Uttaran 6th June 2014 Written Episode Update

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Meethi and Akash reach the venue and are told to sit. They take their seats and the light goes off. Meethi holds Akash’s hand who assures her that he is with her. A spotlight falls on their faces. They look up and find their pictures (slideshow) on a projector screen. They both feel good to see all those pictures and recall their old times. Akash makes a similar sorry face and they both end up smiling. They see their wedding photos. Akash teases her that he carried her in his arms while taking the pheras. She was so heavy. He makes a promise to her to take care of her for life by kissing her hand. Everyone starts clapping as the slideshow comes to an end. Meethi and Akash get up feeling a little awkward. Meethi thanks Mukku who tells her that she has been proved right. The couple takes blessings from all the elders. Sankrant hugs Akash who senses that his brother is not as happy as he is trying to show but Sankrant keeps smiling. Akash and Meethi meet / greet rest of the family. Rathore announces that it is time to cut the cake.

Sankrant is standing sadly in a corner. He recalls his wedding with Ambika. Another flashback ensues with him remembering how Ambika dint love him as he was nothing. Akash comes there. I know what you are thinking. It is your wedding anniversary too. Sankrant affirms that pain will be there. But you are bhabhi are still together and love each other. This quiet between you too is not a good sign. I don’t feel good about it. I can expect this much from my elder brother that he can try to stay happy. Akash nods and goes from there.

Nani comes to City Hospital. She goes inside a cabin.

Meethi and Akash cut the cake together while all the others clap for them. They both feed each other at the same time. Everyone is super happy to see it especially Maiyya. Mukku gets emotional.

Doc checks the papers brought by Nani. Patient’s wife has signed on the consent form. He dint feel that she would agree to it. Nani praises Mukku. She is matured enough to think logically. It is better that we can free Vishnu from this suffering. She has read these papers very carefully and signed on them after a lot of thought. She has been very brave. Now the decision is in your hands. He nods.

Akash dances with Meethi on Dil Kyun Ye Mera while they all look on. Tappu and Rathore are dancing romantically too. Mukku looks at Meethi and Akash and imagines / recalls a romantic dance with Vishnu. Akash kisses Meethi’s hands as the song comes to an end.

Doc tells the nurse to remove the equipments from Vishnu as he will be shifted to another room. Nani takes his leave. She turns to look at Mukku one more time. I am doing this for the betterment of your Mukku and her baby. It was important.

Mukku asks Tappu about Nani who enters just then. Maiyya points out that Nani is making faces like a thief. Tappu asks about her friend’s health. Nani replies in affirmative. Meethi notices Mukku’s watch and likes it too. Mukku tells her the significance of this watch. Just then she notices that the watch has stopped. She panics. What if Vishnu’s life is in danger? She pats at it to make it work and it actually does. Nani overhears their convo. Mukku is relieved. Vishnu’s heart is beating perfectly till the time this watch is working. Meethi assures her that Vishnu is perfectly alright. Mukku notices that the watch has stopped again. They both get worried and try patting at it but in vain. Mukku wants to go to hospital asap. Meethi too wants to come along but Mukku doesn’t let her. Nani gets worried. Meethi prays that all is well. Nani tries to stop Mukku with her talks but Mukku insists. Rathore too supports her. if she is feeling that way then she will be go. These feelings are not to be ignored. I and Tappu will come along. Nani is in trouble.

Om Trayambhakam plays as the doc and nurses remove Vishnu’s equipments. He is being taken to another room. Mukku is still on her way and is feeling restless. Tappu tries to calm her down but Mukku is sure something is wrong with Vishnu as her watch is not working anymore. Vishnu is finally transferred to another room. Doc is shocked to see that he is breathing. He calls for Dr. Khanna and rushes to check on Vishnu. Mukku, Tappu and Rathore reach hospital. They don’t find Vishnu in his room. Mukku gets hyper. They ask nurse about her and Mukku runs to meet him. They come to that room and find the doc tending to Vishnu. Rathore lashes at the doc for removing Vishnu’s life support system. He orders them to move Vishnu to the ICU right now. Doc obliges. Mukku questions doc on whose permission did he shift Vishnu in this room. Doc takes her name which shocks all three of them.

Precap: Doc shows the consent papers to Rathore. Mukta is Vishnu’s wife. If she signs on these papers then we will have to take action accordingly only. Rathore and Tappu ask Mukku as to why she signed on these papers. Mukku tells them that Nani made her sign these papers. She looks quite angry.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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