Uttaran 26th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Uttaran 26th June 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 26th June 2013 Written Update

Agarth and Akash sit in front of a table with kundli stuff laid in front of them. He is happy that the stars are in his favour. Your wish will be fulfilled. Akash smiles while Maiyya looks at him with evil expressions. Agarth notices her and she quickly changes her expressions. He shares the good news with her. The stars predict the return of our daughter-in-law. Maiyya fakes happiness. She hands Akash a big bundle of money.
Akash wonders about the amount. I am going to Mumbai only. She tells him to board an airplane and head off to Mumbai. I want you to get her back asap. She shows him a set of bangles. Give these to her from my behalf when you meet her. You remember that I used to wear them. They are our ancestral bangles. She gets emotional. Give her this mangalsutra and fill her forehead with this vermilion. I want to see her wearing them when she returns here. If she does so then I will think that she has forgiven me. She composes herself. Akash is doubtful. What if she doesn’t want to come back with me? What if I am unable to convince her to come back? Maiyya has a bit of wicked smile on her face while Agarth gets troubles hearing his words. Akash continues, after all I broke her family’s trust. If she doesn’t want to come then what will I do? Maiyya breaks down. The defeat will be mine not yours. It is I who is to be blamed. It might happen that she wont forgive you but what can I do to mend it? I will come there and seek her forgiveness for your sake. She folds her hands. I know she has lost her mother but her granny is there – Damini. I will beg her to forgive me. She sits down on the floor as she cries. Akash tells her not to cry. Look at me, you wont have to do anything. I will go bring her back. Trust me I am your blood. I wont give up so easily. Don’t worry I will bring her here for sure. She tells him not to delay anymore. Your life is waiting for you in Mumbai.
Akash says he will go as everyone here wants to start their life afresh. There are a few more people who are devoid of life here. Mama ji, I want to request you something. Agarth tells him to say it. Akash says that he wants him to free someone. Agarth looks surprised.

Pavitra unlocks the door where Kajri & Kadambri have been locked. Now both of you are free. All this is because of Akash – he has brought the wind of change in this house. Kajri becomes happy. I told you ma he will get us out. Let us go out of this room. Kadambari holds her hand back. I am fine here only. Kajri tells her that in that case, she too will stay back. Pavitra who was getting irritated by their drama tells them to hurry up. Kajri asks Kadambari why she wants to stay back. She tells her that she is guarding a secret. Kajri is surprised. What secret? Kadambari replies that if she tells her than she too will have to stay locked like her. pavitra again cuts them off. Kajri walks out finally. Pavitra locks Kadambari again.

Damini is unable to breathe properly. Maiyya’s words keep echoing in her head. My son is coming over to Mumbai to get your granddaughter back. Save her if you have guts. If you want to keep her safe and sound then don’t send her back or else I will make her life hell. She breathes heavily holding her chest. Meethi comes downstairs talking to Anni about dinner. She notices her condition and runs down to her. She gets water for her. She goes to call someone but by then the glass falls from Damini’s hand and she too falls on floor. Meethi shouts in disbelief. Damini after a lot of difficulty tells her to call the doctor…the number is in diary. She searches for the diary. She calls the doc and the ambulance too. She tries to assure her Anni but she is almost on the verge of losing consciousness.

Meethi calls up Mukta. She tells it all to Mukku who in turn tells Jogi everything. He tells her not be scared and they are coming asap. He excuses himself from their host and the Thakur family leaves for home.
Meethi cries….Anni you cant go leaving me alone…like ma.


Akash takes Maiyya’s blessings. She wishes that God blesses him always. Sankrant and Akash smile. Next, Agarth blesses him to get his wife back. Pavitra, Gomti & nirbhay are silent yet angry spectators. Akash tells his mama, tell Surabhi that I am to be blamed for her condition. It is my responsibility to bring Kanha back in her life. I will get her her rightful place back in her in-laws home. Kajri joins them now. She does Akash’s tilak and aarti. Promise me that you will bring her back. He promises her. I will make her agree to come back home. She tells him to tell Meethi that there was not a day when she dint miss her. maiyya looks at their bonding angrily.
Sankrant gets his bags. Don’t come back empty handed. Stay firm in your decision and bring my bhabhi back. Akash replies that he will not give up now. I will get your Meethi bhabhi back anyhow. Maiyya tells them not to waste time in talking. Go fast and get her. Agarth smiles as Akash leaves.


Akash, Sankrant and Kajri are outside keeping the luggage in the jeep when the post man comes. He hands over an envelope to Akash. He thanks him back. He opens the envelope to find divorce papers signed by Meethi as Meethi Chatterjee. Sankrant asks him about the papers.
Akash replies that they are divorce papers. I was about to go to get her back. She sent the papers on such a time that now I cannot realise what to do. She has thrown me out of her life. What will I say to Maiyya now that her daughter-in-law wont come back now?
Sankrant tells him that she has signed them only. The divorce hasn’t finalised yet. She is angry so must have sent them. Kajri adds that it is natural for her to be angry as our family has cheated her so badly. But don’t give up. Prove your love to her. Turn her anger into love. Do all you can!
Sankrant tells him to even fight with his fate if he has to. Akash looks back at him as Piya O Re Piya breaks in.

Meethi is wondering how to take Damini to the hospital. Oh God, please send someone to help me.

Akash tells them that he will get Meethi back for sure. The epi ends on their split screen.

Precap: Bell rings at Thakur House. Meethi hurries off to the door and is surprised to find HIM (Akash) standing at the door. She stutters….you? Please help me. Anni is unwell. Akash runs inside, picks up Maiyya in his hands and they both leave. All this is reflected in Iccha’s photo. :

Update Credit to: Pooja

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