Veera 28th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Veera 28th March 2013 Written Episode, Veera 28th March 2013 Written Update

Ratan- Nihal- Veera still searching for Rv, they are about to cross a road, Nihal catches ratan which makes her embarrassed. They are still looking for RV, a man tris to flirt with Ratan, Nihal is about to hit him but Ratan stops him from doing so. Veera takes revenge by hitting the man with a stone.

In hotel room, RV sees the guy talking on telephone, he asks him whether he can talk to his papaji, and the guy makes some excuses. The lady calls someone from her mobile, and tells that ” Sampooran brother Ranvi is with me” she further tells him about how RV wants to talks to him, saying this she gives the mobile to Rv asking him to talk to his papaji. An emotional Rv calls papaji (veera title song in BG) while Rv talks a man is shown , his face isn’t revealed. Rv asks him why he has left, he further tells him how Veera also misses him and he wants him to be back with them in village. Rv asks him to talk, the man asks him how he is doing. It’s the same NRI guy who is talking to Rv Not Sampooran. He cuts the call, RV gets worried. The lady consoles him saying it happens with international calls. She further tells him how Sampooran misses all of them: Veera, Ratan and Rv. Rv wants to call his mother to share this news, the lady tells him to surprise his mother by bringing his father without telling her, Rv agrees.

At the dhaba , a boy calls her ”Biji ” , he tells his father owns the dhaba and he helps his father there, he reminds Ratan of RV. Nihal asks Veera to sleep; he then tells Ratan that he will go looking for RV. Rv stops him saying they will go tomorrow morning and asks him to take rest. A man at dhaba mistakes them for husband ‘ wife. Veera asks Ratan to sing the lori which Rv would sing for her. Ratan sings the lori for her, while Rv is shown singing it for the baby. Ratan cries thinking about RV.

NRI couple talk, the guys tells his wife that they aren’t doing right with Rv as he will be heartbroken after learning the truth. She convinces him telling that if Rv’s family has cared for him, he wouldn’t have run from his home. She further tells him RV staying with them is good for him and for them as well. She plans to take Rv to Delhi by tomorrow.

At the dhaba , Ratan wonders where Nihal is. A song sequence, few couple dancing for Meri Akhiyan Ch Hasdeya Sajna song. Ratan- Nihal sit there watching the couples dancing, Ratan falls asleep on Nihal’s shoulder remembering Sampooran. She then realizes its Nihal not Sampooran.

Pre-cap: Ratan- Nihal- Veera still looking for Rv while NRI couple leave in a car along with RV.

Update Credit to: Roshani

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