Devon ke Dev Mahadev 6th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev Mahadev 6th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mahadev and Parvati arrive at nagaloka.Vasuki requests mahadev to balance his divine energy after which mahadev and devi through their mystical powers bring down mansa,but mansa retaliates.Mahadev informs that every human body consists of a Pinda.If it gets unbalanced, then it can disturb the 3 Tapas (?) in the body and this pinda in turn is made up of the panch mahabhootas.Mahadev says that even if one of the elements gets disturbed(Asthir) all elments loose their stability.In order to stabilize the 5 bhootas in mansa,Mahadev says it is important that purusha and prakriti become one.(this a scene you must watch . some good ‘gyaan’ after a long time…..)

At the outskirts of kailash,ganesh and kartikeya are waiting for adi.Ganesha senses some kind of Ashubhta and informs kartikeya about the same.There naradji comes and informs them about the scene at nagaloka and reminds that adi has a boon of becoming like the individual he touches.Kartikeya proceeds to kailsha while ganesha awaits there for adi.

Back in nagaloka mahadev and parvati first stabilize the prithvi tatva(earth) and then the jal tatva(water)one by one and explain the process as well by reflecting powers at mansa.(graphics were better today)

At indraloka,narad and indra worry about the situation at kailasha.They critisize adi for misusing brahmadeva’s boon and say that his ‘vijay’(win) will be momentary.

Back at kailash,the ganas sense some evil power approaching.Suddenly nandi enters and when they enquire about mahadev, devi and ganesh,he starts beating them up unnecessarily.It is later revealed that it was adi in nandi’s form and the original nandi comes and combats but gets defeated and adi runs from there while nandi-ganas search for him.

Ganesha and kartikeya bump into each other at kailash where kartikeya asks him about adi,to which ganesha replies that he didn’t show up.Kartikeya asks ganesha whether the negativity he sensed earlier was related to adi,to which ganesh disagrees.Kartikeya also feels the same and says that if he had evil intentions,he would have captured kailash in the absence of shiva parvati.But as soon as he recalls narad saying about adi’s ‘touch-and-transform’ boon,he remembers that unknowingly,adi had touched nandi,ganesh and himself while he presented them lingas and parvati as well while taking blessings.He realises and reaches for his sword but it is too late then and adi,in the form of ganesha,with his mystical powers makes kartikeya fall unconcious.

Adi says that he couldn’t miss this opportunity.In the absence of shiva parvati,ganesh and kartikeya,he could capture kailash easily.Adi laughs in an evil manner,as mahadev and brahmadev look on.

PRECAP:-Parvati is walking towards mahadev ,smiling,while mahadev is dorns an angry look.As soon as she utters ”swmai”,mahadev angrily directs his trident at parvati which hits her.

Update Credit to: sidspilz

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