Hitler Didi 28th March 2013 Written Episode Update

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Hitler Didi 28th March 2013 Written Episode, Hitler Didi 28th March 2013 Written Update

Indu tells Indira that its unfair that she calls her dad by name but expects Indu to call Rishi Kumar papa. Meher says that Indira’s own daughter is going to teach her a lesson. India shouts at her asking if she said something. Radhe comes with a few people from CC and falls on Indira’s feet. Indira tells him to get up and asks him how he is. He says that now that she has returned everything will soon be fine. He starts saying Hitler Didi ki jai. Indira says that they should rather be doing that for Rishi and so they do. An old lady blesses them. Vanraj takes Indira upstairs and tells her to dress up for Rishi properly. Indira is irritated and asks Rishi who he is . She also says that whoever comes to SN stays back there forever. Rishi tells Vanraj to go to Munna and her does. Indira asks him about Vanraj. Rishi tells her to concentrate on romancing with him instead. Indira says that she has to change and asks about her clothes. Rishi opens the cupboard and Indira finds all her belongings safe in it. Rishi shows her the watch, the first dress that she bought for herself from her salary and her hand bag that Ishaan kept complaining about. She then spots a waist cost on the cupboard and asks Rishi about it. before Rishi could answer, Munna comes and says that it must be of Zara, she wore such short jackets. Rishi says that he will tell Indira everything on his own. Munna says that its pay back time and he is doing so only because Rishi told Indira about the circus money. Munna Tells Indira that for the 8 years she wasn’t here, Rishi enjoyed to the fullest with shweta and then Zara. Rishi pushes him out of the room. Indira is enjoying Rishi’s nervousness and acts as if she is angry. She asks Rishi about everything that happened . Rishi says that she had already married him off to Shweta but he thought that Zara was Indira and that’s it. She says how close were they. Rishi tells her about the two instances he kissed her. Indira shows fake anger. Rishi says Munna Is calling him and runs out of the room. Indira laughs. She looks around. She changes and hears Sunaina and Seher conversing. She goes out to see Sunaina is braiding Seher’s hair and they are having good time. Indira starts searching for Indu. She keeps looking around and reaches a room with toys , water bottle and bicycle and concludes that its Indu’s room. She starts cleaning it up. Indu comes and looks on. Indira looks at Indu and tells her to change otherwise she will catch cold because she has been playing with colours. she opens the cupboard and takes a dress out for her. Indu keeps it back and takes out another dress that is exactly like the one Indira is wearing. She changes. Indira braids her hair. She then looks at Indu who is crying. She tells Indu to be strong like her mom. Indu says that she used to ask Shweta who she is like , Shweta used to ignore the question but she now knows that she IS like Indira. Indira too gets teary eyed. Indu says that she too doesn’t like tears.

Indira hugs her.

Precap: the kumars light the Holika. Everyone is dancing. Inder and meher are dancing, kutumb gets immense pain in her chest. Everyone rushes to her.

Update Credit to: saumya

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