thing and

somehow try to convince Vishnu to sit back in the mandap. Rest is up to God. Nani offers to go and check.

Vishnu looks at his own reflection in the mirror in a bathroom. He recalls his own confession to Mukta about loving her and her acceptance as well. He also remembers Rathore’s words about Mukta being his bride today. meethi’s face flashes before his eyes next. He splashes water on his face with Mukta’s words echoing in his head. Meethi has told me before leaving that she wont let Akash go. She will be back with him only. He cannot understand how this is possible. Meethi knew everything then how come she agreed for this wedding. How can she do this? No, I wont marry. I will tell the truth to everyone. I love Mukta not Meethi. I will only marry Mukta. Picking up his pagdi (turban on the groom’s head) he leaves. He is walking very slowly back to join everyone when he stops as he notices Nani there. You took off your pagdi. What have you decided next? He shakes his head. I cannot marry Meethi. Nani turns sarcastic. You decided very soon. What next? You will tell everyone downstairs you wont marry Meethi? After taking all the 7 pheras you will end everything like that and go? She claps. Wow, you will go but ram hi rakhey what will happen to Meethi? That poor girl is still not out of the pain of her first marriage and you will push her into another pit. And Damini will die. Vishnu says you don’t know how we decided upon this wedding. She agrees. I don’t know under what circumstances you agreed to marry that Meethi. But I know a lot more than that. Come with me. Holding his hand firmly, she takes him with her to someplace.

Downstairs, everyone is worried over what has happened just now. tappu checks with Meethi if she is fine. It will be fine don’t worry. Damini silently prays to God not to do anything wrong. I wont be able to see tears in Meethi’s eyes.

Nani points out to a picture to Vishnu. Do you know who she is? Her name is Iccha Bharti. Recognized her or did you also forget she is your teacher didi? She moves onto another pic. This woman couldn’t raise her own daughter Meethi but she did bring up orphan and innocent kids like you. Did she ever ask for anything in return? From you? Your memories were getting hazy that’s why I have brought you here. The woman who gave her daughter to a cheat only on trusting your name….she had this much trust on her student named Vishnu. And that Vishnu will leave Meethi half married and leave from the mandap? See Iccha! She picks up another pic where Iccha is with all the other students. You were so proud of this student (pointing at the little Vishnu) right…this (Vishnu now)….you wasted so many years of your life on these unthankful people. Vishnu keeps looking at the pics and finally bows his head down. (God I’m feeling sick) Nani waits to see the effect of her words on him and is feeling somewhat happy that she has hit the right cord. Let us go and tell everyone you aren’t ready for this wedding. Stop all the rituals break all hearts don’t respect your teacher didi. This is Jogi Thakur’s house no one will stop you here as everyone has a big heart here unlike you. Vishnu looks at her shocked but then looks away. nani is smirking behind his face. Rest is up to God. Vishnu recalls the promise he had made to his teacher didi that he would do anything for her or her family and take over her responsibility be it any big.

Jogi, Tappu are Damini are waiting anxiously for Vishnu and Nani. Finally they come back. Jogi asks about Vishnu’s health. Vishnu sits back in the mandap looking dazed. Damini feels relieved. Vishnu glances at Meethi’s side. Meanwhile Jogi puts the cloth joining them back on Vishnu’s shoulder. Twamev lagnam begins as the priest offers the vermilion box to Vishnu telling him to put it in its rightful place. Nani’s words echo in his mind. She had so much trust on her student’s name and he will go leaving her daughter half married. Akash walks in now. He is trying to see what’s happening. He stops looking at the bride (face veiled).


Nani is enjoying the moment whereas Vishnu’s hands are shaking once again. Akash keeps looking at what’s going on. Mukta makes her entry now. She too looks around puzzled as so many people have gathered here. She comes and stands next to Akash to watch what’s happening. Someone lifts the veil and Akash and Mukta are shocked to see Meethi. With shaking hands, Vishnu picks up some vermilion and moves his hand towards Meethi’s forehead. A girl hands in some flower petals to both Akash and Vishnu to throw at the bride and groom. Akash watches as Vishnu puts the vermilion with Meethi’s I love you echoing in his head. Mukta too recalls his confession as she watches it shocked. The priest tells Vishnu to put the mangalsutra next. Screen flashes on all the four one by one. Vishnu picks it up and is trying hard to get on with it but is too shocked. Akash and Mukta keep looking at it and Vishnu and Meethi every passing second. Mukku watches heartbroken as Vishnu finally ties it around Meethi’s neck. Finally Akash and Mukta look up to notice who they are standing next to. Priest announces them husband and wife. Akash drops the petals on floor while Mukta is crushing them hard in anguish.


The wedding is done and everyone is clapping. The bride and groom are sitting stone faced. They both get up to take the blessings of all the elders of the house. Jogi blesses them. Take care of my granddaughter now. Next they take Nani’s blessings. As soon as they both look up Vishnu notices Mukta and Meethi notices Akash. Epi ends on Meethi’s face.

Precap: Mukta says (to Meethi) I don’t want to know what you do with Akash. But why did you do it with me? Why this revenge? Why did you do this to me? Meethi doesn’t understand it. Mukta firmly calls it a revenge as I don’t think any other word would fit in. You were so bent over in taking revenge from Akash that you pushed me into it as well and ruined my love. Why did you do it? Meethi is shocked….your love? I cannot understand a thing. mukta tells her I love Vishnu and he loves me. we both loved each other and wanted to marry. Meethi is shocked.

Update Credit to: pooja

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