Savitri 6th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Savitri 6th September 2013 Written Episode, Savitri 6th September 2013 Written Update

Veer and vidhu is walking through jungle and vidhu complains veer on why he overcomed rajguru’s words to stay back and rest at mahal. Was he irked with luxury. Veer replies each moment I spend at resting iam moving away from truth. I need to work fast. Vidhu complains that he is not a juniour hanuman like veer and after staying awoke for a full night he needs to rest. Veer gives a angry look and proceeds only to see 2 men kidnapping chandal singh. Chandu calls veer for help and he rushes too but because of wound he is unable to run , the men takes away chandu in horse.

Veer reaches mahal and informs king and apologises as he couldn’t save up senapati due to his weakness. King is upset and screams as on what’s happening in kingdom like kaali shakti presence dacoit’s evilness, sainik

getting attacked and now upsenapati kidnapping. King asks rajguru to send trained ayyar on work but senapati says he shall get in to work himself and will find chandal singh. King says the matter should be undercover and shares his worry over chandranagar princess chandrapan’s visit and his protection. He orders veer to go himself and see chandrapan’s security.

Damyanti is all ready beautifully and uttara, naki enters. Uttara enquires why she was so beautiful that day to which naki says that its because chandranagar princess chandrapan’s visit to meet her.damyanti says she shall not marry any1 against her wish and will reject all 5 prince coming to meet her. King n queen overhears it and queen says that even after advicing so much damyanti hasn’t changed. She asks her not to do anything making them ashamed and orders to get ready. King stops queen and says damyanti that they both need her happiness and not to decide anything fast. He asks her to do nothing that mi8 end in insulting the guest as all the rajkumars are guest of champanagar and its against their pride to insult them.

Chandrapan with his soldiers are on the way that RK comes across them. He does magic on the soldiers and they faints down..Chandrapan questions who he is and he replies that he is Rahukaal, the one going to marry Champangar princess Damyanti. Chandrapan attacks RK with sword but he is not affected and sword gets destroyed itself..RK does magic on chandrapan and he falls off.. RK further takes the soldiers with him nd continues journey as chandrapan with gulika accompanying him.

Damyanti waits for Veer and once he arrives she enquires about his health. Veer says he is fine and further excuses to move on as he need to go for welcoming Chandrapan, the prince of chandranagar. Veer moves and damyanti says with pain how ironical it is as the only person whom she leaves is going to welcome the prince coming to marry her..Veer meets RK at mahal entrance and welcomes him asking him to proceed. RK looks at Veer and is suspicious(confused). Gulika is confused too of RK’s silence and finally RK asks Veer to proceed driving other thoughts

RK reaches mahal and is welcomed by King and Queen..Vishkanya n Mahamantri is assisting them. Queen is bout to aarti that the flame blows off…King and queen is worried but then asks vishi to light it again..Queen does aarti of RK and gives sweet to him.RK introduces Gulika as his sister Chandrika and Queen welcomes her too. RK says the welcome is beautiful and king thanks him.Just then Damyanti comes and RK is once again mesmerized to see her. She smiles weakly at RK but then her eyes is on veer. She gets emotional but controls. Kings asks Mahamantri to take the guest to their guest room so that they can rest and says to meet them back at foodcourt. RK goes to damyanti and says it was good meeting her to which she just give a smile. King asks Veer to find out chandal singh fast.

Mahamantri takes them to room and says he is surprised as how they entered the mahal.Gulika replies its all RK’s saadna that helped. RK asks about veer to mahamantri to which he replies that he is a mere sainik and favourite to maharaj. RK says he feels to have a old relation with veer and adds either Veer was a good enemy or a good friend of his. Gulika gives a irked expression and asks RK to get in to their matter.

Gulika asks mahamantri regarding what things RK n Gulika must be careful about.Mahamantri says them to stay away from rajguru as he is a trained best ayyar and can identify kaalibhoomi people by smell..RK says if so then he shall keep him away from mahal. RK goes and opens a box to take out a small disco ball kind of stone..He presses it and it turns sky dark.Mahamntri asks what it is and RK says its his power stone in which he shifted all his powers before entering champanagar. He adds that at present some places of champanagar is turned dark showing kaalibhoomi effect and rajguru will be busy in checking those.. He adds he doesn’t have kaalibhoomi signs within him and his foot will no longer turn shiny as he shifted all his powers to that stone. He says that he has very little powers within him now as all else is with stone.Mahamatri asks if its so then why do RK wants to keep rajguru away,to which RK says to be doing it for gulika.

Precap: Sugandha saying Veer that perhaps senapati is behind Chandal Singh kidnapping..

Update Credit to: snowdream

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