Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 6th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 6th September 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 6th September 2013 Written Update

sham: sumitra’s father
baburam: raghu’s father

Rana mansion.
Abhi and dadju in conversation..dadju tells abhi he cant see injustice to shivani, raghu has to die. Abhi right away agrees and says if this is what you want then i will arrange it. He calls goons to finish of raghu. One of the servant (older woman always dressed in dark sarees) listens to their conversation and says she has to warn raghu, she calls raghu but his phone is off and goes to vm.

Raghu and shivani is in the back of the truck on their way to raghu’s place. BG song of DDBED plays. Fb is shown how raghu held shivani’s hand so she can get onto the truck. The truck hits a bump and shivani falls over raghu slightly, raghu holds her. Sumintra is shown by her window

crying and sad. Dadju is also shown sad and in his room, fb of shivani running to him as a child.

The older servant comes to dadju and begs not to do this to shivani, she begs for raghu’s life and tells him how can you think of doing this.

Raghu’s village
They arrive at raghu’s place, raghu helps her down. all the light are off. Shivani is looking around and looks worried.

rana mansion
Servant is again coming down the stairs and says she has to warn raghu, she bumps into abhi, he locks her in shivani’s room.

raghu’s village
Fb scene-shivani remembers mahima telling her they cant come to help her; raghu is with her. Baburam whistles and all the lights come on. the place is decorated, everyone comes out dancing, playing music to welcome them. Raghu asks what is all this? his father tells him enjoy.

Dadju is in his room and recalls what the servant told him, he runs downstairs and hears abhi instruct the goons to kill raghu. Dadju takes the phone and tells him to cancel not to shoot raghu. dadju then hears the servant screaming from the room and knocking on the door. Abhi then tells dadju that he locked her in the room because she was going to tel raghu.

Raghu and shivani enters his place. his father annouces they have 2 special guests. the guests arrive (entertainers Jay-Mahi) and congratulates the married couple and tells them they have something special coming up in 2 minutes.

Rana mansion
dadju runs to servant and tells her he cancel the shooter. he tells her he doesnt know what came over him, he swears on shivani that he wont do it.

abhi calls back the goons and orders him to finish raghu off. shooter then goes to raghus place, everyone is busy celebrating. baburam is busy distributing sweets when one of his friends asked him how can you do this to sham’s daugher. baburam then takes back the sweets from him and tells him to go to sham’s place. his friend then pacifies him and tells him hes both his and sham’s friend. The friend then goes out and sees sham sitting sadly. sham tells him that why are u here, go to baburam’s place and celebrate. The friend then instigates him and says if it was someone else he would have done something to baburam.
Sham then goes to bauram place and puts some liquid in the drinks.

precap- celebration/entertainers are dancing. shooter is aiming at raghu

Update Credit to: finusa

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