Uttaran 28th March 2013 Written Episode Update

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Uttaran 28th March 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 28th March 2013 Written Update

The episode begins with Iccha saying today, I, Iccha Veer Singh Bundela, is standing here in your feet. Give Tappu my life but get her well. Do anything but give her her life back. Take my life but bring back Tappu to life. In the background, bells and sound of conch shell is playing. Thereafter, a sad music is playing in the background and a sad Iccha is shown descending the stairs of the temple.

She sees 2 girls playing in holi and has flashback of how she & Tappu used to play the festival in the childhood. She thinks…you are watching na Tappu…our childhood, a very beautiful childhood….we too have spent so many holi’s and sweet moments together…you are watching right! (Flashes of Tappu, Iccha & Kali Maa’s idol is shown). You cant leave this game and go leaving me alone. You wont get things done your way always… you will have to come back. You will have to get well soon. I know you will be fine soon.

A truck is approaching the temple. Iccha and another lady spots it coming and they alternatively look at the girls playing. She shouts at the girl (calling her Tappu) and the lady too shouts for her daughter Pinki to move from there. She comes in time and saves the girl but in turn gets hit badly. Om bhurva bhuvasvaha is playing in the background. The lady hugs her daughter in fear. Everyone outside come rushing to her but have their own predictions if she will live or not. The lady shouts for help.

Meethi is dragging along Kajri…to play holi while Kajri is protesting all the while. If anyone says something I will say the famous lines…bura na mano holi hai! And will put colours on everyone…I love this festival since childhood but Kanha bhaiya never used to play it with me. And your white coloured saree will get multi coloured in just a matter of minutes…come na didi. I know you are shy and if feeling scared of your husband but today even I will colour my brother-in-law. I am very excited today as it is my first holi after marriage. Come na didi…Kajri again tries to stop her but to no avail.

The doctor tells the Thakur family that they immediately need to do the transplant. Mr. Rathore is doing his level best though and even our staff is coordinating with other hospitals for the same but you must understand that it isn’t an easy operation. You will have to have patience.

Mukta comes to him and asks what the doctor said. She coaxes him to speak up. I am very scared. Ma will be fine right? Dear, doctors are trying their best. We must not give up. You will have to be strong. Thats it.

The lady from the temple brings in Iccha and begs the doctor to save her as she has saved her daughter’s life. All look in their direction. Her face is full of blood so Mukta hugs Jogi out of fear. Iccha clutches onto Damini’s hand. She has some feelings but cant recognize Iccha because of the blood. The lady shares how this woman put her life in danger to save her daughter’s life. Damini assures Iccha (not knowing the truth) that she would be alright. She has put her life on stake to save someone else. She will be fine. She lets go of her hands and the nurse takes her away.

Mukta points out….Ammo nani, you have blood in your hands. She shares that that girl held my hand like I am her mother only. Don’t know what will happen to her family members. She assures Mukta that she is fine.

The lady shouts at everyone not to just stand but to call the doctor asap as this lady needs help. The nurse points out that this is an accident case. We cant take her inside without informing the police. The lady tells if they delay in operating her then she might lose her life. Her every second is very important and you want to inform police first. The nurse repeats that this is the law.

Jogi interrupts which law or rules are you talking about. Did you not hear that this lady sacrificed her life for a child and you are just wasting your time in standing here and pointing out the rules and regulations to her? Its not a matter or cold or cough.
The doctor asks him the reason for shouting as this is the ICU area. Jogi apologizes and shares the matter with him. She is bleeding profusely and no one is doing anything just because of the police and that her family members aren’t here with her.
The doctor immediately takes her in. The lady (who had brought Iccha here) thanks him and says maybe he has some relation of past year with her. Damini tells Surabhi to stay with Mukta. She goes to the lady and asks if they have informed the family members of the lady. She says she has no idea and maybe the hospital people will do something now. Damini silently prays to the God to save that girl.

A puja for Avinash is going on in the house. Meethi along with Kajri reach there. Meethi continues her banter about celebrating holi with everyone. She looks at Vishnu and asks him to join them too. Today I will put colours on Maiyya too. She reacts…bahuriya (daughter-in-law)! Kajri says Maiyya, I was about to tell but…. meethi looks at the pic (which is turned opposite her) and she asks Vishnu the same.
Maiyya says…dint he tell you no one plays holi in our home. Akash apologises stating that it was his mistake..I saw her sleeping so thougt.. Pavitra interrupts saying son, she doesn’t know but you do. Here, a wife sleeps after her husband and wakes up and bathes before he wakes up.
Maiyya apologizes that this is your first holi but in our home no one plays holi. It is my husband’s barsi today and on every holi. Meethi apologizes that she dint knew. Maiyya pardons her and asks her to go and wear a white saree and join us. We have a lot to do today. Meethi nods and goes to change.
Maiyya thinks looking at her…your mom snatched holi from me. Now I will take away all colours from your life. Now you too will yearn for holi all your life. She tells Kajri come and sit with them in the puja. She obliges and the pandit continues with the puja.

Scene shifts to hospital again. Damini asks him if they should share everything with Thakurayin? He negates that she wont be able to take it. We should wait a little more…maybe something good happens. Mukta goes and hugs Rathore. He has arranged for 15 units of blood. There is some Dr. Murty in Delhi, he is supposed to be the best. I have spoken with him, he has done so many successful transplants in our country. He will reach in 2-3 hours.

Veer comes and says that he had heard that she was alright in the evening. He replies yes she was but isn’t now and doctors now say that this is the last resort now. veer asks Damini if Iccha knows about this. Damini agrees. Veer asks for her as she isn’t answering her phone as well.
Damini replies that she is in shock. She cant see baby ji in this condition and you know her, she must have gone somewhere nearby to sit alone. Jogi points out that so much time has passed now. she isn’t back yet? Damini replies that she must be on her way back. I had asked her not to go too far. You know she doesn’t share her pain with anyone. Must be sitting somewhere alone. She asks Veer to go and check. He goes.

Iccha is shown in her ward and Yaariyan song is playing in the background. The doctor is nursing her wounds and side by side Tappu is also shown. Iccha is recalling the childhood moments again. We only get to see her eyes out of her whole blood soaked face. Episode ends on the split screen of Iccha and Tappu.

Precap: Meethi comes in white saree and Maiyya looks at her. Gomti massi taunts her to come along and work in kitchen. The lady who cant take care of the kitchen, how will she take care of her husband. Akash watches silently.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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