Parvarish 28th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Parvarish 28th March 2013 Written Episode, Parvarish 28th March 2013 Written Update

Raavi,Nanu and Rocky are enjoying the Holi a lot, Jeet comes to Lucky and Pinky to come with him and enjoy as the colors are safe and they are enjoying a lot, But Lucky refuses to come, Pinky is making faces.

Sunny is hiding samosas,kachoris when Rashi sses him and starts scolding him for doing all these even after he had a food poisoning last night. In the meantime he discloses he had “Paanipuri” from roadside stalls and that might have caused Food Poisoning. He requests Raashi to not to tell Jeet,But he have already heard and says he will give punishment for what he did.
Dev and his gang of friends plan about the playing holi with Ginny in their own style. while one of the girl listens everything.

Rocky,Raavi and Nanu are dancing ,Rocky gets a phone call from Ginny’s party that Dev and his gang of friends are planning to play “burawala holi” with her. Rocky is about to leave to bring Ginny,when Sweety sees him and asks where is he going? He replies he is going to bring Ginny back,Sweety asks Ginny said she will be back after 3 hours, Rocky says she called and asked him to bring her back as she is bored there.Sweety says”Hain, meri acchi bacchi ,use gharwalon ke sath hi holi khelna accha lagta hain”. She asks Rocky to wash his face before leaving; else Ginny will not recognize her.

In the party, Ginny’s friends are asking her how did she manage to make Dev her boy friend and asking for tips. They also ask does Dev flirt with others girls or not. Ginny says he only loves her and does not look at any girl. Dev is then singing for Taniya and proposes her. Ginny and her friends run their and she wants to talk with Dev, but Dev discloses everything and makes fun of her. He says he will not make her normal friend .Ginny’s friends says, she is a liar, and fake storyteller and all of them calls her Behenji.

While Ginny is crying,Dev’s friends put cowdung in her face and Dev puts full bucket on her ,she is insulted and runs away.Jeet takes away Sunny and locks him in Ginny’s room ,while he still eats kachori which he kept in his pocket. Raashi informs everything to Pinky ,Pinky goes to Jeet and asks about it,Jeet says sorry.Pinky makes faces and comes running to Lucky and asks him when everyone is playing Holy why are they sitting and sad.They also shall enjoy in their own way.Lucky stands up and goes away.

Rocky reaches the Holi Party , where she searches the girl who called him and meets Sheena who tells him everything ,He goes to Dev and asks why he did those things .Dev says he just said the truth ,his own sister is a lair. Meenal and other girls support Dev. Rocky is shocked as well as sad.

Lucky,Rashi and Pinky are dancing in Holi song, when his leg gets stuck in a bucket , he falls and someone throws yellow color on him. Sweety ji requests him to play with colors now and he agrees, even Jeet manages to convince Pinky and all are happy.

Rocky comes in Ginny’s room and sees Sunny there , he gets a dairy and calls all her friends to know if she is there..While he is about to leave he sees the foot prints ,which takes him to the store room where disturbed and insulted ginny is crying. Rocky is shocked seeing her condition.


Update Credit to: XVIRUS

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