Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita asking Appa to go home and rest. She thinks Raman did a lot today, I won’t tell him anything now to give him tension. Simmi asks her parents is Amma fine. Mr. Bhalla asks her is Romi has to do anything in this. Simmi says no, he did not do anything, don’t doubt on him. Ishita comes to Raman and he asks what happened. She says nurse made me come out, I wanted to be with Amma. He says I understand, but nurse is there to take care of her, come here. She sits with him and asks why are you sitting down. He says old back pain. She says you are tried, go and sleep. They have a talk and smile.

He gives her tea and she thanks him. He asks do you have any fast today, drink it. She drinks it. He says there should have been tv here, I would have seen match. She smiles. He tells her how he sleeps. The nurse sees them. Raman and Ishita talk on her name Mathangi. She says when I was born, Amma named me this. He laughs. She says I have that name on birth certificate. He says seriously, this thing will be in between us. He laughs joking on that name.

She says control yourself, you are in hospital. Raman says that’s what I m trying to forget. He gets emotional and says I just pray no one comes in hospital , its most depressing phase, but people can born here and die here. He says I m here all night after so many days. Ishita says you should have told me, Appa would have stayed here. Raman says I just don’t call her Amma, but regard her mum, so how could I leave her. She asks when did you stay last time. He says when Adi was born, don’t ask, I was mad and much happy.

He says Shagun was in labor and I went in operation theatre. She laughs. He says when doctor gave me Adi, there was pin drop silence. Ishita says it would be exciting, to have first baby. Raman says yes, I was not believing it. She says you are mad totally. He says maybe, it was my first son. He says I m still mad for Adi and cries. She looks at him and thanks him. She says you did so much, I want to thank you from all my family’s side. She says I can’t even imagine if you did not save Amma. He says nothing will happen to Amma. She says you paid the bill. He says it’s a loan and I will take it with interest, don’t give me lectures and don’t call me Ravan Kumar.

She says you won’t get this interest and principal amount. They have a laugh. Raman feels sleepy and Ishita sits by him to give his head a support on her shoulder. Do alag alag dil ka……………..plays……………. She also sleeps on his shoulder while he gets up. They sit there and sleep. Yeh hai mohabbatein……………..plays…………… The nurse comes and wakes them up. She says Amma is conscious now. Ishita and Raman smiles. Ishita goes to talk to Amma. Amma tries to tell and says laptop.

She says Romi. Ishita asks what was Romi’s laptop doing with you. Amma says MMS. Ishita is shocked and asks whose. Mihika? Ishita says its in Romi’s laptop? Are you sure? Amma says yes. Ishita says I can’t believe this, Romi made Mihika’s MMS. Raman comes and asks how are you Amma now. Hee sees Ishita crying and asks why did Amma take Romi’s name. The doctor says congrats, your prayers are answred, she become conscious soon, I will send her for MRI.

Ishita checks Romi’s laptop and sees the MMS. She is shocked. Raman comes and asks what happened, what did Amma say about Romi. He says answer me. Ishita asks do you guts to hear the truth, see this. She shows the MMS to Raman. Raman is shocked. He says how did this happen. She says this is Mihika’s MMS which Romi made, and when Amma was coming to tell me this, she met with an accident. He says nonsense, my brother can’t do this, this does not mean he did the accident, he is not a criminal. Ishita says who else can do the accident. He asks whats the proof.

She says Romi came home in white car and when I confronted him, he was looking guilty, his was shaking, if he was right, he would have come here, he did not come here, and Amma had this laptop which has MMS proof, why did Romi not come here, where is he. Raman says my Romi is not like this, he can’t do this, he is a very nice boy. Raman starts crying. He says who will explain everyone that Romi did this, he was not like this, how can he do this. He says my brother became animal and gets angry. He says I will make him a human by punishing him. He says he will be punished as he won’t do this again.

Ishita stops him. He says enough, I will teach him a lesson, you don’t come in between. He leaves in anger. Raman comes home shouting Romi. Mrs. Bhalla asks what happened now, he is not at home. Raman asks where did he go. Raman says he is not taking my call. Everyone ask what happened. Raman says Romi did Amma’s accident. They are shocked. He tells them about Romi making Mihika’s MMS and Amma was going to meet Ishita to show the proof. Simmi defends Romi. Raman tells her that Romi did this to hide his crime. Everyone is shocked.

Ishita talks to Raman and asks where will he get Romi. Raman says he is hiding at Bunty’s farmhouse. She asks shall I come with you. He says no, I will go alone to bring him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  8. did anyone cum to know abt d next week spoiler?

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  10. I love the song and raman n ishita’s kitpit……

  11. awww…..i loved raman-ishita moments in today’s episode. esp d shoulder sleep.
    and dis tym raman did believe ishu instantly wen she confessd abt romi.

  12. awww…..i loved raman-ishita moments in today’s episode. esp d shoulder sleep.
    and dis tym raman did believe ishu instantly wen she confessd abt romi.
    hope thoshi ji also understands her good heart soon.

  13. awesome serial!the best on tv! 🙂 divyanka-karan-ruhanika are AWESOME!!this show is the antidote to brain-wreckers like saath nibaana stupidity!

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