Parvarish 27th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Parvarish 27th March 2013 Written Episode, Parvarish 27th March 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with the conflict of Lucky to not use organic colours to play Holi because as per his knowledge they too, are adulterated. Sweety gives a solution to bring the colours with Lovely and she will handle Lucky. The invitation of the party is lying on Ginny’s bed. Rocky’s eyes caught it. Rocky convinces Sweety. Ginny is happy as she got permission to attend the Holi party because of Rocky. But the main question strikes in her mind to invite Dev. She thinks of it deeply to find a solution otherwise the title ‘behenji’ will be given to her again.

Holi day arrives, Ginny is upset as she forgot to persuade Dev for the arrival of him at the Holi party. She is being a bit timid but she loses no courage and becomes valiant. Ginny is nervous to call Dev and ask him to attend the Holi party. It is like between the devil and the deep blue sea. She calls him pretending the excuse that her uncle is a yoga expert and Dev should consult him. She texts him the address. Dev’s friends ask him about why he is with ‘behenji’ Ginny. He tells them all that story that ‘.’Ginny was fallen by his bike, so he pitied on her and dropped her school. And from that moment she is taunting in her school that he is her boyfriend.’ Dev knows that Ginny is taking him to Nikhi’s Holi party who is Pragya’s brother. [ one of the girls in the gang of Ginny’s] His friends and Dev plot a plan to teach Ginny a lesson. ‘

Ginny is happier as Dev accepted her appeal. Sweety asks Lucky to drop Ginny at the party to which he refuses. Sweety urges him by giving a philosophical example,too. Lucky agrees. Rocky drops Ginny and also he identifies that it is Nikhil’s house and he goes to meet him but Ginny stops him giving an excuse that it is girl’s party and Nikhil is partying somewhere else. At Ahluwalia’s, Sunny tries to gulp a samosa but Raashi scolds him. Jeet tells Pinky to keep an eye on Sunny and Pinky becomes angry. [all that false anger] Papaji arrives at the door of Ahluwalia’s who is welcomed by all. Lovely & Dolly are not present as they are at work in caterer of 3 Holi parties. Lucky arrives and announces that there will be no Holi of colours. Papaji asks Sweety to convince him but to no avail. Jeet tries to persuade but as Pinky’s mood is frenzy she agrees with Lucky’s decision.

Raashi gives an excellent solution to turn a blind eye on them so they both can themselves come seeing that all are enjoying. While all are giggling, Sunny robs a samosa or something else. All go to play Holi while Lucky and Pinky sit on a bench watching their fun. Sweety begins to dance who is joined by everyone. Rocky too, arrives dropping Ginny. Jeet dances and invites Pinky by throwing some colours on her. They start a crocodile fight and tries to convince Pinky like the old film methods in the form of a song. At the Nikhil’s Holi party, Ginny is waiting for Dev. Ginny’s friends arrive and offers her to play with them but she refuses as she is waiting for Dev. Dev arrives with an evil smile on his face carrying some bad intentions and to take revenge. The difficulties pounce on her at one fell swoop. She welcomes him and they go to play with their friends. Ginny tells that she is allergic to colours because Lucky had told. They take Dev to enjoy and play. Ginny thanks Gid for saving her and giving her as a member in the gang and tries to be blithe and calm.


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